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How to Paint an Open Concept Room with High Ceilings

How to Paint An Open Concept Room With High Ceilings
 Photo Via Pixabay

Although high ceilings and open concept décor are what most people want today in a home, these spaces can be challenging to decorate.

Before adding color and scale to a space, open floor plans can make a room feel cold and cavernous.

Although it seems contrary to the point of the room, making the space cozy and comfy means scaling down its vastness.

Using Two Colors to Scale Down Tall Ceilings

Two colors on a tall wall create a natural break in height, allowing you to define the space around the color choice on the bottom. The top color can be used as an accent tone for additional pieces in the room.

The example in the above photo shows the two-color concept in action. The bottom section is a deep, rich sea blue color, with the top of the wall painted white. Although white seems like a non-color, it's used to contrast the white cabinet and other accessories, making it part of the intended feel.

But don't stop at two colors; add a third.
One Large Feature Wall Using Two Colors
Featuring a White Fireplace
Photo Via Pixabay

One of the general decorating rules is to work with three shades in the same color family as your base colors. The photo shows how stark just two colors can be. Introducing a third color automatically softens a space.

An Open Concept Wall that Spans Two Rooms

If you have a completely open space that spans two rooms, such as a living room into a dining room where the wall flows from one to the other, it's best to use one color for the entire wall.

The exception would be if you could divide the space using a textured wall feature between the two, like a brick or wood wall divider.

A Concept Room with One Tall Feature Wall

If you have one wall in your space that spans two storeys or is very tall and is visible from other areas, you can paint that entire wall a darker shade while painting another wall that abuts it a lighter shade in the same color family. Thus, the darker wall becomes your feature wall.

If you have windows or a fireplace on that wall with white trim, that's even better, as the darker color will pop even more. In fact, walls with windows and other light-colored architectural trim are ideal for darker-colored paint.

Other Decorating Tricks to Deal with Tall Walls Featured Below in the Collection of Photos:

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  1. Another great lesson in modern decor, Barbara. I love the examples and your explanations. I often look at our open area and wonder how we might divide it with painted walls, should we decide to do so. For now I love it how it is, but I also love some of the options that your article brings up.

    1. Thanks Susan. It's always easier when we're not working with our own home though isn't it

  2. You always give such good decorating examples. I love open concept rooms and these are some good painting hints.

  3. Great decorating ideas. I know the challenge tall ceilings can present. I had one wall blank for several years till i figured out what would look best on it. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Mary Beth, they sure can be a challenge - trying to tie them into our home's décor while making it work all at the same time

  4. I love the taller walls in a home! I feel like I can breathe better in them. I also enjoy the larger rooms, especially since we have such a large family. I love the idea of using a dark color on one wall. I am one of those people who thinks natural, yet I love the dark colors once they are used. Dark blue with a lot of white accents is my personal favorite.

    1. Have to completely agree with large rooms and tall ceilings - makes such a huge difference in a home, even a smaller home.

  5. Lovely decor examples once again, Barbara. I always learn something new from your home decorating articles.

    1. Thanks Pat, am looking forward to a re-do of my own home, and all of this is helping me prepare for that day lol

  6. Since open concept is my thing, I'm always looking for new ways of approaching the definition of space. Thanks for always providing fresh inspiration.

  7. This is a decorating dilemma that I have never had to face, but I can see how it would be a problem. You have given us many ideas in how to make that space comfy and very interesting too. Thanks for your great decorating eye.


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