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Create a Tech Free Sanctuary in Your Home

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Are You Digitally Exhausted?

Information overload may be the understatement of this century. From the internet to social media, to 24-7 texts, news flashes, and emails on our phones, we are an overwhelmed society.

As we approach the end of this decade, people are facing this fact and looking for viable solutions that enable them to disconnect for a time.

Not everyone can take an off-the-grid holiday, and that's where controlling our own environment holds the power.

We can't change the outside world but we CAN change our inside world.

This Fall Season Go for More than Warm and Cozy in Your Home Décor - Create a Space that's Absolutely Disconnected and Tech Free

It's not easy to disconnect. According to Business Insider, as of 2016, 72% of the United States population uses a Smartphone. Globally that number continues to grow.

With artificial intelligence soon to become the new norm, and augmented reality already in use, the opportunities to disconnect at work and in our daily life activities are very few.

For this reason a dedicated 'calming space' in the home is more essential than it's ever been. The world won't stop just because we want it to and the oft repeated cliché, 'the only thing we can control is ourselves', means more than it ever has.

The control we do have is in how we design our homes. Digital free spaces, or calming disconnected rooms are becoming a design inclusion that more people are factoring into their décor.

Let's Review 5 Ways to Create a Calming Space:

1. Create a playroom that only offers toys that are free of any digital technology - Add books, popular retro games, play rugs featuring games and learning, dolls, astronomy, space, science, puzzles, wooden toys and more. Decorate the space to reflect another time and give the room a theme name like 'The Way Back When Room' or 'Yesterday's Space' or 'Back to the Future'. Make it fun and colorful so the kids can't wait to enter.

2. If you can't successfully turn a kids room into a technology free space, then how about including a bed tent or enclosed canopy where the rule is, only non-digital items allowed. Tell the kids the space is for story telling, fractured fairy-tale fun and catching up on their day. To add interest give it a name as well.

3. The most obvious room to convert into a calming space is the master suite. If you're disciplined enough to do this, then enhance your design with soft airy drapes, rugs, and bedding and use calming tones and color combinations and don't forget the soothing scented candles.

If you can't make your master suite a tech free space, use an extra bedroom if you have one. In fact, don't even include a clock in the designated tech-free room. Think of it as the 'timeless bedroom' - a time free zone.

4. Create a sitting room or library that only allows soft music and reading. However, permit only vinyl records. No other devices permitted. Put a fun bucket at the door that says people can't enter the space unless they put their phone in it first. Make a sign that gives rules for entering this tech-free room.

5. Let the dinner table be the technology free zone. Use fun games to ensure no phones are brought to the table. Make a rule; if someone sneaks a phone to the table, that person has to clear the table and do the dishes. If another person breaks the rule, they help. For every ten successful dinners without devices, create a family reward like movie night or other prizes the family may enjoy.

Here are a few visual examples of how to create that Tech free area in your home:

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  1. I can see where today's 'tech' world is beginning to overwhelm us and our world. While technology has made our lives easier in many ways, it has also disconnected us from the real world to the point where one now needs a dedicated space in which to relax, be calm, be back to basics. Excellent ideas for a tech free sanctuary presented here. Thanks for the ideas, Barbara.

  2. I am all for tech free sanctuary spaces in a home! We keep our dining room, and bedrooms tech free. Not even TV. Great article.

    1. You're one step ahead of the curve already :)

  3. Tech free seems to be a great answer to the frazzle that we have in our day to day world. I'm all for it! We have tech-free zones where there is no TV, no internet and no gadgets at all and I gravitate to those spaces on a regular basis. It's my crazy free zone and I love it.

    1. us too Grammie, our living room is the closest to tech-free; I'll read and listen to music in there when I need to get away from it all

  4. Wonderful ideas and suggestions! The playroom with only toys & books sounds like a glorious place. I want one!!! I haven't changed to a smart phone myself simply because I don't want that constant "cry" for attention. However, I still want tech free areas. No computer, no tv, no noise (except the soft music as you said). I think the thing that actually bothers me the most is the smart phones at the dinner table, especially during the holidays. I've often wondered why a text or a facebook post is so much more important than the family that is gathered. I know it is not and I know the individual pulling out their phone doesn't mean it to be so, but it is still annoying. We all must strive for tech free time and I applaud your Brite Ideas!

    1. thanks Cynthia :) - I get what you're saying about dinner and cell phones, couldn't agree more

  5. Wonderful idea and suggestions for how to implement it, Barbara! And your photos of calming spaces are truly inspirational.

    1. Hi Margaret! Thank you, hope you're doing well!

  6. Sharing a home with a roommate makes it difficult for me to be digital-free as I pretty much live in my own room, which also houses my TV and computer. But, a walk in the neighborhood with my dog grants me my calm and much needed serenity. Needless to say, we walk a lot!

    1. getting outdoors is a terrific way to unplug, I do it too, although I do take my phone along for safety, but don't use it - walking your dog can be so relaxing too

  7. I overuse technology but love to disconnect. I think your examples of tech-free spaces is a great idea and I will be using some of those ideas when I build my new place. I enjoyed this post very much.


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