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IKEA Poang Chair Review

IKEA Poang Chair (photo: Amazon)
Over the past many years, the IKEA Poang chair has been a favorite in my home. If you have not heard of the IKEA store or the Poang chair, you must check them both out. In this review I will describe my experience with this stylish, comfortable, easy-to-move, and space-saving chair.

IKEA Poang Armchair: Comfort and Style

My Poang is approaching 10 years of age. I purchased it when I relocated to the east coast and had an entire apartment to furnish. I had never heard of an IKEA store. But during my first visit to the store, and my first sit in the chair, I purchased a Poang without a second thought.  My plan was to use this lightweight chair until I settled in and bought a substantial (and expensive) chair - such as an upholstered recliner.  

I love my Poang so much that I haven't given a recliner a second thought. I have changed the cushions on my chair once.  I replaced the white cotton canvas (what was I thinking?  I had a dog!) cushion with a red leather cushion. I must say that the white canvas did last longer than they should have - and were machine washable. But after time, I thought the leather would be easier.

My chair is perfect for watching television, reading, and blogging from my laptop.  In fact, I'm writing this now from the comfort of my chair. The bentwood frame allows some rocking motion - which I love.  The curve of the chair back and the head cushion support my back, neck, and head in a way that is so comfortable that I can easily doze off in this chair. 

Poang support and cushion (photo: Amazon)

Why Choose a Poang Series Chair?

  • stylish - comes in a variety of colors
  • comfortable - curved back and cushioned head rest perfect for relaxing
  • sturdy - despite it's light weight, it is very strong and sturdy - listed as being able to hold up to 375 lbs.
  • the cotton canvas cushions are washable and the leather cushions wipe clean
  • placed in a grouping, multiple chairs would be a perfect conversation area
  • small enough to place in a reading nook, bedroom area, or other small area
  • lightweight - extremely easy to move to other areas of the home or to a new home
  • not quite a rocking chair, but perfect for rocking a baby, or yourself, to sleep
  • whether you live in a large or small square footage home a Poang would fit nicely
One or two online reviews state that if you are an older person the chair is difficult to get up and out of. Thus far, I am not finding that to be true. Nor have my older guests had trouble getting out of the chair. Also, I am no skinny-minny and I never feel that this chair is going to break or tip over.

One word of caution:  I did not find this level of sturdiness to be true for the separate footrest. I once sat on the footrest and the bottom popped out - suddenly depositing me to the floor. 

In my home, my chair is so popular that it isn't easy to get a chance to sit in it. "Move your feet, lose your seat" is the rule here when it comes to sharing our IKEA Poang armchair.

Mittens thinks this is her chair

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  1. I absolutely love that photo of Mittens! She certainly has the "leave me alone" look on her face and that paw looks like it is reaching out to slap that camera right off your face. But, this article is about your review of the Poang Chair. That chair sounds wonderful!!! I would certainly be drawn to the canvas because it is washable, but in the end I would prefer the leather too. I really like the fact that you could change the material cover without having to purchase a new chair. Easy to move certainly appeals to me for sure, but back support and durability makes it an even better choice. Excellent review of what sounds like the perfect chair!

    1. HAHA! So, you're familiar with mittens?! She's something else. Thank you for the kind words. I love the chair and will definitely take it (or one just like it) when I move up to my small house.

  2. I've seen IKEA products in several homes of family and friends and always liked their products. This Poang Chair looks to be the perfect replacement for the canvas Director's Chair that currently sits in the corner of my living room for 'extra seating' and doesn't really GO with the rest of my furniture. Loved your review and 'Mittens' looks VERY comfortable in that chair!

    1. IKEA has so many home products and at a very reasonable price. I like the fact that you can just change out the cushions. I certainly like a chair where I can fall asleep. Very nice review Dawn!

    2. Wednesday Elf and Eugene, while I don't like every single IKEA item, I like most of the items. I guess I should do reviews on more of my favorite items. Thank you both for you kind words.

  3. Mittens looks very serious. I don't blame her - this IKEA Poang chair looks so comfortable and perfect for any decor. I want one!

    1. Mittens is definitely serious AND the Queen of this household! I think the chair is perfect for any decor. You'll have to let me know if you get one..and if you love it too.

  4. Hi Dawn...I must admit you have great taste. This has been one of my favorite chairs from Ikea as well. Comfortable and easy to enjoy. I love the clean lines too. Shared it with all my friends.

    1. Aren't they amazing little chairs?! I can't get over how well it has held up over these years...and still so comfy.

  5. I love the photo of Mittens! And the Poang chair looks like a chair I would love in my living room!

  6. I have considered the purchase of a Poang chair during more than one IKEA shopping excursion. When I tested the chair, I found it to be very comfortable. You can always trust a cat's choice of seating. If Mittens approves, that's all the confirmation I need.

    1. Thank you. Hahaha... I agree...if the cat approves, it's got to be the best seat in the house (but rest assured, Mittens will never have to share her perch on top of the shelves with me!)


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