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Farewell to a Beloved Friend and Fellow Contributor, Susan Deppner

Susan Deppner
It is with a very heavy heart that I write to our readers today on Review This!  The death of a precious friend is never easy.  When that friend is someone you interact with on a daily basis, it leaves a huge hole in your life that can never be filled again. 

Some people touch our lives in a special way that leaves us forever changed.  That is most certainly the case with Susan Deppner.  Her deep abiding faith directed her every action and she was an inspiration and witness to us all.

Susan was the easiest person to love.  She never failed to support her friends in words and deeds.   In difficult or stressful times, Susan would step in with a word of reassurance and peace.   She truly had a way of calming a soul. 

It was always clear to anyone who knew Susan, that she adored her husband, her sons, her daughters-in law, her grandson and her entire family.  I know she showed them through her kind, loving ways every day of her life. 

We have been honored to have Susan as a contributor.  She is irreplaceable and the entire staff of Review This grieves over the death of our beloved friend.      

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  1. I have no words that are sufficient. Sylvestermouse, thank you for writing this. Susan was the most happy, gentle, and kind person. It was a gift to know her. She will be missed greatly.

  2. I first met Susan on Squidoo and she was one of my biggest supporters there. I will truly miss her as I know many, many others will too. She was one of the kindest people I know and her death saddens me.
    Thank you Sylvestermouse for writing this.

  3. A sweet and loving tribute to a lovely lady gone too soon. Susan's friendship meant a lot to all of us and she will be dearly missed.

  4. I am so sad to lose Susan! She was so kind and funny and supportive always. Huge loss for the world! But Heaven gained an Angel. Thank you for writing this tribute.

  5. Susan's passing has hit me hard. She was such a precious friend and writing colleague. Her family has dealt with so many devastating losses the last few years. Sometimes it is so very difficult to fathom why one family must face more than their share of heartache. I pray for all who are grieving the loss of this beautiful soul. I know Susan was loved by everyone who knew her.

  6. "She truly had a way of calming a soul" which is a rare gift. Caring thoughts are with staff of Review This as you collectively navigate the loss of a very special friend and colleague.

  7. If that famous line from that famous movie, “the love, you take it with you” has it right, Susan is taking a lot of love on her journey. Am distraught over Susan’s passing, and truly grieve for her family right now. It’s all quite fresh for us, and it hasn’t sunk in fully. Susan’s shoulder and advice over the years meant so much to me. She was fully present in our day to day lives. Am going to miss her a great deal. There’s nothing anyway can say to ease the pain for her family, we all understand that. But I hope it gives them a little bit of strength to know she was loved by many friends. Miss you Susan.

  8. I am very saddened to learn of Susan's passing. I too remember all her kindness and generosity of time and love to everyone, especially those having a difficult time. Her battles gave me and many others hope. Condolences to her family and everyone whose life she touched. She will indeed be missed.

  9. Susan was the anchor of The Writer's Door, but more than that she was a friend to all of us. Susan had a way of showing you how to do things without making you feel foolish for asking. She was my go-to-guru for my Kindle when I first bought it. She advised me on the features of each model, and said don't buy more than what you need. After I decided and bought the version I wanted, I darned near panicked when my solitaire game would not load a new game. I asked Susan what was wrong, was it already going bad?...she laughed, said no, just turn it off and wait a minute and turn it back on. Of course, it worked! I loved Susan for her kindness, her caring, her patience, and the fact that she was always willing to help or point you to someone who could. I lost my only sister in 2010, and now I feel like I've lost a sister all over again.

  10. Like most of the other contributors, I'm still in shock over losing Susan here. I can only imagine how much more her family will be missing her, and those friends she interacted with in the non-virtual world.The same cancer that took Susan also took one of my best friends, so I know how much Susan's friends will miss her -- even those who live far away from her.

    Susan had a big impact on my life, even though I only knew her through my years of online association with her on Squidoo and here. I saw her helpful and cooperative spirit. I saw her strong faith. I admired the way she let that faith take her through the tough times during her illness and after her home burned. She was a great example to me. I am very sorry she had to leave her grandson before he grew up enough to really know her. I'm glad I know that Susan is now free from pain and her battle here has ended, but I'll be missing her, especially here. It is we who suffered loss as Susan gained her heavenly home. I rejoice for her, and pray for her family in their grief.

  11. I was so sorry to hear about her passing. She was a wonderful writer and an amazing person. She will be greatly missed.

  12. I remember a photo of Susan looking very relaxed reading her kindle with her dog Daisy beside her (I think this photo might go back to Squidoo days) and I thought this is a lady after my own heart. The more I got to know her over the years I can honestly say I was in total awe of her. She overcame lots of hurdles and yet would always be there to offer a friendly word to anyone and everyone.

    I really believe Susan made the world a better place and that is an amazing legacy to leave.

  13. Thank you for posting this on Susan's passing. I met her through Squidoo and enjoyed her positive perspective on any topic. She was always supportive and charming. I admired her spirit and fight as well as her love of family and friends. I will miss her as part of the online community but know that she will live on in the family she was so proud of. I hope that our words can offer some comfort in your grief as you live on as her legacy.

  14. It is a blessing to read all your comments about Susan and how much she meant in your lives. Like so many of you, I met her through Squidoo and that continued on HubPages and Facebook. She was kind and supportive, and a word from her was always encouraging for me. I look forward to seeing her IRL in God's kingdom.

  15. I am so sorry about her death. I have encountered Susan through Hubpages. She was a kind lady and a very good writer. We will miss her for sure. May she rest in peace. Condolence to her family and friends. Goodbye Susan! Thank you for sharing about this sad news Cynthia.

  16. My heart is just broken this morning. I just got back again, from a weekend retreat to hear that Susan has passed away. I am sure she is in the loving arms of the Lord, looking down on us all and letting us know it's alright, but, my heart still grieves. Susan was the most helpful, kind and caring person. If I ever needed help, I knew I could reach out to her and she was right there. What a great big gaping hole she has left here. Miss Mouse and all the contributors here will certainly feel her absence. She was a one of a kind and I know I will miss her terribly. RIP dear Susan, you and your family are in our prayers.

  17. Cynthia dear, thank you so much for this wonderful tribute to a beautiful soul and dear friend. Susan was incredibly special, and she touched so many of our lives for the better. Her passing still feels unreal. My heart goes out to her beloved family. I feel very blessed and privileged to have called her my friend.

  18. She was an inspiration to many of us. So very helpful in so many ways. It is difficult to put into words how much she will be missed. Rest in peace, dear woman.


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