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Before I Go to Sleep Movie Review

Before I Go to Sleep movie review
What do you get when you put two terrific actors together?  The easy answer is, one fantastic movie!

I recently watched Before I Go to Sleep starring Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth.  I normally wouldn't choose to watch a R-rated movie, but the combination of those two actors simply would not let me pass it by. I was completely spellbound from the first minute of the show.

The movie contains violence, but I found it easy enough to look away without losing the cohesion of the plot. This is one of the few R rated movies that I can say I would recommend it in spite of the nudity, sexual content, foul language, violence, and uneasy viewing moments.

I am, once again, quite impressed with Colin Firth's ability to play such an emotional part, as well as, Nicole Kidman's excellent acting talent. It is impossible for me to say which one should be given the highest praise.  


Before I Go to Sleep Synopsis

Christine, Nicole Kidman, wakes up every morning in bed with a man she doesn't know.  Every morning, Ben has to explain to his wife that she was in an terrible accident that causes her to lose all memory while she sleeps.  

 Before I Go To SleepCheck PriceDuring the day, Christine is completely capable of following everything, reading, remembering whatever she is told, and the actions she takes during the day.  But, the following day, it is all gone again.

As the story unfolds, she understand why she might prefer to stay oblivious to the past. Ben gently walks her through events of the past, and sometimes that proves to be very hard on him.  After all, it means he must relive tragedy repeatedly.

Unbeknownst to her husband, Christine has sought help from a psychiatrist, Dr. Nasch. He calls her every morning after Ben goes to work and gives her instructions on exactly how to find a video diary that she has been keeping for herself.  As she watches herself in the videos, she daily learns from herself what happened on previous days. This allows her to rebuild a short memory so she can hopefully regain all memory.

What she remembers though, is not only life changing, but life threatening.


If you love a suspense movie that keeps you guessing, hoping, wondering, thinking you have it all figured out until it throws you right back into questioning, then you will love this movie!  

No doubt, you will also have a greater appreciation for excellent actors who can make you believe anything. 

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  1. Wow. If you can't remember, who would you believe? Sounds very suspenseful. Thanks for telling me about this movie.

    Nicole Kidman is a terrific actress. And Colin Firth appears to be a favorite of several, judging by the number of reviews at Review This Reviews that he has appeared in. :)

    1. It IS a very suspenseful movie! Obviously, I agree with you about Nicole Kidman. Colin Firth is definitely one of my all time favorite actors. I originally could only see him as Mr. Darcy (which he played fabulously) but after seeing him cast in several other types of dramas, I found he was/is an incredible actor.

  2. Like you, I am a huge fan of both Colin Firth’s and Nicole Kidman’s work. Firth’s performance in “The King’s Speech” and Kidman’s in “Far and Away” are just two examples of their superb acting skills. I am fascinated by the story line of “Before I Go to Sleep” and very tempted to watch it, given our quite similar tastes in entertainment and my admiration for the lead actors, although I’m nervous about seeing a scary, suspenseful film, as they usually give me nightmares. However, I’ll give serious thought to watching this one. Thanks for another wonderful review!

  3. Thank you for this recommendation. I will be adding it to a list of films we want to see this Autumn/Winter. I do like Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth as actors. Loved Colin Firth as "Darcy" and he is wonderful in The Kings Speech. Nicole Kidman gave a perceptive performance in Far and Away. The plot of "Before I go To Sleep "sounds very intriguing and a real mystery, I think hubby and I would really enjoy watching this film.

  4. I may have seen this, but can't remember? It does sound like an excellent movie - I'll add it my movie watching marathon list. I have to agree about the actors, they're excellent indeed. For me, quality acting is the number one most important thing about a movie - a good actor can make a bad movie good, but the reverse isn't true.

  5. I remember seeing a trailer for this movie and thinking it was right up my street. I can't wait to watch it.

  6. I do really enjoy psychological suspense. This is a movie I should plan to see. Thanks for the recommendation. With these two A-List actors, how can one go wrong?

  7. This sounds like a movie that I would probably like because I like both the lead actors. You have painted a picture in this review that makes me want to drop everything and watch. I will have to do this with my husband as sometimes phycological thrillers really get under my skin! But I will watch it! Thanks Sylvestermouse Cynthia for this review!


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