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Gifts for Your Vegan Teenage Daughter

gifts for a vegan teenage daughter
Photo by Lou of Lou's Designs
When your teenage daughter becomes a vegan there's a lot of adjusting to do in order to accommodate her diet, but just when you think things are going well - boom!  It's her birthday or Christmas and you have to come up with gift ideas that fit in with her vegan ethos!

So, what do you get your vegan teenage daughter as a gift?  Well if you look at a number of different gift ideas for vegans they seem to revolve around food - items like a spiralizer or a nutribullet, not really something a teen living at home would appreciate!

In this post I want to review some of the gift ideas I'm contemplating for my own vegan teen and hopefully that will help other people searching for a vegan friendly gift idea.

Gift Ideas Your Vegan Teenage Daughter WILL Love!

  • Vegan Jewelry
  • Lush Bath & Beauty Products
  • Vegan Dreamcatcher
  • Cotton Mandala
  • Vegan Chocolate
  • Vegan T-Shirt
  • Vegan Cosmetics
  • Vegan Clutch
  • Vegan Mug
  • Adopt an Elephant

Vegan Jewelry

There are some awesome pieces of jewelry which I know my own daughter would love, but I particularly like the pieces of jewelry that declare their stance.  If your daughter is a little quieter or more introverted about her ideals then this piece may not be the best one for her!

There are lots of other types of vegan jewelry available including vegan leather or vegan suede wrap bracelets and/or choker necklaces, wrapped beaded jewelry and many others to choose from.

Lush Bath & Beauty Products

My daughter and her cousins absolutely love Lush - I think of it as their generation's Body Shop!

Lush's natural products are great to use and they have vegan products available as well - my daughter had a selection of bath bombs given to her last year by her (also Lush devotees) cousins.

She has since added to her selection of Lush body products from body scrubs to face soaps, shampoos and more, despite this I know she'd love more of them - this seems to be something they can't get too much of!

Vegan Dreamcatcher

Although my daughter does have a dreamcatcher it doesn't stop her looking at other ones and apparently you can have more than one!  This is a gift that I gave to my eldest niece a couple of years ago that is still finding it's way onto teen's gift lists.

There's lots of different dreamcatchers to choose from, but I do think this vegan dreamcatcher from Etsy would be a very popular choice.

Cotton Mandala

Mandala Photo by Lou16

Mandalas are very popular and can be used in a range of different ways.

My daughter has a gorgeous one that she puts over her bed like a bedspread (as you can see in the photo)  Her best friend, however uses hers as a wall hanging.  You can even get circular mandala style beach towels as well!

The range of mandalas available are amazing and it's really hard to choose just one to feature.  I do like the colors in my daughter's existing one, but she would like another one so that she can swap them out when she want's a change!

Vegan Chocolate

Let's face it most teenage girls love their chocolate and it's not always easy to find vegan chocolate, certainly not as easy as regular chocolate.  I think when my daughter first became a vegan this was one food that she really missed having, although we've found a few ways of indulging her sweet tooth with cacao energy balls and the like.

Of course you don't have to give them a box of chocolates, you could give them a gift bag with lots of different chocolate bars and other vegan candy for them to indulge in.

Gifts your vegan teenage daughter will love
Image by Lou16
Vegan T-Shirts or Other Clothing

There's lots of different pieces of vegan clothing that you can choose from, but with every teen they seem to have their own style and if their mom chooses something then it can't be cool!   The only piece of clothing that it seems safe to buy a teen without getting the exact details from them seems to be a t-shirt.

Now you may have a different relationship with your child so go ahead and buy them whatever type of clothing they'll wear, but for my daughter I'm trying to decide which funny vegan inspired tee will make her smile!

Vegan Cosmetics, Make-Up Brushes, Nail Polish

Unfortunately my daughter does have a bit of teenage acne so she's always looking for skin products to help with that.  As well as turning to a vegan diet she has been moving towards natural skin care and now likes to embrace vegan products (especially from Lush!).

She does have some cosmetics that she does use, but I know she wants to get vegan products when she buys any more.   She already has a set of vegan make up brushes, but if she didn't I would make up a little gift box and add brushes, cosmetics and even nail polish.

Stop the presses!  I've found a couple of brushes that she could add to her existing set that are also vegan, one is a double sided concealer brush which looks amazing.  The other one is for applying powder and sounds like it would do a much better job than the brush she is currently using.  You can find both of them through Arbonne, just click here.

What teen wouldn't love a 'beauty' box, especially an all natural, vegan based one.

Vegan Clutch or Bag

There are lots of different types of vegan bags that you could get as a gift for your teen depending on their personal style.  My daughter loves the clutch style of purse and I think she'll totally flip for some of the cork clutches you can get like this one...

Vegan Mug

A mug isn't always something you think of for a teenager, but my daughter does like statement mugs so I thought one that says something funny or espousing her world views would be a great idea.  There are lots of mugs that she would probably like, but I decided on the one below.

It's basic and a message that she'd really like without being OTT.-  the colors are also pretty cool.

Now I do believe that mugs make great gift ideas whether the recipient drinks hot drinks or not.  When it comes to your teen you can add other things to the mug to make a cool gift, here's a few ideas -

  • Fill with vegan candy
  • Gift with a selection of herbal teas, coffees or vegan hot chocolate mixes
  • Vegan cake in a mug ingredients and recipe - this is a very popular option.  You can get a recipe, print it off for them (or write it out) and include all of the ingredients either bagged up in the mug or already mixed together in a mason jar with the mug.  Here's a cool recipe for a chocolate peanut butter vegan mug cake.

Adopt an Elephant

As vegans inherently love animals the idea of adopting an elephant, koala, polar bear or panda in their name is always a great idea.   Bev wrote this great article about adopting an elephant and I think my daughter would love this.

Like Bev's granddaughter my vegan teen absolutely adores elephants, so much so that she's talking about volunteering to look after injured elephants in Thailand during her gap year.

Gift Ideas for a Vegan Teenage Girl
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I hope you've found some great gift ideas for the vegan in your life and please feel free to share these ideas with other people who are scratching their heads trying to think what to buy.  I do think that other vegans besides teenagers would probably also like some of these gift ideas.

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  1. Lou, I can imagine you have had to find some ways to adapt your menus to fit in your daughter's vegan diet. My new sister-in-law is a vegetarian and we've shared weekly meals at their house or mine on card-playing nights. At first I had a hard time coming up with meals that included her preferences. So, these gift ideas are wonderful for future gift-giving. Thanks for the list.

  2. Wow, what a great list of items that would fit in with a youngsters chosen lifestyle. Thanks Louanne for this comprehensive list of goodies.

  3. Great gifts suggestions for vegans Lou! My daughter is also a vegan and it really is a big adjustment! I wasn't even thinking "vegan" when I selected a leather pair of shoes for her. She let me know they were not vegan friendly, but it just didn't occur to me when shoe shopping. She is past her teen years, but you still gave me several great ideas for gifts for her.

  4. I never would have thought to treat a vegan any different that any other teenage girl when I buy gifts, but then I don't currently have any teenage girls to buy for. Usually everyone gets books :). Just kidding. I might get a family member more than a book, but everybody usually gets a book as part of a gift. I would think the vegan chocolate would be a big hit, or the bracelet. Ultimately, one has to know a bit about the person to choose the right gift, since not all teenage girls, even if they are vegans, enjoy the same things. I'd guess most vegan girls would be happy with at least one of these gifts.

  5. You have some really great gifts here for a Vegan teenage daughter or anyone else who wants to pursue that lifestyle.


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