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The Bone Code by Kathy Reichs – A Book Review

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The Bone Code is the latest in Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan crime series. 

Plot Summary 

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Tempe Brennan is on her way to help a friend on the Isle of Palms on the South Carolina coast whose home is damaged by a hurricane. Before she gets there she receives a call from the Charleston coroner who needs her help with two bodies found in a medical waste container which has been tossed ashore by the storm.

As Tempe investigates, she recognizes many of the details as being identical to those of an unsolved case she handled in Quebec years earlier. She then travels to Montreal to gather evidence.

Meanwhile, health authorities in South Carolina are becoming alarmed as a human flesh-eating contagion spreads. Tempe is so focused on identifying the container victims that she doesn't initially register how the murders and the pestilence may be related.  But she does realize one unsettling fact ~ that someone is protecting a dark secret, and they are willing to do anything to keep it hidden.

The Bone Code gives us a sinister look at a shocking way genetics can be put to use.

Author Kathy Reichs

Author Kathy Reichs
Author Kathy Reichs.
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Kathy Reichs is an American Crime Writer. She is also a forensic anthropologist associated with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale in Quebec, Canada. 

Reichs' main character (Tempe) in her Temperance Brennan crime series is based on her own life.  And the television show Bones is loosely based on her book series. 


The Bone Code is the 20th book in the Temperance Brennan series of crime novels by Kathy Reichs. It is Temperance Brennan's most astonishing case yet and will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

*Book Review of The Bone Code written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. Reichs’s experience as a forensic anthropologist must allow her to infuse her stories and main character (Tempe) with authenticity and make them not only engaging but absolutely believable. I have always found flesh-eating diseases the stuff of nightmares and often wonder how much good criminal masterminds could do if only they chose to apply their ingenuity and efforts to more positive endeavors.

    1. Reich's forensic anthropology fascinates me, Margaret. Especially since I once worked for a Medical Examiner and am familiar with all that goes into 'speaking' for the dead through investigation of this sort.

  2. Love the books and the TV series. I had given up on TV for many years, but Bones was my first foray back to watching some of the Tube! I just won the whole set of "Bones" books a few months back, and now am reading them one at a time. I have a lot of reading to do, but I am happy to read these books as they really are interesting and you learn an awful lot about the body and so much more. My other half likes them too, as they speak to the Pathology side where he worked for many years. Great Books for sure, thanks Pat Austin!

    1. How terrific that you won the whole series of 'Bones' books, Olivia. I did not know your hubby worked in pathology. I did so for 7 years at a University hospital and also typed autopsy reports for the county medical examiner who was also the Director of Labs in our Pathology Department. LOVED it. I find the whole subject fascinating!

  3. This sounds a very fascinating book with a plot full of suspense and intrigue. The author being a crime writer and a forensic anthropologist must certainly lend this an air of authenticity. Both the book and the TV series sound well worth exploring!

    1. If you like crime and mystery stories, I think you would enjoy this series, Jasmine. I've been a Kathy Reich's fan for many years and have read the whole series. :)


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