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Friday, February 9, 2018

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks Movie Review

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks Movie Review
Travis Parker summed up The Choice perfectly at the very beginning when he said, "little seemingly insignificant decisions that clear the road for monster truck life altering ones.  Every breathe you take leads to another choice.  Some choices change everything".

Like any real relationship in life, Travis (Benjamin Walker) and Gabby (Teresa Palmer) are constantly making choices that will either lead them toward each other or away from each other.  And just like life, those choices are not always easy choices to make.  Perhaps, it is because we can all identify with the characters in this movie that make it one of the best romantic movies to watch.  Or, perhaps it is simply because we all want to believe in the power of love.

Years ago, I watched "The Choice" for the first time and thought it was a fabulous movie.  However, I had forgotten how much I loved the movie until last Sunday when I was searching for a romantic movie to watch.  I found it in the list of movies that are now available to watch on Amazon.  So, I immediately hit "play". Once again, I was pulled into the lives of characters that were so well developed that I felt like I actually knew them as friends or family members.

The Choice Movie Synopsis

Travis is a fun loving, womanizing bachelor who clearly has his choice of women in his small coastal hometown.  However, his new neighbor, Gabby, seems to only be annoyed by Travis and his lifestyle.  His loud music, partying, lackadaisical attitude, flirting, and his dog, agitate Gabby to no end.  Plus, the noise disrupts the quiet she needs to study for her medical board exams.  
 The Choice [Prime Video, DVD, Blu-ray]Check Price
With each meeting and interaction, the very serious Gabby becomes even more exasperated by his jovial, carefree personality.  The conversations between them are actually rather funny to listen to and watch.  Travis is just trying to be friendly, but Gabby sees it as anything but kind.

Remember how the movie begins with Travis talking about "choices"?  As neighbors, every day they are each making a choice of what they think about each other.  When Gabby's boyfriend has to leave town for a few weeks and her dog has complications while delivering puppies, Gabby makes the choice to run next door to Travis for help.  Later, Travis invites her to join him and his friends on a boat ride, she makes a choice of whether to stay or to go.  She is faced with that same choice, whether to stay or to go, several times.

At this point, I want to warn you.  You should expect your heart and emotions to be twisted during this movie.  I don't often cry during movies, but like other Nicholas Sparks stories, this one had me reaching for Kleenex.  Travis is so adorable in this movie that you can't help caring about him and the choices he has to make.  It is downright gut-wrenching.  Like I said earlier, Travis and Gabby are like friends and we all hurt for them.

SPOILER ALERT - This trailer shows more than I was willing to tell. Don't watch the trailer if you plan to watch the movie. In my opinion, it shows too much and takes away from the movie.

Nicholas Sparks Movies & Books

Nicholas Sparks is an author name we all recognize. In part because several of his novels have been made into movies. But mostly because he is an excellent romance novel author. Even people who don't normally embrace romance novels and movies as their favorite genre enjoy his work. I'll never forget the first Nicholas Sparks movie that my husband and I watched together. It was, of course, The Notebook. I can honestly say, I don't know which of us was touched the most by that movie. We both loved it. 

I previously reviewed and recommended another Nicholas Sparks movie, Safe Haven,  which is another Sparks novel that delves into some extremely difficult real life situations.
You will be more than halfway through this movie before you will understand why I also recommend Dawn's review of Me Before You if you love this movie. 

For those of you who prefer books, remember The Choice was a novel before it was a movie.


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The Choice by Nicholas Sparks Movie Review Written by:
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Leap Year (2010) Movie Review

Leap Year (2010) Movie Review
Leap Year is such a delightfully adorable story about a young woman who has everything she wants, but not what she needs. 

I'm not sure how I have missed this movie until now, but on the chance that you have never seen it either, I want to tell you about it. If you have viewed it before, then perhaps you need to take a break and watch it again.  It is sure to make you smile, even laugh out loud.   But, mostly it is simply enchanting, which is totally appropriate since it takes place in Ireland. 

Oh, did someone mention leprechauns?  Well, I have to say, Declan reminds me a great deal of a leprechaun.   He even jumps and clicks his heels.   But most of all, he brings good fortune into Anna's life. 

Yes, this is a sweet love story that is a little predictable, yet it is so charming you won't care that you know what to expect.  You'll simply be glad you are along for the ride and listening to the witty banter between these two hearts speaking the language of love. 

I have always been a hopeless romantic.  I was once even dubbed the Forever Hopeless Romantic Contributor.  Here on Review This Reviews, we have broken the bounds of those niche walls, but that doesn't change who I am.  A great romantic movie still appeals to me more than any other genre.

Leap Year (2010) Movie Review

Leap Year - The Movie

Anna Brady (Amy Adams) and Dr. Jeremy Sloane (Adam Scott) have been in a committed relationship with each other for 4 years.  However, they are not married and Anna wants to get married.  When she thinks Jeremy is about to propose over dinner one evening, she is greatly disappointed to discover diamond earrings in the small jewelry box instead of a diamond engagement ring.  Jeremy is oblivious to Anna's feelings and doesn't hesitate to excuse himself from dinner early when called away for a medical emergency.  

 Leap Year - Amazon Video RentalCheck PriceWhen Jeremy leaves to attend a cardiology convention in Ireland, Anna is reminded of an old Irish tradition.  Each Leap Year, on February 29th, the woman can propose to the man.  After all, that is what her own grandmother did decades ago.  She decides it is time for her to act!  Otherwise, who knows how long it will be before she is engaged, much less married.

Anna's flight to Dublin, Ireland is diverted due to weather.  They are forced to land in Cardiff, Wales.  Because she is determined to get to Dublin, she hires a boat.  Then, the boat is forced to dock in Dingle because the storm is simply too dangerous to continue.  It is in Dingle that she meets her cheeky, tall, dark and handsome leprechaun.  Because Declan (Matthew Goode) needs the money, he agrees to drive her to Dublin and that is where all the fun begins.

Watch Leap Year for Yourself!  

If you find yourself searching for a great romantic comedy, Leap Year will be the perfect choice.  If you are also a hopeless romantic, be sure you pay close attention to the brides speech during the wedding in the movie.  You will love it!

You may even find yourself wondering if you only had 60 seconds to get out of a burning house, what would you grab?

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Leap Year (2010) Movie Review Written by:
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Friday, July 21, 2017

The Inheritance Movie Review

The Inheritance Movie Review

The Inheritance by Louisa May Alcott

While searching for a Sunday afternoon movie to watch, I was immediately drawn to The Inheritance for several reasons.  First, it is based on the novel written by Louisa May Alcott.  Second, like the book Little Women, the setting is during the Victorian Era which was actually Alcott's contemporary time.  And, last but not least, because Meredith Baxter stars in the movie and she is one of my favorite leading ladies. 

The hairstyles, the clothes, the home decor, all appeal to me.   From the very beginning, I expected to like The Inheritance and I was not disappointed.  For 90 minutes I was transported to New England in the 1800's and the world of haut monde

Plot of the Movie, The Inheritance

As a companion to a beautiful, wealthy young woman, Edith is caught between the world of a servant and the the lifestyle of the wealthy. 

 The InheritanceIn infancy, Edith was a survivor of an epidemic that swept Italy and the home of Mr. Hamilton's estranged brother who died from the illness.  Since Edith's mother, a maid in the brother's home, was also a victim of the epidemic, Edith was brought to Evenswood and raised alongside Hamilton's own daughter, Amy.  The girls are great friends, perhaps even as close a sisters.  Edith's days are spent reading, practicing archery, playing lawn tennis and chumming around with Amy.  Her clothes and hairstyle are more in line with society, but her status is that of a servant, except one with special privileges like playing the piano, riding the horses and partaking in family teas.  In fact, there are times when she is treated more like family than staff.

Early into the movie, a distant cousin to Mrs. Hamilton, is invited to visit.  Mrs. Hamilton has agreed to help Ida find a suitable husband.  As a matter of fact, Ida's visit coincides with a visit from a very eligible, wealthy gentleman, James Percy, who Mrs. Hamilton hopes will be enchanted by her cousin, Ida.  In her mind, it is all a neat and easy arrangement.  However, James is more enchanted by Edith, and Ida is a nasty, spiteful woman who takes an instant dislike to Edith.

As the title of the book and movie would imply, there is definitely an unexpected turn of events in the plot.  The resolution of the story is quite satisfying in spite of the temporary tension felt during portions of the movie.

Now I want to read the book!  I am certain it would be even more intriguing than the movie since Louisa May Alcott never disappoints readers.  Plus, I know it will be more detailed and in depth.  

One note of interest, the movie takes place in New England, yet in the book, the setting is England.  In the movie, Lord and Lady Hamilton of the book, are Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton.  Either way, the movie was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  I can highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys an old fashioned romantic historical movie.

The Inheritance Movie Review Written by:
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Age Of Adaline Movie Review

The fantasy romance movie, The Age Of Adaline, grabbed my attention from the first frame and didn't let go. Here's my movie review.
Like the fantasy romance movie genre? I didn't know that I did until I recently watched The Age Of Adaline. And then I watched it again. I was mesmerized by the characters and totally spellbound by the story. The movie grabbed my attention from the first frame and didn't let go. But that's what a fantasy movie, or any good movie, should do, right?

The Story

The movie tells the story of Adaline Bowman (played by actress Blake Lively), born in 1908, who at the age of 29 suffers an accident that renders her "immune to the ravaging of time. She will never age another day." While the thought of never growing older may be appealing, the realities of the situation create circumstances that require Adaline to make major adjustments in her life as the decades pass.

Keeping her secret isn't easy. During her lifetime, Adaline must pass up many close relationships, including the opportunity for true love.

The most important relationship of her life, though, is with her daughter, Flemming (played by Ellen Burstyn). I loved the interaction between the two where the younger actress took on the mothering role to the older actress. The relationship was absolutely convincing and very touching.

Without giving away too much of the story (the trailer gives away much more), I'll just say that during the course of this amazing movie lightning strikes and love prevails.

Who Should Watch This Movie?

If you like romance movies, choose The Age Of Adaline. I wouldn't call it a chick flick, though. In fact, while my husband didn't start out watching with me, he was drawn in by the drama (and Harrison Ford's voice) and enjoyed what he saw.

If you like good drama, a fascinating story, and beautiful actors who bring complex characters to life, give this movie a try. If you're not sure about the fantasy element, give it a chance anyway. Like me, you might be surprised.

The Age Of Adaline is rated PG-13. Nearly 25,000 Amazon reviewers rate the movie 4.4 out of 5 stars. It gets five from me.

Buy or watch the movie here (currently included with Amazon Prime):


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Friday, April 14, 2017

Somewhere in Time Movie Review

Somewhere in Time Movie Review
Somewhere is Time is one of my all time favorite romantic movies.  It is hard to believe, but it was released over 35 years ago.  To this day, I can hear Elise (Jane Seymour) calling out through time to "Richard" in my mind.  The agony and desperation in her voice is heart-wrenching. 

Scenes from this movie were long ago impressed on my mind and they haunt me to this day.  The exquisite and beautiful Jane Seymour reaching out in time to the young and handsome Christopher Reeve is an unforgettable image of timeless love.

In case you haven't already seen the movie, allow me to introduce you.  If you have seen it, I recommend watching it again.  The beauty of a romance that erases the walls of time is just as poignant and gripping today as it was 37 years ago.  Perhaps even more so.

The exquisite and beautiful Jane Seymour reaching out in time to the young and handsome Christoper Reeve is an unforgettable image of timeless love.

Synopsis of the Movie Somewhere in Time

The opening scenes of the movie take place at an after play party on May 19, 1972.  Richard Collier, a young play-writer, is celebrating the success of his play with friends when an elderly woman approaches him.  She gently places a beautiful pocket watch in his hand and softly says "come back to me".  Then she turns and leaves the building.  Since Richard has never seen her before, he is somewhat mystified by her gift and words.  

 Somewhere in Time (Collector's Edition)Eight years later, Richard is a writing a new play, or at least trying to write one.  It is not coming together easily for him.  Even listening to his favorite soothing music, Sergei Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini", is not helping.  Out of sheer frustration he decides to take a trip, to get away from the monotony of the routine of his life in Chicago.  He simply starts driving with no apparent destination when he spots the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island, Michigan.   For some inexplicable reason, he is drawn to the hotel and signs in to stay one night.  The elderly bellboy, Arthur, thinks he recognizes Richard, but a lot of people have come to the Grand Hotel since 1910 when he first arrived there with his father.

When Richard goes to dinner, there is a 40 min wait, so he starts exploring.  He discovers a picture of Elise McKenna in the hotel's Hall of History and is captivated by her beauty.  He wants to know more about her.  He goes to the local library to research Elise McKenna and found she was a great box office draw in the early 1900's.  She was born nearly 100 years earlier in 1885.  When he finds a photo of her in her later years, he realizes she is the woman who gave him the watch at the party back in 1972.  Now, he must know more!

He located the home of the biography writer to get more information on Elise.  The writer had a collection of McKenna's personal items, including a dress from her last play and a book she was particularly fond of on time travel.  He found out that Elise had died the same night she had given him the watch.  

Somewhere In Time (1998 Re-recording) <br> You can hear the beautiful redition of Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini , along with John Barry's score hereSomewhere In Time (1998 Re-recording)
You can hear the beautiful redition of Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini , along with John Barry's score here. Purchase if desired.
As he continues to explore Elise's belongings, he is drawn to a music box designed as a replica of the Grand Hotel.  When he opens the lid, he is surprised and further intrigued to hear it plays "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini".

Later, when he is back at the hotel, he searches for the hotel registers from 1912 and finds his signature in the register confirming what he already suspected.  He was a guest at the Grand Hotel in 1912.

He immediately went into action.  He bought a suit from around 1912, cut his hair to match the style of the early 1900's, purchased 1912 money, and returned to the Grand Hotel.  He removed everything that was current day from his sight and made a recording to help "hypnotize" himself to travel back to June 29, 1912.  He laid on the bed, played the tape and started the process of traveling back in time.  Back to 1912.  

Back to the Grand Hotel of 1912  where she preformed, and back to her.

The exquisite and beautiful Jane Seymour reaching out in time to the young and handsome Christoper Reeve is an unforgettable image of timeless love.

He closed his eyes and woke up in the past, 1912, but in the wrong hotel room.  As soon as he escaped that room, he went in search of Elise.  He found her walking by the lake and approached her.
Her first words to him were "is it you?"  He answered, "yes".

The exquisite and beautiful Jane Seymour reaching out in time to the young and handsome Christoper Reeve is an unforgettable image of timeless love.
One of my personal favorite scenes in the movie is when Elise is having her photo taken after her final performance at the Grand Hotel.  Richard enters the room and right as she looks at him, the photographer captures that expression of love on her face.  That photo is the picture that is hanging in the Grand Hotel's Hall of History. 

The exquisite and beautiful Jane Seymour reaching out in time to the young and handsome Christoper Reeve is an unforgettable image of timeless love.

Somewhere in Time Movie Trailer

Add Somewhere In Time to Your Romantic Movie Collection Today!

Learn more about the man and his journey back to love!

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Midnight Masquerade Hallmark Movie Reviewed

Midnight Masquerade Hallmark Movie Reviewed
Midnight Masquerade offers a new, modern day twist to the timeless Cinderella story.  Instead of a female Cinderella, one of the main characters is Rob, the "prince" who has to leave the masquerade party before midnight.  His crown is accidentally knocked off as he is leaving, but he doesn't have time to retrieve it in his mad dash out.  Elyse Samford, his princess, finds the crown when she searches for Rob who simply disappeared from the party.

This is a very sweet, romantic movie that I can easily recommend to anyone who enjoys a simple love story that ends with "happily ever after".

Midnight Masquerade Synopsis

Rob Carelli is a lawyer who is employed at the law firm of Higgins Attorneys and Sons.  Since I compared the movie to Cinderella earlier, you may have already guessed that Higgins is the father who owns the law firm and he has two sons who also work for the firm.  The two sons have been given positions of authority and both men shove their work off on Rob, who then has to spend countless hours basically doing the work of three attorneys.  Mr. Higgins frequently takes the opportunity to deride Rob telling him he should strive to be as productive as his sons and chastising him when he is late for work.

 Midnight Masquerade
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Elyse Samford has just been made the CEO of her father's successful candy company.  Samford Candy is a client of Higgins Attorneys and Sons.  When Elyse needs their legal assistance, she meets all of them in the office, but she recognizes Rob, whom she has previously met at the bowling alley.  Rob is immediately attracted to Elyse, but she has the stress of her newly acquired responsibilities pressing on her mind.  She isn't really looking for romance.

When Elyse invites every employee of Higgins Attorneys and Sons to their companies annual Halloween masquerade party, Rob asks his sister and niece for help with costume ideas.  His sister makes him a gorgeous Prince costume.  Both his sister and his niece step in to help him learn the basic steps of waltzing too so he will be able to dance at the party.  

However, when Halloween arrives, he is told that he cannot attend the party.  That he has to work all night.  When his niece hears that he will have to miss the party, she brings him a mask so he can slip into the party incognito.  When Rob overhears Higgins tell one of the sons that he needs to go back to the office for something, Rob has to leave immediately to beat him back.  He would lose his job if it was discovered that he had left his work and come to the party.  That is when he loses his crown that is subsequently found by Elyse.

Determined to find her prince, Elyse calls Higgins to ask his identity.  Higgins says his own son was the man dressed as the prince.  Elyse calls his son, who confirms that he was dressed as the prince and they agree to meet for a date.  

The Higgins law firm is also plotting to help a competitor candy company buyout Samford Candy Co. from Elyse.  That competing company has already been causing problems for Elyse by imitating their advertising and packaging.  

Between the duplicity of the law firm, the intrigue surrounding the real identity of the prince, and of course the romance, this Hallmark movie is an entertaining way to spend 82 minutes. 
By the way, they do make a really sweet couple.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Fairfield Road Movie Review

 Fairfield Road
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Fairfield Road is one of those "feel good" movies you grab when you want a relaxing romantic story.  It doesn't require you to think real hard or really even force a moral issue.  It is simply easy viewing.

There are definitely times when life itself is requiring real focus and we want a movie we can sit down with that will take our minds off of our own dilemmas for just a little while.  A show that will allow us to relax our hearts, souls and minds, which allows us to step back into our own world again feeling better.  

Fairfield Road Movie Synopsis

As with all Hallmark original movies, Fairfield Road is a movie you can watch without worrying about language, onscreen adult behavior or gory scenes.  None of that stuff is part of the Hallmark presentations.  It truly is wonderful to have a safe source of entertainment.  

The front cover of the Fairfield Road DVD says "When Noah lost his job, he found his life."  That really is the movie in a nutshell.  
 Fairfield Road (Hallmark)

Noah is a high power political campaign strategist for the Boston mayor when he is given the opportunity of a lifetime.  He is hired by a senator in Washington, DC.  He immediately calls his girlfriend to tell her the good news.  She informs him, and rightfully so, that she is not going to move to Washington with him without a ring on her finger.  Therefore, Noah decides to propose marriage, and his girlfriend eagerly accepts.  However, when Noah subsequently finds out that his girlfriend has been unfaithful, he breaks that engagement and prepares to move alone.  Well, not completely alone.  He does take his dog along as he heads to Washington, DC and his new job.  Unfortunately, on the way, his cell phone rings and he is informed that his new employer, Senator Hayden has just publicly admitted he accepted illegal campaign contributions.  Therefore, Noah no longer has a job.

Without a job, a fiance, or even a home, Noah heads for Cape Cod where he had previously planned a romantic weekend with his ex-fiance.  Since he had the engagement ring shipped there to the Landing Inn on Fairfield Road, he decides he can pick up the ring and spend the time alone to consider his options and what he will do next.  It is there that he meets Hailey, and does finds the town needs his occupational expertise.

As you would expect, everything ends well, but it is fun to watch it all unfold.  

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Safe Haven Movie and Book Reviewed

Several years ago, I read the book Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  If you have ever read a Nicholas Sparks book then you already know he writes about some very heavy, deeply painful real life situations.   As in life, not everything in his books is easy and happy.  He delves into the subject with a realistic perspective and he doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is. 

Safe Haven is a suspenseful, yet romantic book that brooches a too common subject that no one ever wants to acknowledge.  A young wife is brutalized by her detective husband.  She is trapped in the marriage with nowhere to go because she knows he would find her.  One evening, when he is in a rage, she stabs him in self defense and runs.  A neighbor takes her in and helps her flee Boston.  Erin cuts and dyes her hair, then boards a bus to Atlanta in search of a safe haven.

The Plot of Safe Haven

 Safe HavenThe bus from Boston to Atlanta makes several stops along the way.  When they stop in Southport, North Carolina, Erin doesn't board the bus when it leaves.  Drawn by the ocean and the peaceful surroundings, she introduces herself as Katie.  She gets a job and rents a house.  As you can well imagine, she doesn't trust easily, but she does reluctantly make friends with her neighbor Jo.  

As with any book that is made into a movie, I often prefer the book simply because there is more time to allow characters to evolve.  When we read, we feel like we really get to know a character personally.  That was the case with Jo.  She played a bigger "part" in the book than she did in the movie, but she was there in both of them.

Katie also makes friends with a little girl.  In both the movie and the book, it is believable to me that Katie would trust a child.  It would be easier for her to befriend someone so innocent and pure in motive.  She also meets Lexie's widowed father and her brother, Josh.  Even though she is attracted to him, Katie isn't initially quite as receptive to Lexie's father, Alex.  

I mentioned in the introduction that this is also a romantic story.  By now, you may have already surmised that Katie and Alex end up falling in love.  However, back in Boston, Katie's (Erin's) husband has issued a nationwide APB for a murderer, Erin Tierney.  He is determined to find her.  Unfortunately, Alex sees the wanted poster in the sheriffs office and confronts Katie.  He feels lied to and betrayed.  Since Erin ran, she didn't know if she had killed her husband or not, but she knew from the very beginning to avoid the police regardless.

There is a lot that happens after this.  Some of it is really sad, while other events leave you feeling extreme relief.  Like other stories by Nicholas Sparks, this story will cause you to feel deeply from one extreme to the other.  

Specifically about the Movie, Safe Haven

 Safe Haven on DVDI prefer the book, but some may well prefer the movie which does stay true to the original book plot.  I thought the actors were perfectly cast.  I completely disagree with reviewers who say this movie is unrealistic with a "ludicrous plot twist".  Life is often ludicrous.  Evil people bent on revenge often do unbelievable things because they have already thrown caution and logic to the wind.  

In the movie, Katie and Alex are adorable.  You really want them to have the happy ending.  You want life to give them both a break.  They have both suffered enough for one lifetime.  Unfortunately, Katie's past is determined to bind her forever.

When you watch the movie, or read the book, please return and tell me what you thought.  With such differing reviews, it will be interesting to see which reviewer you agree with.  For me, I think it is both an excellent book and an excellent movie that will cause you to fear, cry, smile and hope all at the same time.   

You choose which one you want!  The book and DVD are featured above, but the story is also available to view directly from Amazon, included in a Nicholas Sparks Triple Featured DVD, or to read on your Kindle.  If you are like me, you may want them all!!!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Love by Design Movie Review

Love by Design Movie Review
Love by Design starring Giulia Nahmany, David Oakes and Jane Seymour, is a wonderful romantic comedy that leaves us feeling hopeful and happy when the underdog succeeds in business, plus finds real love.

Since we have all experienced injustice to some degree, we enjoy movies where the maltreated prospers.  Love by Design is the perfect romantic movie for a much needed break from intense reality and drama.  Plus, the less glamorous yet highly creative, hardworking, kindhearted girl finds love and success in a highly competitive world of fashion.

As a Jane Seymour fan, I was instantly drawn to the movie while searching for a romantic movie I have never seen before.  Even though Seymour does not have the leading role, she does play a very important part in the movie.  She is the fashion magazine editor that frowns on Danielle's appearance and ultimately fires her.  As always, Seymour is a joy to watch even when she is playing the part of a snobbish, egotistical and ruthless fashion magazine editor-in-chief.

Synopsis of Love By Design

 Love By Design
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When Danielle doesn't fit the image of a Beguile magazine designer, Vivian (Jane Seymour) replaces her with a "more appealing" spokesperson.  Danielle is rightfully distressed when she sees that this "better choice" is not presenting her own presentation to the clients, but the one Danielle, herself, designed and wrote.  Danielle erupts in anger and is fired from her high prestige fashion job in New York City.  She needs to get far away and decides to return to her home in Romania.  

By returning to her childhood home, she also returns to her love for sewing and designing clothes that fit the real women around her.  She loves making clothes that truly flatter the individual wearing them and those women love her designs.   

While finding herself again, she also finds true love when she meets Adrian (David Oakes).  The relationship is not without stress, but it is easy to be confident that the two will end up together.

Sometimes we just need a great romantic movie, even if it is transparent and predictable.  We simply need to let our minds and bodies rest and be entertained for a brief spell.  

Giulia Nahmany

I had never heard of the lead actress, Giulia Nahmany.  While watching the credits at the end of the movie, I noticed that she also wrote the story and was one of the executive producers of the movie.  I wanted to know more about her, so I did a bit of research and found that she started her career as a soloist.  Pretty cool!  So, not only can she write, act, and produce a movie, she can sing.  Impressive!!!  Somehow, I think we will be seeing her again in the future and the next time, I will know her name.



Of course, I love the romantic plot of Love by Design.  I also enjoyed the way the movie embraced multiple body types in fashion.  Danielle's creations flatter several different shapes and sizes. 

Many of us can relate to the women in the movie.  We want fashion that will compliment our bodies.  We should not have to fit our bodies to the current fashions.  As a curvy female, I can relate to Danielle who is constantly dieting in order to try to meet an unrealistic body size expectation.  I also know exactly how frustrating it is to try to buy clothes in a fashion world that designs for a smaller, straight or flat body type.

Some would say that both expectations in this movie are unrealistic.  Perhaps they are, but we still desire to be loved.  And, to have fashion designers who create fabulous fashions for all of us.

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday Inn Movie Review

I simply cannot go through the holiday season without watching the movie Holiday Inn starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.  Not only is the movie fabulous because of the actors, it also features a huge repertoire of Irving Berlin music.  In fact, Berlin actually wrote several new songs just for the movie.

Holiday Inn Movie Review

One song we all know and love is "White Christmas".  Because there is an actual movie named White Christmas (1954) that also features the Irving Berlin song, many people assume the song was written for that movie.  It was not.  The song, White Christmas sung by Bing Crosby, was first performed in Dec. 1941.  A few months later it was recorded and sold as part of the musical soundtrack for the movie Holiday Inn.

In my opinion, Holiday Inn is a better movie than White Christmas.  It is a real shame that so many people associate the song with the movie that bears the same title.  Sadly, they often miss the best!

The Plot of the Movie Holiday Inn

Fred Astaire, or should I say Ted Hanover, is a famous dancer who is part of a 3 person act.  Bing Crosby plays the part of Jim Hardy, a sensational crooner who is tired of show business.  He is engaged to Lila, the third person in the act.  Together they plan to leave the stage and "retire" to a life of leisure on a farm in Connecticut.  But, Ted has other schemes. 
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Ted loves show business and he likes his dance partner, Lila.  He is certainly not ready to lose her, so he tells her that he loves her and wants her to stay with him.  Lila chooses Ted and show business over Jim and the farm.  That is pretty heart-breaking for Jim, but at least he has his future at his farm ahead of him. 

After nearly a year of isolation and working the farm, Jim finds it is not what he expected.   He dreams up an alternative that includes his beloved farm, but also allows him to take the stage again to preform.  By turning his farm into Holiday Inn, he can write his music and host shows on holidays only, which would be 15 shows per year.  He visits Ted to pitch his plans in hopes that Ted will join him.  Even though Ted is not interested in working at Holiday Inn, their manager does send Linda Mason to Connecticut to work when she recognizes him and asks for his help.

Linda proves to be the perfect song and dance partner for Jim and they officially open Holiday Inn for the first show on New Year's Eve.  

Back in New York City, Lila has left Ted for a millionaire and Ted rushes to the Holiday Inn to commiserate with his friend, Jim.  When Ted dances with Linda, he "knows" he has found his new dance partner.  Jim fears history will repeat itself and that Linda will leave him for Ted and show business.

Holiday Inn Movie Review


Holiday Inn Movie Review
This romantic movie is pure entertainment!  The dancing is fabulous, the music is outstanding, and of course, Bing Crosby is sensational.  He truly was a gifted singer and actor.
By the way, you won't have any trouble recognizing the importance of the song "White Christmas" to Jim and Linda in the movie.

The song, "White Christmas" sung by Bing Crosby is the top selling single of all time.  You may find it interesting to know that the current day Holiday Inn hotels were inspired to name their hotel chain by this movie.   

Note:  The movie cover art has been colorized, but the movie is black & white. 

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