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Reviewing DelGrosso Sloppy Joe Sauce

Tasty Sauce For Easy Sloppy Joe Sandwiches

sloppy joe meat
Sloppy Joe Meat Image From Wikimedia Commons
If you are like me, you probably grew up having Sloppy Joes once in a while in your home. DelGrosso Sloppy Joe sauce is an easy way to make the most delicious version of this American favorite.

Just in case you are not familiar with a Sloppy Joe sandwich, it is a concoction of loose ground beef, tomato sauce and other seasonings served warm on a hamburger bun. Most sources concur that the sandwich originated in Sioux City, Iowa in the 1930's. A guy named Joe was the cook in a cafe in that city and he offered a loose meat sandwich to his patrons. By the 1940's variations of Joe's original sandwich could be found in dining facilities across the country and recipe books offered many variations that could be made in the home.

Generally speaking serving Sloppy Joe's is an inexpensive way to serve a meal to your family. Busy Moms find it a quick and easy way to prepare dinner for everyone while stretching more out of a pound of ground beef. If Mom prepares her own sauce, it may take a little longer and the cost may be more. Since the 1960's different companies began offering a pre-made sauce in a can or jar making Sloppy Joes even quicker to make and cheaper, too.

A few months ago, my husband was doing the grocery shopping for us and found our new favorite sloppy joe sauce.

The first time that I made our sandwiches using the DelGrosso sauce both of us were hooked. The flavor made both of us travel back in time remembering the sandwiches that we had as kids. The combination of seasonings used in the sauce are just remarkably delicious. Some of the ingredients in the sauce are brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard and worcestershire sauce. It also has cinnamon and ginger that really brings a delightful flavor to your palate!

I should warn you that if you are allergic to fish, there is anchovies paste in the sauce. We find the addition quite tasty but if you are sensitive to fish you might want to avoid it.

We recently had an informal family gathering and I decided that sloppy joes might be a fun way to feed several people for not very much money. Let me tell you, it was a hit! My daughters loved it, my Dad said it was the best sloppy joe sandwich that he had ever had and even the grandchildren ate all of their sandwich and wanted more. So, the next time you are at the grocery store look for the DelGrosso brand or you can order it online from the link above. I do not think that you will be disappointed!

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  1. Yum. Sounds delicious. Sloppy Joe sandwiches used to be a staple in our family when the kids were growing up (as you stated - a pound of hamburger can go further in this dish and that's helpful when feeding teenage boys!). I haven't had it in years, but you've made me hungry for it with this yummy-sounding review.

  2. I have a homemade recipe that I usually use, but this jarred Sloppy Joe sauce sounds good!

  3. I haven't fixed Sloppy Joes in years! I have several family members who would probably love your sauce suggestion, but I sincerely appreciate your warning about the fish allergy concerns. Sadly, I cannot eat seafood myself, but that does not apply to everyone in our home, especially during the holidays when I really need some fix quick meals to help.

  4. That sounds yummy!!! I make my own to many ingredients my family can't have.

  5. I've never seen Sloppy Joe sauce in a jar before. My hubby makes a Kiwi version on a regular basis and looking at online recipes it's pretty much the same as what you call Sloppy Joes. Hamburger is such a versatile base for so many delicious recipes.

  6. Will have to try the Delgrosso sloppy joe sauce!

  7. I love Sloppy Joe's. This would sure make them easier to fix.

  8. A friend of mine gave me a jar DeGrosso sweet and tangy sloppy joe sauce. Oh man that was so yummy!!! If you are turned off by Manwhich this is no comparison. Yummy


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