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Autumn Colors in Missouri 2021


fall leaves on the tree photo by mbgphoto
Fall Color November 2021

I love the beautiful colors of Autumn.  It is my favorite time of the year and after the long hot summer I am always looking forward to the cool, crisp days of Autumn.  This year the hot days of summer seemed to never stop, in fact they carried on well into September.  This delayed the beautiful colors of Autumn to well into October and in my area the peak didn't come till the first week in November.

Peak Colors in Missouri

In order to discover what is normal for peak colors in Missouri I went online and read the Missouri Conservation website.  
That site lists the normal time for Autumn colors beginning about the middle of September, with the peak being by mid October.  But as you can see in the photo below at my home in the St. Louis Missouri area the changing colors were only beginning at the time of the Autumnal Equinox on September 22.

autumn sky photo by mbgphoto
View from my Deck

Here is a photo from a walk in the park in mid September when the leaves are getting a tinge of color.

sidewalk bordered by fall leaves photo by mbgphoto

The Missouri Conservation website states that predicting fall color in Missouri can be difficult.  Missouri is blessed with a large variety of bushes, shrubs and trees which change colors at different rates.  The entire autumn color season will last from 4-6 weeks and where the best colors are best will change according to what varieties of foliage is in a particular area.  The changing of colors in Missouri start in the northern part of the state and progress southward.  The weather plays a big part in when the colors change.  This year we had 90 degree temperatures into September and high 80's into October.  This set records for one of the warmest falls on record.  These temperatures delayed the fall colors.

What Makes Leaves Change Color

For a review on what makes leaves change color I looked online for some basic information.  I found out that leaves are green because of chlorophyll production and lots of chlorophyll produces green color and mask any colors underneath.  Light regulates chlorophyll production so the shorter days of Autumn produce less light and thus less chlorophyll production.  The photo below shows a tree in my front yard as the days are getting shorter and the green is disappearing.

fall leaves starting to change colors photo by mbgphoto

Peak Colors for 2021

Today is November 5th and the colors are really starting to pop.  The television newscasters last night said that the next week will be our peak colors.  Here are a few photos I took yesterday.   I love the bright colors.

yellow and orange fall leaves in the tree

red fall leaves on the tree photo by mbgphoto

close up of fall leaves photo by mbgphoto

November 10th Update

Here is an update on the colors from my front porch on November 10th.  The colors are certainly vibrant now.
fall trees photo by mbgphoto

fall trees photo by mbgphoto

Zazzle Products from My Autumn Photos

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  1. After spending many years living in the South, returning to Autumn colors in the Midwest was a treat. Your research and photo documentation of the leaves changing is so interesting and shows off the beautiful Fall colors that are such a delight of this time of year.

  2. Mary Beth, you certainly have managed to share the beauty and color that seems to be enveloping the neighborhood. Beautiful reds and golds make autumn one of the most stunning times to photograph the trees and bushes in all their glory. Thanks for this lovely tour of your neck of the woods!

  3. Autumn is definitely a photographer's dream month! So many beautiful colors that almost seem to change right before our eyes. This morning, I was standing my my front window admiring my own Sugar Maple with is a glorious yellow with just a touch of light green remaining. It is my favorite tree, followed closely by our Red Maples, which are really challenging the sugar maple for beauty this year. As always, your photos are lovely Mary Beth and an excellent reminder to step away from the computer and outside to enjoy the natural beauty.

  4. One of the things I love about living in New England is the wonderful leaf peeping during this season. It appears that the trees in Missouri put on an equally spectacular fall show! You photos are glorious, as usual, and I love the Zazzle products you have created with your lovely fall foliage scenes.

  5. Beautiful photos, Mary Beth. Our climates must have something in common because our autumn color seems to be on the same schedule. The star performers here on the Central Coast of California are the Bradford pear, sweetgum, and sycamore trees. Thank you for explaining the color change so simply.

  6. I absolutely love your gorgeous Autumn photographs! Autumn is such a glorious time of year and you have captured it beautifully.Thank you for sharing with us.Love your Zazzle items, the colours on the Autumn leaves card are so vibrant and lovely.


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