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Review This: What are the 10 Most Wanted Halloween Treats

We all know it's coming and we all know that we will enjoy the evening!

What's coming? Why, the most important night of all nights, for anyone who is under 14 years of age!

children in little bo peep and lamb halloween costumes
 These pictures belongs to me, please ask if you want to share them elsewhere!

Let me give you a hint! Kids have been thinking about it since school started. They have changed their minds a dozen or more times. They are driving their parents crazy with outrageous costume ideas!  

  Why it's Halloween of course!

halloween fun
These pictures belongs to me, please ask if you want to share them elsewhere!

So once the costume question has been settled, what's the next most important part of the Halloween festivities?

If you guessed the treats, you would be right! Did you know that there are Treats that are Favored by the youngsters? They will seek you out if you happen to be shelling out their favorites!  You will get the biggest thanks from all the little Goblins and Witches for miles around.

So What are these 10 Favorites, you might ask! Let me enlighten you and make all the kids in your neighborhood really happy!

Starting with the Best and Most Wanted!

  1. Butterfingers/Starbursts
  2. Milky Way Bars
  3. Twix Bars
  4. Skittles
  5. Milk Duds
  6. Snickers
  7. Reeses Pieces
  8. Tootsie Rolls/Tootsie Pops
  9. Kit Kat Bars/Nerds
  10. Sour Patch Kids

All of these are readily available, so if you are going to buy treats, they might as well be something the kids are really going to enjoy. (If there are any left overs, you just might enjoy them too!)

Now for every 10 that the Kids really want to have, there must also be 10 that they really don't want to have!

So here the list that will prove a waste of money in the eyes of all the Hobo's, Captain Americas, Princesses and their ilk!

  1. Toothbrushes
  2. Apples
  3. Orange taffy pieces
  4. Candy rings
  5. Good and Plenty
  6. Jaw breakers
  7. Dubble Bubble gum
  8. Chocolate coins
  9. Necco wafers
  10. Candy corn
Halloween time is a great holiday for everyone to let their inner child out to play for a while. You know you will be spending money on candy for the kids, so you might as well get them something that they will enjoy.

Just don't buy your candy too early because you know that you will have to do some quality control on just how fresh these Candies are and that will not be good for you or the kids in your neighborhood!

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  1. Those are very interesting lists! I know I would only be speaking personally, but there are actually 5 that I would not want on the "best" list and 4 that I would want that are listed on the least favorite. I have 5 siblings and we all had different preferences so we would trade. That was part of the fun of trick or treating. I am also laughing because the only candy I now buy for myself for Halloween is Candy Corn. As a matter of fact, I have already purchased and eaten my first bag of candy corn for this year! As to what we hand out, we always give candy bars (one without nuts) and Smarties to each little goblin. As a child, Smarties and candy corn were my favorite.

    1. Oh, I can't believe I forgot to mention how cute Little Bo Peep and her baby sheep are in the photo. Absolutely adorable!!!

    2. thank you Miss Mouse. They hold a special spot in my heart. You like candy corn? I'll be sending some your way, lol. I prefer any kind of chocolate myself.

  2. I think we all tend to buy the candy for Halloween that WE personally like best (so we can enjoy the 'leftovers' --- LOL). Good to know what is popular and not-so-popular, though. Thanks for your lists.

    1. You are so welcome Miss Elf. They were the top selling candies for 2015. I don't believe there has been anything really "new" on the candy market for this year. So I would say that you are safe with any of these choices.

  3. Thinking back to my (now grown-up) kids, I think they'd agree with both lists. We don't get trick-or-treaters where we live, but I always have to buy at least a small bag of something chocolate to have on hand, just in case. And yes, it's often gone by October 31st.

    1. Well we don't want it to go to waste (waist) now do we. If you are going to buy something "just in case" it might as well be something that you will truly enjoy!

  4. Oh what beautiful pictures of the kids. I always over do it when it come to buying the treats, My wife insists that we don't need that much candy. I think I do it because I know some will be left over. For me Almond Joy would be on the best list, along with Good and Plenty, but that's just me!!!

    1. I like both, but also Baby Ruth and Snickers. I used to buy the Mars assortments. Now I don't buy at all because there are too many leftovers. I just leave the light off. The only ones who come around are teens with no costumes.

    2. I hear you Barbara, you get to the point where there are no children in the area, so to buy the treats is pointless. Unless of course, you decided to have a party for two.....

  5. Love the picture of the kids. As for the treats, I'm with Cynthia. Candy corn is my favorite, along with Snickers. Many of my favorites didn't make either list, but I won't be trick or treating this year anyway. My kids used to like the Kit Kat bars and Skittles. What they didn't like they traded with each other.

    1. I thin kCandy corn made the not wanted list because you either love it or hate it. I love Snickers and Skittles too. My husband would eat anything that I didn't....

  6. Fun post! I wish someone had printed a "least favorite" list when I was a kid. I hated finding many of those items in my bag.

    1. It would have saved you a lot of time sorting that's for sure.....but when we were kids, I don't think we were as picky. The least favored just got eaten last. lol


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