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Spoonula Review

Le Creuset Spatula Spoon
Sometimes it is the smallest and most overlooked thing that makes our lives easier. In this case, I have discovered that my spoonula is one of the things that makes life in the kitchen much better. Cooking is not typically something that is enjoyable for me. My cooking is about survival more than fun. But my silicone, wooden-handled hybrid of a spatula and a spoon is the first tool I grab now when at the stove. This is my spoonula review.

My Wonderful Williams-Sonoma Spoonula

A friend of mine re-gifted some small spatulas and strange-looking utensils to me. The larger utensils of the bunch were strange-looking; a wedge of concave silicone on a wooden handle.  It was fairly large and chunky.  I tossed it into a drawer thinking that I'd throw it away after my friend left.

One day, after having neglected kitchen chores in such a long time that my spatulas and spoons were dirty, I grabbed this strange utensil. I don't recall what I was cooking - probably scrambled eggs.  I do recall how I immediately loved this spoon-spatula.  Despite it's relatively hefty weight, it was comfortable and easy to handle.  It scraped and flipped my food like a dream.  

Since then, I've looked it up on the internet and identified it as a Williams-Sonoma Spoonula with a wooden handle. I want to purchase another one or two because I like it so much.  I've owned this one for approximately a year now.  I have not melted the silicone end - as I often do my spatulas.

My Williams-Sonoma Spoonula

I recommend a silicone spoonula for the following reasons:

  • in the fry pan - scrambled eggs and sauteed veggies
  • stirring sauces - gravy and alfredo sauce
  • mixing batters - perfect for scraping every drop of pancake or cake batter from the bowl
  • scraping that last bit of the peanut butter from the inside of the large jar
  • It does not scratch my non-stick pans
  • It has not melted
  • Is extremely durable - I JUST noted that it is to be hand-washed.  I've run mine through the dishwasher after every frequent use.  Which explains the slight wear of the wooden handle. Oops.

If you are talented in the kitchen, I am quite sure you can find more uses for this durable and handy kitchen tool.  
KitchenAid Silicone Spoon Spatula

Whether you prefer the Williams-Sonoma brand, or other brands such as Rachel Ray's, I think you will find a sturdy silicone spoonula as helpful in the kitchen as I do.

Rachel Ray's 3-piece Spoonula Set

A Few Considerations from the Experts When Purchasing Silicone Spatulas

I completely lucked into ownership of a silicone spoonula suited to my needs.  I have experienced kitchen utensils that melt and utensils that are so flimsy they are worthless.  I had not considered further potential kitchen utensil problems and annoyances. Here is a wonderful silicone spatula review from American's Test Kitchen to guide your purchase or your silicone spatula or spoonula.

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  1. The spoonula sounds like a cool kitchen tool to have, I shall have to get one for my husband's Christmas stocking (he loves his kitchen gadgets and we don't have one so...)

    1. I really like mine. If you get one for him, please let me know how he likes it.

  2. Love those happy accidents! A spoonula sounds like a great kitchen gadget! Thanks for the review!

  3. Lately I've been bemoaning the fact that I have lost my wooden spoon. This 'spoonula' looks to be the perfect replacement! Thanks for the review, Dawn Rae.

    1. I also have a wooden spoon. I never was a big wooden spoon fan... and I prefer the wooden-handled spoonula. If you try one, please let me know what you think.

  4. I really laughed out loud when you said you had been washing yours in the dishwasher and just realized you shouldn't! I would have done the exact same thing. I would have added it to the dishwasher without a second thought. I don't personally have a spoonula, but I can tell by the shape in the photos that I would love one (or more). Since I really like Kitchenaid products, that one would probably be my first choice, but you like the Williams Sonoma so much, I just might opt for that one. And, it will be washed in the dishwasher :)

    1. Dishwashing the wooden-handled spoonula in the dishwasher doesn't ruin it... just makes the handle rough. Let me know if you get one and how you like it. I really thought I'd hate it... I'm so glad that I hadn't washed dishes on that first day I used it!

  5. I, too, was gifted with a spoonula and was put off by its weight. Just recently I've been using it more and have learned to like it. After reading this and watching the video, I've discovered some other uses for this pretty cool utensil and plan to use it much more in the future. Thanks for the very helpful review!

    1. I was put off by the weight of it too. And the weird shape. I'll have to learn more uses for it also!

  6. I have something similar that I love, but it's made of rubber with a wooden handle. I'm afraid it would melt. The spoonula sounds really good.


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