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Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Reviewed

Convenient Way To Purchase Food For Your Cat

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Let's talk about an option to feed our cats today by reviewing Fancy Feast wet cat food. My older kitty is kind of persnickety about what she will eat and what she will not. Why is it that cats seem more finicky about their food than dogs do? Every cat that has ever owned me, has had a definite opinion about what they want to eat. 

For many years, I fed my cat dry cat food and it was just fine. As she has aged, she started having problems with constipation and it was suggested that I switch her to wet food. That switch has helped tremendously! 

In the wild, cats love to dine on mice, bless their souls! It turns out that they instinctively know that a mouse provides a pretty balanced diet when it comes to a cat's health. As disgusting as it might sound to us humans, the mouse provides the right amount of meat, liquid and calcium for the feline digestive system. House cats (our pets) don't usually get to control their diets with mouse morsels like their feral cousins do. Our giving them only dry food may not meet their moisture requirements in their diets.

In my attempt to ease my own kitty's digestive troubles, I tried a few different kinds of wet cat food. She seemed to like the Fancy Feast meals the best. Once I had determined that, I started ordering it online because it is so darned convenient!

I love that there is a nice variety to choose from and that I can offer her something different each day. Typically, I will order a box like the one above and then the next time choose maybe the seafood collection or a different collection. My kitty seems to prefer the classic pate meals but there are options of grilled and ones with gravy, too.

The ability of having the cat food delivered to my door is wonderful! I find that I shop more and more that way for all sorts of products, not just my cat food. It is convenient, economical and I don't have to worry about having run out of food for my cat or the humans in the house. Don't you just love it?

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  1. I agree that cats, especially older ones, need a mixture of dry and wet food. The dry food is handy for their 'nibbling' during the day between their regular meals of wet cat food. Glad your cat likes the Fancy Feast varieties. Yep, ordering online is VERY handy these days. :)

  2. Going shopping is not one of my favorite pastimes, so I've become very fond of shopping online. We no longer have cats but if we did, I certainly would take advantage of ordering their food online. I'm glad you found a suitable food for your cat. I know how hard it can be when cats age to find just the right food that's best for their health.

  3. Between my 3 grandkitties and my fursister, I have definitely witnessed how finicky little kitties can be. My fursister prefers Fancy Feast wet food, but she is even more finicky as she requires the seafood variety. She also has a not so secret Santa who ships her a case of Fancy Feast ever so often. I definitely agree with you that online shopping is the best. I do love being able to sit at home and order away.

  4. Ordering online is convenient. When I still had cats that option wasn't one I even considered, but it is really easy. AS I recall, one of my cats really did prefer Fancy Feast.

  5. Every cat I have ever had was a hunter and if I let them outside they got their own "wet food" so I just supplemented with dry food. But the last one I had would have none of that dry food and demanded moist food, so it was Fancy Feast for her. So yes I agree with you.

  6. Cats can certainly be choosy about their diets and this seems to be a game changer. I did not know that mice provide such a balanced diet for our feline friends. Now that I do know this, I will certainly try my best to provide what any cat who owns me would need. Thanks for a great review.

  7. I give both my dogs and my cat a small bit of wet food mixed with dry. I prefer Fancy Feast too, but I have to stay away from the gravy styles. I found I also have to stay away from the dry cat foods with too much orange coloring.

  8. My friends cat is having digestive problems, and I know she's tried many different foods. Not sure if she tried this brand, but I'll mention it. I'm trying to recall decades ago when we had a kitty, what we fed her? I do believe it was moist food as well.


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