Monday, October 9, 2017

Susan Deppner

large pink flower
I haven't spoken online yet anywhere about the loss last week of friend and co-worker Susan Deppner (Susan52) because I am still in a state of disbelief even though I knew Susan was  unwell and her time was limited. However, as most of her friends online now know, she is gone.

As Sylvestermouse, said in her goodbye to Susan, “The death of a precious friend is never easy. When that friend is someone you interact with on a daily basis, it leaves a huge hole in your life that can never be filled again.” That is so true. No one will take Susan's place in my life online.

Susan described herself on Hubpages as a “baby boomer who enjoys reading, writing, cooking, spending quality time with her family, and consuming therapeutic quantities of dark chocolate.” She wrote about those subjects, too. About food, recipes, books and of course about the Kindle but also about so much more as is evidenced by her work on that platform.

Susan also shared family recipes on her blog, Recipes for Real People. I love the image in the upper corner of her two favorite kitchen helpers who have grown up and now have their own kitchens. Because I am from a different part of the continent, Susan often introduced me to new recipes like her Loco Moco, her Pink Pickled Eggs and her Dump Cake.

I am sad that I will never again hear Susan’s words of encouragement and advice.

I am sad that I will not hear what is going on in her life.

I am even sad that Susan and I won’t be discussing what is for supper, a subject close to our hearts and to our stomachs.

I am sorry that Susan and I never had the opportunity to meet face to face especially after supporting each other online for about a decade.

I noticed the following description on Susan’s Google+ profile this morning and I think it sums up her spirit very well.

Susan Deppner
Writer. Teacher. Encourager.
Worked at Life from the Inside Out.

Susan, you will be missed. This flower is for you.

Love always,

P.S. Susan, if you are reading this. I did notice that you used a comma after the word 'and' in the list of things you enjoyed doing, which you will remember was a subject of some lively debate in our masterminds group and of course I was in the no comma camp. We sure covered a lot of ground in our discussions over the years; it was an absolute pleasure knowing you.

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  1. Beautiful flower, Brenda, for a wonderful lady and a very sweet & loving tribute from a dear friend. Susan most definitely worked (and lived) Life from the Inside Out! She WILL be missed.

  2. What a sweet tribute to a very sweet woman.

  3. What a beautiful tribute for Susan. Thanks Brenda, Susan will be missed and I'm sure that she read this.

  4. Very beautiful tribute to a very beautiful person. I miss her too.

  5. A lovely bouquet of flowers and a beautiful tribute Brenda! Susan was a true friend to everyone she ever met. She wrapped us all in her embrace of love and caring. It is hard to think of moving forward without her physically with us. But, we can be assured she will always be in our hearts and minds. A real forever friend! We, I love and miss you Susan

  6. That Susan inspires such tributes tells us volumes about her impact on each of our lives. I know she will remain with us in spirit.

  7. I miss you Susan. Friend, mentor, and sweet soul.

  8. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful person.

  9. I'm tearing up as I read this. Review This! will never be the same without Susan. I can only imagine the loss her family must feel without her.

  10. Here, here! Susan has left a hole in many hearts and I can't even begin to imagine Review This without her. As Brenda so nicely noted, her spirit was one of helpfulness and deep friendship to many, myself included. One day I hope we will meet in spirit, because it just wasn't possible here on earth. God Bless Susan and her family, as I'm sure she is watching us down here below!

  11. A beautiful dedication for an equally beautiful person, makes me tear up as well. It's just damn sad. Gone much too soon. Pretty much everyday for the last 3 years I spoke with Susan online, and like all of you I'm finding a huge void in life. It's a terrible feeling, and my heart goes out to her husband, sons, daughter-in-laws, the rest of her family and friends.


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