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Eat, Drink and Be Scary – A Halloween Review

Sign saying Eat, Drink and be Scary
Eat, Drink & Be Scary Sign
A local news story recently reported on an upcoming event in my area called 'Eat, Drink and Be Scary'. It appears to be a regular event around the country, but the story reminded me of the many Halloween reviews I've read in the past by Review This! Contributors on food and drinks and 'scary' costumes.  

Today, I'd like to share some of them with you to give you some ideas for your own Halloween party or community event you may be attending this October 31st. 

*Eat, Drink & Be Scary Sign is a downloadable printable created by Happy Life Printables on Etsy.

Halloween Eats

Illustration of a lady dressed in witch costume eating a snack
Source: Pixabay
Start your Halloween party buffet with some spooky appetizers by Sylvestermouse.  

Her appetizer blog post includes recipe links for fun 'eats' such as Jack-O-Lantern Sandwich Bites, Wonton Bats, and a Halloween Veggie Platter with a Cauliflower Skull in the center.


Blood Shot Deviled Eggs appetizer,  Photo by Mandee Sears
Blood Shot Deviled Eggs Photo by Mandee Sears
The appetizers could be 'scary', like these Blood Shot Deviled Eggs (recipe by Mandee Sears).  They  may LOOK icky, but are really tasty deviled eggs with black olives and red gel cake icing for the decorations. 

Mandee's recipe and suggestions for serving can be found at Halloween Haven.



Halloween Drinks

Skull image on a Halloween party drink
Source: Pixabay
Concoct some wicked brews and beverages for your Halloween get-togethers using some suggestions from Review This writer Cynthia Sylvestermouse. 

From Halloween cocktails for the adults who imbibe, to Eyeball Punch and Shrunken Heads in Cider, which the kids will love, you're sure to find a Halloween 'brew' everyone will enjoy.

Be Scary for Halloween 

Illustration of a  ghost
Source: Pixabay
The scary part of your Halloween party or event will most likely be your costume.  There are many, many to choose from. I have selected a few ideas to get you started on your search for the perfect one to suit your personality.

For a themed party, you could dress up in a group with these suggestions from RT writer Louanne Cox. 
Star Wars and Avengers are among this season's top favorites.

Louanne is also our Zombie expert. Check out these Celebrity Zombie costumes for a scary outfit. 

For kids who might want to be just a little 'scary' for a school Halloween party or an at home event, a simple T-shirt with a sort-of-scary design would be perfect.

So, this Halloween, enjoy your favorite event with 

Eat, Drink and Be Scary!

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  1. Lots of great Halloween fun featured here! Since I can no longer trick or treat, I do enjoy the fabulous Halloween food for parties. Scary is awesome when you know you really don't have anything to be afraid of. So, yes indeed, let's do eat, drink and be scary this Halloween! (Thank you for including my articles here too, Elf)

    1. You are welcome, Mouse. Since you have become an expert at Halloween features, it was easy to find lots to share. :->

  2. I love the printable featured in your introduction, it would be a lovely piece to build a little Halloween tableau around . The deviled eggs are a cool idea, I'd forgotten about those they will be perfect for me to make this Halloween.

    Thanks for linking out to my articles as well Elf, I do love fancy dress .... and zombies!

  3. I consider you our zombie expert, Louanne. LOL. Thanks for visiting my Halloween post.

  4. What an absolute great concoction of Halloween goodies! Eat Drink and be Scary is one of my favorite things to do Halloween Night! Just remember don't drink and drive!

  5. Always so many fun ways to decorate for Halloween, the food especially is quite amazing. A family member had a Halloween Party this past weekend and the décor was out of this world, and the food designs were amazing. The fake fingers looked too freaky to bite into


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