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This is the second edition of WHAT SOLD ON EBAY. If you've ever been curious, discover some of my new, used and vintage sales!

Curious? People often are, whether purely out of simple curiosity or because they have considered or actually do sell on eBay. Let’s review What Sold on eBay since my last post. Once again, these are five items that sold from my eBay store, Treasures By Brenda. This time, they’re from a weekend in October.
Yes! This Hudson's Bay waist pouch (or fanny pack as you may call it) sold from my eBay store. Discover more interesting SOLD items here!

On this particular weekend, with one exception, the sales were used and vintage items. And once again, that demonstrates what I believe, that eBay is one of the best places to turn to for items that are out of production.

So here are the five items that sold from my store starting with the only item that was new:


Did you ever use a fanny pack? Or maybe you wear a waist pouch today? Whatever you call them, there has been a resurgence in interest in fanny packs. Fanny pack, by the way, is what we called them when they were first popular in late 1980s and early 1990s when, according to The Globe and Mail, Adweek Magazine declared them “the hottest product of the year.” Well, they’re back. We have so many types of bags available today that I don’t imagine that fanny packs will ever be the hottest product of the year again but they are popular. This one had the advantage of also bearing the iconic stripes from Canada’s Hudson Bay Company and it is SOLD. I do have one HBC fanny pack left and you can find it here with my collection of  Hudson’s Bay Company merchandise

WHAT SOLD ON EBAY? One cute-as-can-be wind-up pecking chick toy!

Are you intrigued by wind-up toys, vintage or not? The smallest item I sold was surely this fun little metal toy. In this case it was a tiny chick with the original box. Wind-up toys are tricky, they have certainly been reproduced and this one was vintage though not extremely old or very valuable. Still, it was a fun item, an addition to someone’s collection or maybe a fun stocking stuffer. It is SOLD but if you want one, you will find more of this vintage wind-up pecking chick here on eBay


Do you use a knife block to store your knives? Whether you do or not, you might be surprised that some knife blocks have considerable monetary value. In this case, mine was a small Cutco brand block that was not particularly valuable but that definitely did have value to the person who purchased it and who wanted a smaller knife block. However, the large Cutco blocks, like the one shown in this picture that hold 32 pieces, can sell for over $300. Mine is SOLD but if you are interested, you will find more than 1,500 Cutco knife blocks on eBay here.
What sold on eBay? How about a handsome Cutco knife block?


Do you drink your beer in a stein? I don’t have a whole lot of luck selling beer steins and I had a vintage Lord Nelson HMS Victory beer mug in my store for a long time. Let’s just say for years during which it was listed at various price points until eventually it was clearance priced. It had some crazing and so, when I found another one like it that was in better condition in my pile of items to list, I removed the crazed one and listed the second one, which sold in a week proving that condition is very important to buyers. A lesson to all would-be eBay sellers! Mine is SOLD but if you’re after a Lord Nelson stein, look here


WHAT SOLD ON EBAY? How about a handsome pure virgin wool scarf. Discover more great sales here!

Do you wear a wool scarf in the winter? I have read that wool scarves are good sellers and I have sold a few but I would caution that they, too, need to be in very good condition and they have to be listed at the right price. In this case, my sale was of a handsome pure virgin wool men’s scarf in a tartan pattern. I have other scarves in my eBay store but none like this traditional one. Mine is SOLD but if you are looking for a pure virgin wool scarf, click here


What would you do with an incomplete vintage set of 3.5 inch table top bowling pins? Whether or not they appeal to you, you might agree with me that they were the most unusual item I sold this weekend.  They have been used and loved whether as part of a game, as a toy or as a decoration, I do not know. In any case, these go against the idea of condition being very important to buyers and I believe that in this case the much beloved condition may have actually added to their appeal for the buyer. Mine are SOLD and when I looked today, I could not find anything exactly like them but you can follow this link to see the assortment of miniature vintage bowling pins that I did find on eBay. 

WHAT SOLD ON EBAY? Vintage tabletop bowling pins. What would you do with them?

While none of these items are available anymore in my eBay shop, I do have many other unique and interesting items. Do drop in to my shop, Treasures By Brenda, by clicking here

You never know
what I might have
in store for you!


Learn more about this vintage item that is enjoying a current resurgence in popularity.  

What Sold on eBay? First Edition
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Disney's television series, Tale Spin, continues to be popular as do these vintage toys.

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  1. It always amazes me to see the variety of items that appeal to buyers. I would imagine just about anything you are looking for can be found on eBay. The most interesting thing recently is to see the resurgence in popularity of things from the past. Today's buyers are calling this 'Retro'. Huh. If I'd only known known, I would have kept the ordinary from the past that is 'retro' today. LOL.

    Interesting items, Brenda. Love hearing about the background on them.

    1. Thanks, Elf for your visit and comment. I am obviously also intrigued by these items and how what is old is popular again! I still have my original fanny pack, which is now vintage, but it is big and perhaps not my style anymore.

  2. I used to use “fanny packs” all the time when I went out for walks, until lightweight nylon crossbody bags became popular. They’re great for people who have bad backs! I’ve never seen anything like those cool vintage tabletop bowling pins. The decorative designs look like they were done with wood burning. Collecting these wonderful vintage items must be so much fun, although I know from experience that posting, managing and fulfilling eBay listings takes a lot of time and effort.

    1. You are right, Margaret. Fanny packs are convenient and I love that they save weight on the back and shoulders and yes, those bowling pins do look like they were done with wood burning and they certainly seem like they were handcrafted.

  3. You truly offer some of the most unique treasures on eBay! Those bowling pins are very interesting. I would not have recognized them as tabletop bowling pins, actually never knew there was such a thing. Very cool indeed. The wind up toy is adorable! Not surprised it sold, but I do wonder how buyers find, or even search, for such an item. Thanks for sharing the items that sold in your eBay store this past month. It was a fun look inside the Treasures by Brenda eBay store!

  4. Thanks, Cynthia. I agree and wonder how buyers come to be searching for some of the unusual things - like the bowling pins.

  5. Such an interesting collection of items that people buy - those vintage bowling pins are pretty darn cool - and I love the scarf too

    1. Ahh, you must be a fan of being warm, LOL. It is a handsome pattern on that wool scarf.

  6. So people turned their tabletops into bowling alleys? Who knew! Now people are buying up the bowling alley lanes (recycled wood)like crazy. I would buy that--bowling lanes. I used to do a lot of selling on ebay, but haven't listed anything in quite a while. However, I did purchase something on ebay today. An interesting review, Brenda. Happy sales to you!

    1. I guess they did, LOL and you are right! The wood from former bowling lanes is very popular right now.

  7. This is an interesting collection of items you have sold. The toy is very cute and I do love that wool scarf! The vintage set of table top bowling pins seem quite unusual and really quite beautiful.

    1. Thanks, RA for your visit and comment. Always interesting to hear what other people find interesting!

  8. It's always interesting to me to see what you can get on eBay! These are all really unique items that I'm sure made someone's day! Thanks for a peek into your store Brenda!

    1. You are welcome, Olivia and thank you for your continued visits and support!


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