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Blogging from the Heart at Treasures, Travel, and Tales

Blogging from the Heart at Treasures, Travel & TalesIn a world of structure that yells "niche, niche" all day, every day, I personally find it extremely refreshing to read a blog written in the old style, from the heart.  Of course niche blogs can be from the heart too, please don't misunderstand me.   But, I love having blogs to visit where I feel like I really get to know the author, not just a niche.  A place where the author tells me about the things she enjoys in life, from the best movie to her favorite soap, or breakfast.  

Who am I specially talking about, you ask?  Well, honestly there are several that I could name, but today I want to tell you about Dawn and her blog "Treasures, Travel, and Tales".  

The blog is exactly what the name implies.  Dawn shares with her readers about the treasures that she has found in life.  Her posts might be about her discovery of figs, roasted beets or pawpaws.  The next week, she might share about traveling to her "shack" in the woods where she plans to retire and how she cooks without a stove or oven in the place.  I frequently find myself laughing with the visual images she creates for her readers while reading her tales.

Treasures, Travel, and Tales is a journal of Dawn's life experiences and every article is an adventure for the reader to share.  Her site is definitely "blogging from the heart" and her heart speaks to mine.

Blogging from the Heart at Treasures, Travel, and Tales
This is Willy and his Chew Treats for Finicky Dogs

What to Expect from Treasures, Travel, and Tales

Review of the Website "Treasures, Travel, and Tales". The author, Dawn, shares with her readers about the treasures that she has found in life.
Keystone Kabins Park Model - Tiny Home Option
If an SEO (search engine optimization) expert stopped by Treasures, Travel, and Tales, they would be critical.  However, that same SEO expert would rip the heart right out of the site and that would be more than a crime.  

Treasures, Travel, and Tales isn't about ranking with Google.  It is about sharing with real people, not bots.  It is what writing online should be about.  It is what writing anywhere should be about.

Visiting Dawn's site is like walking beside a best friend as they experience things in life for the first time.  It's like sharing a musical with someone who has never seen Les Miserables before.  Or listening to a song with sentimental words that speak directly to a feeling we would never be able to express ourselves.

It is not just about the words in her posts either.  Dawn shares the photos she has personally taken.  Her love of nature shows in so many of her images.  She has a bee photo that makes you feel like you could just reach out and touch that little bumble bee.  (Yes, I am going to make you click that link to see the bumble bee yourself!)

Oh, and I don't want to forget to tell you that there is something there for everyone.  Even a crocheter will find a pattern to a crochet beanie hat.

Some of My Favorite Articles on Treasures, Travel, and Tales

Every article on Treasure, Travel, and Tales is a delight to read.  I do have some favorites that I have featured above and listed below, but they are just a place to get started.  I would love for you to visit the entire site to discover your own favorites.  I know you will find her honesty and wide-eyed exuberance refreshing and fun.


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  1. Dawn Rae's Treasures, Travel, and Tales blog has been a favorite of mine from the beginning. I agree with everything you describe about it - it's just downright friendly and fun! I always look forward with anticipation to see what Dawn Rae has discovered next or the latest adventures with her pets, her jeep or her mountain 'Shack' in WV. A wonderful tribute to a terrific blog. Thanks, Sylvestermouse.

  2. You have outdone yourself again Miss Mouse. What a lovely tribute to one of the great writers here on the Review This Reviews pages. Dawn Rae indeed shares her life with us as she manages so many different facets of her life. And, she shares them with us too. I love this write up and of course enjoy Dawn Rae's blog too!

  3. Love the blog, and Dawn Rae herself. Great review of a great site.

  4. What an awesome website review! I love Dawn's blog and always look forward to new posts. You're so perfectly right on about her writing - it definitely comes from her very full heart. A joy for anyone to read and a great online place to visit, anytime.

  5. Well Ms. Mouse, I have just returned from The Shack.... back to civilization (running water!) and an internet connection. Thank you for these kind words and reviewing my site. In a world where the successful blogs are niche, I worry about mine. But then I find some other little nugget to share and throw worry to the wind (oh boy, wait until I get the photos edited for the wood carving shop I visited today!!) -- I am pleased and thankful to find that others enjoy my adventures. Thank you.

  6. What a lovely endorsement, and I have to agree, I do enjoy Dawn's writing as well. It's fun to live virtually in a person's real world.

  7. I came to Facebook just now to write about how I'd rather be a person than a brand. Then I saw this post. I can really relate to it. I've been rethinking everything I'm doing in blogging. I've taken courses and read posts by others on how to make money at blogging. I'm getting to the point where I don't care about the money anymore. I'd like to ignore most advice and write about what matters to me, not what fits into a niche and has to please Google or Yoast. I have learned how to make posts easier and more fun for people to read than I knew when I first started on Squidoo, but it's hard for me to get excited about selling stuff. It was hard for me on Squidoo, too, which is probably why I didn't make as much as some of my friends. I don't want to be a brand. That sounds so impersonal. I want to share my world and all I love about it. I'm heading over to Dawn's site right now.


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