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Hidden Figures Movie Reviewed

Historically Based Movie Worth Watching

John Glenn astronaut
Astronaut John Glenn image from Public Domain
My husband and I enjoy watching movies together, I thought that I would review Hidden Figures for you today because we really enjoyed it.

The movie appealed to me on so many levels. I have mentioned before that I am a bit of a history nerd. What was exciting about this movie based on the early space race between the US and Russia was that my husband and I actually lived during this era of history. I was ten when John Glenn orbited the earth for the first time. I remember how nervous and excited we all were. We were glued to the television or radio awaiting the news of the event.

If you are old enough to remember the late 1950s and early 1960s, you will recall that we of the female gender were looked at very differently. Girls weren't supposed to be good in the sciences. Math was not something that we should even try to excel in. Girls should learn to cook, clean and look attractive. Not many would encourage a girl to aspire to a career in any field. Our job was to be a good wife and mother, sad but accurate. 

So, to have a movie based on a true story about the women who secretly worked at NASA was thrilling to watch. To find out that there were women, smart women working on getting the US into space was uplifting to me. For those ladies to not only be female but to also be African-American well it was incredible. 

The movie, Hidden Figures, did an excellent job of showing what life was like in the US during that time. Without taking away from what was happening at NASA, it also touched on the civil rights movement that was growing across the nation. It shows how difficult it was for a person of color to work in an environment that was segregated. As I watched the movie, I remember being appalled at what poor Katherine (a most brilliant mathematician) had to endure just to go to the bathroom. There was not a restroom in her building that was to be used by "Coloreds" so she had to run something like a mile to the nearest one. Appalling, disgusting and shameful; unfortunately it is also accurate in its portrayal. Thank goodness our country is no longer like that.

I truly loved this movie and think that if you have not already seen it, you will too. After watching it, I called both of my daughters and recommended that they watch it. It is moving and inspirational and I think important for women, especially, to watch. I think that it is important for women who are too young to have lived during this time in history to see where we have been so that they can appreciate where we have come and most importantly that there are still miles to go before we are where we should be as women.

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  1. Thanks for the review you've sold me :)

  2. I haven't seen this movie yet. I will definitely have to put it on my watch list now that you have recommended it.

  3. I haven't seen this one yet either. But, do plan to watch it, I too love anything to do with history. Great review Bev. Thanks

  4. Ever since I saw the trailer of this movie I've wanted to see it, but I missed it at the cinema so I'll have to watch it at home. My mom did see it with her movie club and proceeded to drag one of my nieces along to it as well!

  5. A most excellent review, Beverly, which definitely has me looking forward to watching this movie. The title, Hidden Figures, sounds very apropos for the times, and these women deserve recognition for their accomplishments.

  6. This is a movie that I really want to see. I'm surprised that it didn't get as much "press" at release time. Thank you for this review Beverly, you have cemented my need to see this movie.

  7. I loved this movie. It was amazing to me that I never knew this important aspect of history. How I admire and respect the women featured in this film. Would love to see more movies made that spotlight strong, brilliant, unsung female heroes.

  8. This does sound like one I should see. I did live during that time, but here in California segregation was more subtle and it was quietly handled by realtors as to where those of color could live. As a child the only real injustice I was aware of was the plight of the Japanese Americans who were sent to the camps. I didn't find out much about that until I was old enough to understand what happened. We were ignorant of what the realtors were doing I can't imagine any rationale for not maintaining bathrooms for everyone who worked in a building.

  9. I loved this movie. Couldn't believe just how good it was. Enjoyed every bit of it. I found myself googling about the history of the time on this after the movie - love true stories, they make the best movies.

  10. I can't wait to see it. One of my uncles worked at NASA during this time period so I will have to ask him about it. Hard to believe that these poor women had to face such discrimination! Luckily since my uncle was a brilliant mathematician, I was encouraged to take higher math classes and I loved them. Of course that was a little later but still....My parents and all my uncles were in the armed forces which I recall as being color blind so I didn't ever see any segregation growing up.


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