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No Fuss Caramel Apple Treats

Easy and delicious caramel apples
During this time of year, the one treat I find myself craving constantly is a caramel apple. That is the one thing I always buy at fall festivals and fairs. Because I have never felt like bothering with the mess of melting the caramels, I never have them at home. Fortunately, there are a few delicious ways to take care of my caramel apple cravings without the fuss and muss. In this review I will show you a few of those caramel apple treats.

Ms. Prindable's Caramel Apples

There is no fuss or muss if you buy your caramel apples already made. Food stands at local apple harvest festivals or state fairs have the most amazing caramel apples. But what if you want a caramel apple and don't feel like leaving the house? 

I believe it was two years ago when someone gave me a wonderful gift of a Ms. Prindable's caramel apple. That gourmet apple was divine. I don't recall which flavor I had, since Ms. Prindable's carries a variety of caramel-covered apples, but I do recall it was covered in roasted nuts. It was rich, delicious, and it was one of the large apples. That gourmet apple was a very welcomed and thoughtful gift.

Some of the apples offered by Mrs. Prindables on Amazon

Werther's Sugar-Free Caramel Apple Hard Candies

The least fussy-mussy caramel apple flavored treats are the Werther's sugar free hard candies. Even though they are hard candies and  even though they are sugar-free, these are some of my favorite autumn candies. 

These Werther's candies truly taste like caramel and green-apples. They are small treats that are individually wrapped - small enough to carry several of them in your pocket or your purse. Because they are hard candies there is no mess other than having to throw away the wrapper.

In addition to the sugar-free hard candies, Werther's offers caramel apple flavored hard candies and caramel apple flavored soft candies.

Werther's Candies

Caramel Apple Pops

Caramel Apple Pops are green apple-flavored hard candies on a stick with a coating of caramel. They are wonderful but not quite as easy to carry in your pocket or purse.  You can definitely keep them handy at home or in your desk drawer. And they are a popular Halloween treat. 

Caramel Apple Pops

Making Caramel Apples at Home with AllRecipes

Well folks, I've now spent so much time thinking about caramel apples that I looked for a tutorial on making them at home. AllRecipes has this "recipe" and video showing the steps of melting the caramel in the microwave and coating the apples. 

You can be sure that I'll be snacking on the caramel apple treats above, but I also may end up making some caramel apples at home this year with the help of allrecipes.

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  1. I love the Werther's Caramel Apple candies and we get them here too. Bonus! I am right there with you on not making my own messes, yuck!

  2. Delighted to learn that Werthers has a caramel apple flavor as I love their candies. Also fun to read this review today as the last day of October is 'Candy Apple Day'!

  3. Caramel apples are definitely a special treat, although I do have to cut them into manageable slices these days. I am quite tempted now to grab some apples and a bag of caramel candy at the grocery store today. I am grateful for the options, but I don't think I would be quite satisfied with the candy substitutes. For me, it is as much about the apple as it is the caramel.

  4. Oh what a way to start a Monday morning. Carmel apples are one of my favorites at this time of year too! I love all of the alternatives that you have provided for me too! Thanks Dawn Rae for this lovely selection of treats, now I think I have to indulge!

  5. Oh!! my one of my favorites for sure. I love caramel apples this time of the year. Great ideas to enjoy without the mess. Thanks Dawn.

  6. Thank you, ya know I never thought about making these sugar free, now I can have my apple and eat it too, just now covered in caramel and nuts!

  7. Would you believe I've never eaten a caramel apple? I like the idea of it, but I have a tough time with caramels anyway because they are so chewy. Maybe the candies are the right way to go for someone like me.

  8. I bought some apples the other day, along with a small tub of caramel topping. I simply slice the apples and dip them. It's one way of satisfying my craving without much effort. Of course, the treats you feature here look simply divine.

  9. Caramel apples, oh man I could eat that right now - actually I could down a bag of caramels after reading this.


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