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Friday, October 26, 2018

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Movie Review

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte Movie Review
The old classic movies starring Bette Davis still stand out in my mind as the very best suspense movies ever made.  Pure acting excellence coupled with a great plot is all too often missing in current day films.  Therefore, when I want to see a really great movie, I frequently look to the classics of the past.

I was recently reminded of Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte and simply had to watch it again.  I remembered bits and pieces of the plot, but had totally forgotten the reason John Mayhew was killed and who was responsible for his death. 

Once again, I was pulled into the story of the movie and the mystery behind the murder.  I had totally forgotten the motive and the secrets surrounding the crime.  Ironically, I didn't remember the opening scene of the movie at all, and it sets the stage for the events that follow.  Actually, I wonder now if I had ever seen the opening before since it precedes the credits and the title of the movie.

This movie makes you think.  It will remind you that betrayal often bears a hefty price.  It will make you grateful that you are not wealthy.  Sadly, wealth makes you a target, especially when you are too old to defend yourself.

The Plot of Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

 Hush.Hush, Sweet CharlotteCheck PriceThe movie and story begin in 1927 when Charlotte Hollis (Bette Davis) was young and in love with John Mayhew, (Bruce Dern) who is already married.  When Charlotte's father (Victor Buono) is informed that his only daughter is entangled with a married man, he is determined to see the relationship end.  

The movie opens with the meeting between Mr. Hollis and John Mayhew.  Mr. Hollis is furious and disgusted with idea of his beautiful daughter being involved with a married man.  He refuses to accept that this man will have both his daughter and her inheritance, the land and property he has struggled to make prosperous.  

Mr. Hollis demands to know their plans after informing John that his wife, Jewel Mayhew, told him about their affair.  When John tells him that they had planned to run off from a dance together the following night, Mr. Hollis instructs him to break off the relationship with Charlotte instead.  In reference to his home and daughter, he lashes out at John and says, "I created both and I am going to keep 'em."

The Murder of John Mayhew

At the dance the following night, John does as he was instructed and breaks off his relationship with Charlotte.  She is devastated and runs from the room after exclaiming "I could kill you!" 

Moments later, the murderer enters the room with a meat cleaver and John is killed by an unseen assailant who cuts off his hand and head.

When Charlotte enters the dance hall with blood on her white formal dress, the music stops and everyone turns to stare at her.  This introduction section of the movie ends with her father approaching her to remove her from the room.

The Tortured Spinster in Hush Hush Sweet Charotte

The movie fast-forwards to 1964.  Charlotte's father is dead and Charlotte is basically alone with only her long-trusted housekeeper, Velma (Agnes Moorehead), to care for her.   Rumors of the crazy spinster, perhaps murderer, prompts even the children in town to taunt and tease Charlotte relentlessly.  She never leaves her own property, but they come to her home to torment her.

If you enjoy a fabulous suspense movie that has a unexpected end, you will love the classic movie, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte starring Bette Davis.
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Unfortunately for Charlotte, Louisiana seizes her property to build a bridge through her land to join roads.  But, Charlotte refuses to leave the house or even acknowledge the legality of them stealing her home & property.  She grabs her rifle and shoots at the demolition team with the road construction crew, which brings the sheriff out.  Even though he doesn't want the responsibility, the sheriff informs Charlotte that she has only 10 days to vacate the premises.  Charlotte is desperate.  She has already contacted her cousin to come and help her.  After all, Miriam (Olivia De Havilland), was taken into her home as a child when her own parents were killed, and subsequently cared for by Charlotte's father.  Surely she will know what to do to save the estate and help her.

When Cousin Miriam admits there is nothing she can do to save the property, Charlotte becomes enraged and reveals that Miriam was the one who told John's wife, Jewel Mayhew, about Charlotte and John's affair.  

It becomes all to clear that poor Charlotte is only hanging on by a short thread mentally.  She frequently lapses into confusion and mourns for John all over again.  It also becomes abundantly clear that someone is torturing Charlotte by sending letters and leaving macabre reminders of the murder in her home, as if she isn't tortured enough by the memory of her lover being killed.  She even begins to believe that John is visiting her again, playing the piano, and singing to her.

Dr. Drew Bayliss (Joseph Cotton), who was once Miriam's boyfriend, is Charlotte's attending physician.  He is certain she is close to needing full commitment due to her failing mind.

Charlotte clings to her love for John and highly treasures the gift he gave to her.  It is a music box that plays the tune of the his song to her. 

Another Important Character in the Plot

Mr. Willis is an insurance investigator who was previously a news reporter.  He is investigating why no one ever claimed the life insurance after the death of John Mayhew.  He wants to interview Jewel Mayhew, as well as Charlotte, in the hopes of finding the answer.

 Both of the women seem to like him.  Jewel Mayhew invites him into her home for a chat.  She gives him a letter for safekeeping along with her permission to open it at the time of her death.  She believes he will know what to do with the information in the letter.

Even Charlotte trusts Mr. Willis and talks openly with him until someone touches her beloved music box.  Then she flies into a rage and orders everyone from the house.

The End

There is no way I will  reveal the end, or even who murdered John Mayhew.  What I will say is that if you enjoy a fabulous suspense movie that has a unexpected end, you will love Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Open House Movie Review (2018)

 The Open House Movie Review (2018)
If you love a horror movie, the kind that will invade your dreams with nightmares, The Open House is for you. 

I know we have readers who enjoy safely having their wits scared out of them.  To be honest, I am not that person.   But, I did watch this movie from beginning to end.  I selected The Open House myself believing it would be a great mystery movie.  I expected suspense, but I was certainly in for quite a shock.  Not to mention the days of terror filled moments that followed.   I watched it nearly a week ago, and I still can't look into a dark room without feeling the chills run down my spine.  And, don't even suggest I take a shower when I am alone in the house.  Trust me!   If my shower water suddenly turns cold, I am not going to investigate.   I am locking myself in the bathroom with all the lights on until the sun rises the next day. 

Now, I hope if you decide to watch The Open House, you will be better prepared than I was for the movie.

The Open House Movie Synopsis 

The movie begins with a happy couple and their Olympic hopeful son, Logan.  It is very clear the parents support their only child's dream.  However, the movie turns tragic when Logan's father is hit by a car when he is crossing the street.  Logan helplessly witnesses his father's death. Those are images that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

 The Open House Movie Review (2018)
Logan and his mother, Naomi,  find themselves thrown into a desperate financial situation.  They are forced to move from their home.  It seems fortunate that Naomi's sister has a furnished house in the mountains that is for sale.  She offers to let them stay there for free noting that the mansion is better lived in than left vacant and they can look after the house for her.  The only consideration is that she needs them to vacate the house every Sunday so the real estate agent can host an open house.  A mere inconvenience when you get to live free right?  I am certain Naomi and Logan would never have considered moving into that house, whether it was free or not, if they had any idea what would happen to them there.

Who checks the house carefully after an open house?  Do you believe the realtor has kept a close eye on everyone who visits your home during an open house?  I would certainly hope so.  But, what if there are several people visiting the open house?  Or, if someone comes through the back door instead of the front door and the realtor never even sees them?  What if you are not really familiar with the house yourself?  Would you feel comfortable laying down to sleep in an unfamiliar home after an open house?  I admit, I never really thought about it before.  We see open house signs in surrounding neighborhoods weekly.  It is a commonplace event.

One thing that is now for sure, if I ever decide to sell our house, we will NOT host an open house! 

Where to Watch the Open House (2018) by Netflix 

Currently, the movie is only available on Netflix.   A subscription to Netflix is required to view their movies.  Normally, Netflix will make their movies available to purchase on DVD the following season.      

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Reviewing Popular Halloween Horror Movies

Do you love Halloween but prefer to stay in? Or maybe you and your friends are planning on celebrating with a scary movie marathon. If you enjoy a good psychological thriller. slasher movie, or love a good jump scare, know that you are not alone. Many of us will pop some popcorn, pour a cold drink, and settle in for a movie fright fest. The following movies are highly recommended for mature audience viewing.

Fast & Easy Halloween Movie Viewing

At-home movie viewing is amazingly simple these days. A quick stop at a local movie rental kiosk or a couple of clicks on Amazon Prime movies, and voila, you are viewing the hair-raising movie of your choice. 

Horror Reviews - So Many Horrifyingly Good Movies 

Whether you prefer the original horror classics such as The Birds (1963), The Exorcist (1973), Carrie (1976) or more current horror flicks such as  The Conjuring 2, The Purge: Election Year, and Lights Out, there are plenty of movies to choose from that will make your skin crawl, raise your hair, and have you imagining things bumping on this Halloween Night.

Classic Horror Movies

The Exorcist (1973) - The scenes of demonic possession and the little girl's out-of-control body caused many sleepless nights for me. Reportedly, the scenes were so nauseatingly frightful that some theaters provided bags for patrons who may become ill. I have wanted to view this movie as an adult, but cannot bring myself to do so.  I change the channel as the "good parts" begin.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) - Recommended as "unequaled", "unparalleled" and probably "the most frightening motion picture ever made". What begins as a weekend getaway for a group of friends turns into a frantic attempt to escape the clutches of a cannibal family. Are you brave enough to invite Leatherface into your home on this Halloween?

Child's Play (1988) - "Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?" Every child has a beloved toy. But what happens when that toy turns evil and there is no escape?! I've never looked at dolls quite the same.

Silence of the Lambs (1991) - Buffalo Bill is a serial murder, murdering young women. The FBI are trying to catch this killer and as the movie twists and turns, it is up to young, Agent Clarice Starling to silence the crying of those lambs.

Current Horror Movies

The Conjuring (2013) - Based on the true story of ghost hunters, Ed and Lorraine Warren, audiences watch spell-bound as the Warrens may or may not successfully rid the Perron home of evil spirits. The Conjuring 2 (2016) has recently been released and seems to be just as popular, and frightening, as the first in the series

The Purge (2013) - Once a year, for 12 hours, all crime is legal. Including murder, which is recommended. The government and it's citizens attribute the strong economy to this purging. Would you be strong enough to survive The Purge? A terrifying American dystopian horror film.

The Walking Dead (season 1 - 2010) - The zombie apocalypse arrives and survivors are left to fend for themselves. This gruesome and suspenseful television series is such a hit that it is well into it's 7th season with no sign of losing steam. If you haven't begun the series, and you like horror and gore, plan to watch this in a binge session. The world has been over-taken by the "walkers" and while survivors learn to adapt to this new world, the survivors also quickly learn that other humans are just as dangerous as the zombies. 

Whatever you are doing on this All Hallows' Eve, we hope you are safe and having a boo-tiful good time. I plan to be home in a comfy chair, eating a bowl full of popcorn, and watching a terrifying movie. 

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