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Medmassager Foot Massager Review: Therapy for Feet and Legs

Why We Bought the Medmassager Foot Massager

My husband suffers from numbness in his feet. I often have restless legs and muscle spasms in my feet. Last time we shopped at Costco, they were demonstrating the Medmassager Foot Massager. My husband sat down to try it out while I finished shopping. By the time I returned, his feet felt so much better he was sold. So we brought it home.

Medmassager Foot Massager Review: Therapy for Feet and Legs
Using the Medmassager Foot Massager

Using the Medmassager Foot Massager

The foot massager is very easy to use. Just plug it in, put your feet on it, and set the speed. The cord is long enough (8 ft.) to plug into a power strip beside my chair and still stretch as far as Hubby's chair with no problem. Makes it easy to share. He uses it twice a day or more. I use it when I feel I need to. 

One can massage one's feet with or without shoes or stockings. We feel most comfortable using it with shoes on. That seems to work best if one has sensitive feet. You can feel the vibration all the way to your knee. Technically, it isn't vibration. It oscillates rather than vibrates, making the massage more effective. I'm afraid I forgot the distinction when we made the video below.  

The massager has eleven speeds. Most people start at the lowest speed and work up until they find the speed that suits them best. Hubby prefers "3." Depending on how you move the massager around and where you position your feet or calves you may ease many different kinds of pain.

  • Calf pain
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Tired feet and ankles
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heal and Bone Spurs
  • Neuropathy
  • Tense toes
Many of the above conditions may be associated with serious medical conditions, such as diabetes. These conditions may require medical treatment, and the massager was not intended to treat these conditions. 

Here's What Hubby Has to Say about the Foot Massager

I asked Hubby to offer his opinion while he was massaging his feet tonight. Here's what he had to say. 

I realize the bar is hard to see because it's black like the rest of the massager, but it helps one position one's feet to massage the heel. One can also wrap one's toes around it. One can also move one's arch over the bar slowly to relax the area. The oscillation has really helped restore Hubby's circulation to alleviate the numbness in his toes.  

man using the Medmassager Foot Massager

Our Recommendation 

If you suffer from sore feet, toes, or legs, this massager will probably offer you some relief. It does seem to help circulation in the leg and foot. When we first got to Costco that day we bought it, Hubby could barely walk. After sitting trying the massager in the store for a few minutes he was walking with much less pain. He didn't want to leave without taking it home. 

I don't have exactly the same kind of pain. I find the massage does help my feet relax, but even the lowest speed is fairly strong for me and also it feels good, I want to see my neurologist before using it too often. I have had neck surgery and was recently rear-ended, and I want to wait until I'm sure the oscillation is safe for me. Different conditions require different treatments. If the doctor gives his OK, I'll be using it more often. If you have reason to believe you have deteriorating disks in your spinal column, I'd consult a physician before using this. If you don't, I'd highly recommend it. 

The foot massager comes with a thorough instruction manual with hints on how to help different foot and leg problems and cautions where necessary for specific medical conditions. Read it thoroughly before using the unit for the first time. 

Also be aware that the unit is heavy when you put it on the floor and pick it up again. If you are unable to pick up things easily from the floor, you may need help using this. I  had to help my husband, who has had both hips replaced, at first, but he has since learned to use the machine by himself if I'm not around. He does have some trouble reaching the adjustment knob, and I turn off the machine for him if I'm in the room. 

You should not use the massager for periods of longer than 15 minutes at a time, so you also may want to pick up a Time Timer that shows you exactly how much time you left until the end of your massage. 

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  1. Excellent review, Barbara, especially with the personal video. So many people have foot pain. I'm glad your husband found something that really helps him. Hopefully you'll be able to use it, too.

    1. I already use it, just not as often. Glad to see you back online. You're still in my prayers for complete recovery.

  2. I could use a foot massage this morning. I had to stand for 5 hours yesterday working on a project at work and today my calf muscles are so sore. Bet this would help. Helpful personalized video of this Medmassager. Good job.

    1. To treat calf muscles people often stand this up and lean the calves against it. It's recommended you don't do this with bare legs.

  3. Great job Barbara and Kosta is now a star! This sounds like something that my husband and I would both use for foot and leg aches. So nice to know someone has tried it and really feels the difference. Thank you for a great review.

    1. We probably would not have bought it had we not tried it first. The product is effective. After feeling so much better after using it, Kosta simply couldn't leave it behind.

      As for Kosta's stardom, he stars in many of my videos. If he's not always looking directly at the camera it's because he was watching TV and I made him turn the sound off to get my video. He continues to take furtive glances at the captions. So hard to direct people who'd rather be be watching TV if you interrupted their watching.

  4. Sounds like the perfect thing to have on hand after a hike or long walk. I love the idea of being able to get a foot massage at home anytime you want it, or need it.

    1. Exactly. It really helps get the circulation back to feet and legs. The handbook even comes with reflexology charts for feet and hands at the back. There is also a DVD I was supposed to watch before using this for the first time, but I forgot how to use our DVD player, so I haven't watched it.

  5. Terrific review - I could use one of these. Just to increase blood flow and keep my legs from stiffening up. Sure would come in handy right now. Hmm, this would make a great gift (for me too kids).

  6. This sounds like it would be perfect for my husband too.

  7. A foot massager is exactly what I need. My feet get tired very easily.


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