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Book Lovers Day, Let's Review Coffee Table Books for Everyone

In honor of Book Lovers Day, I'm looking at my collection of books and marveling at the variety of subjects that grace my coffee table!

Let's Review what makes a great Coffee Table Book Collection and see where it takes us.
coffee table books with book ends
The beauty about Coffee Table books is that they are really truly works of art in themselves.  The topics can range from Architecture right through to Zebras in the Serengeti!   There are subjects that are as individual as we all are.  What appeals to one person may not appeal to another and yet when I look at Coffee Table Books (the big ones with beautiful pictures of people and places), I am always in awe at the myriad of choices.  The one common part of every Coffee Table Book is a great review of the topic and pictures that you and I will never be able to replicate.  

Travel Books

Travel books make a great collection that will be enjoyed by your many friends and family.  Especially if they are places that you have visited.  Most of the time these Travel Books have the highest quality pictures and always done under the most perfect conditions.  Now let's be clear, I am not talking about "Travel Guides" for different destinations, but rather those beautiful large hard covered books that show places in their best and most photographic light.  I have a beautiful book on the Sistine Chapel.  It is one of my favorite Coffee Table Books, because while I have seen the Sistine Chapel with my own eyes, trying to get a great picture of it when there are hundreds of people milling about, is almost impossible.  
new york book

Special Interest Books

Everyone has their own special interests and that is what makes coffee table books so interesting to me.  You may like History, while someone else is into the History of Comics.  Both of these subjects are well covered in Coffee Table Books.  There is everything in between too!  Fashion, Wars, Machinery, Animals and a host of other topics are all bound up in beautiful books that just wait for your eyes to enjoy them.  The turning of the pages will show you picture after picture of marvels that man has either made, built, destroyed and more.  There are books to inspire and even Old First Edition books that are proudly displayed on the coffee table or a bookshelf close by.  One of my favorite topics is Architecture, so needless to say this book featuring works of Gaudi, happens to be a "go to"  book when I need to relax and just enjoy some amazing buildings that are famous in their own rite.
gaudi open book

Humor and Levity don't stray too far from our Coffee Table either!

My husband can be found on a Sunday evening enjoying the antics of "Calvin and Hobbs!"  He had started to collect the comics out of the paper especially when he found one that related so well to our children.  He would keep these in a file folder at his desk.  One time when one of  our boys came home, they found his "clippings file!"  That Christmas they got together and purchased the Complete Collection of Calvin and Hobbs for their dad.  Today, 10 years later, it is not uncommon to see him enjoying this gift and laughing with delight.  Friends have come for a visit and found themselves drawn to our eclectic collection of coffee table books.  Needless to say we enjoy sharing these books with our friends.  Is there a rhyme or reason for any of these books to be there?  No, other than they are all topics that we enjoy.  We can pull out a book and lose ourselves in the Space Race, the Sistine Chapel, Gaudi's amazing architecture or just laugh with Calvin or Elizabeth in my "For Better or Worse Collection."  Of course these days there is also a whole section in our bookcase beside the coffee table for the Complete Works of  Dr. Seuss!  When the grandchildren come to visit, they have their own "little library" and sit quite contently on the floor, flipping through their books strewn all over the coffee table.

Topics for Everyone!

Coffee Table Books come in any genre imaginable.  There are lovely books on Dogs, Cats, Birds, Mountains, Fish in the Oceans, and the list is endless.  I would suggest that if you have a friend or two with a special interest in a certain topic, you will find a Coffee Table book that they would enjoy for many years to come.  They do make a great gift for that person that has just about everything under the sun and I know that they will get enjoyment out of your thoughtfulness.  A beautiful quote that suits your friend and the topic of the book is all that needs to be added.  What a wonderful gift indeed!

Just In Case:

There is the chance that you don't really like these lovely picture books, so for those who would rather have a pile of paperbacks or latest Best Sellers on their coffee table, then check out all the great Book Reviews you'll find right here: Review This Book Reviews

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  1. You really can tell a lot about someone based on their coffee table books. Your article made me look to see which books I currently have displayed. A Thomas Kinkade art book is out on our window table and our bibles are on our end tables. Now, I don't consider the Bible to be a coffee table book, but they are the books we always have out.

    1. I would say that a Beautiful Bible would make a great coffee table book. Even better if it gets opened up and read. We have a Family Bible in our 'stash" and it is full of family history too. The ones that get looked at when friends are over tend to be the "destination" places. It let's us show them the best of where we have been and helps encourage them to go too!

  2. Our favorite Coffee Table Book is 'South by Southeast', a beautiful collection of paintings by local artist Ray Ellis, which I bought for hubby's birthday shortly after we moved to the Georgia coast in 1993. The paintings are of ships and the sea, and local Low Country (Georgia-South Carolina) coastal scenes & buildings we would see daily on our travels around the area. It is a wonderful reminder of all we grew to love about the Southeast Coast, depicted by a wonderful artist who grew up here. There is also a forward by Walter Cronkite, a man my broadcasting husband truly admired in his field. Besides being one of the best newsmen in the business, Walter Cronkite was a sailor who loved the sea as much as Ray Ellis did. So, Olivia, I truly understand why your particular coffee table books appeal to you.

    1. Oh the beauty of those books is that it does tell so much about the owners. Like you said we keep those things that mean something special to us and brings back memories that we enjoy. I love looking at these books with their beautiful pictures, taken at just the right moment. It let's you put yourself in those pictures without any problem.

  3. I just checked my coffee table and it has one stack of books with lighthouse photos and the other stack are baseball related. I guess they really do tell a lot about us :)

  4. Mary, I would expect nothing less from you than the lighthouses. We know you love them well and so it should be. As for Baseball, well, that is a choice too! Glad you are displaying some of the things you love.

  5. I love coffee table books. I remember growing up, we always had a few interesting ones on the coffee table in our living room. Usually ours were beautiful travel photos and educational info about Canada from coast to coast. I remember flipping through the gorgeous photos often.


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