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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Open House Movie Review (2018)

The Open House Movie Review (2018)
If you love a horror movie, the kind that will invade your dreams with nightmares, The Open House is for you. 

I know we have readers who enjoy safely having their wits scared out of them.  To be honest, I am not that person.   But, I did watch this movie from beginning to end.  I selected The Open House myself believing it would be a great mystery movie.  I expected suspense, but I was certainly in for quite a shock.  Not to mention the days of terror filled moments that followed.   I watched it nearly a week ago, and I still can't look into a dark room without feeling the chills run down my spine.  And, don't even suggest I take a shower when I am alone in the house.  Trust me!   If my shower water suddenly turns cold, I am not going to investigate.   I am locking myself in the bathroom with all the lights on until the sun rises the next day. 

Now, I hope if you decide to watch The Open House, you will be better prepared than I was for the movie.

The Open House Movie Synopsis 

The movie begins with a happy couple and their Olympic hopeful son, Logan.  It is very clear the parents support their only child's dream.  However, the movie turns tragic when Logan's father is hit by a car when he is crossing the street.  Logan helplessly witnesses his father's death. Those are images that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

The Open House Movie Review (2018)
Logan and his mother, Naomi,  find themselves thrown into a desperate financial situation.  They are forced to move from their home.  It seems fortunate that Naomi's sister has a furnished house in the mountains that is for sale.  She offers to let them stay there for free noting that the mansion is better lived in than left vacant and they can look after the house for her.  The only consideration is that she needs them to vacate the house every Sunday so the real estate agent can host an open house.  A mere inconvenience when you get to live free right?  I am certain Naomi and Logan would never have considered moving into that house, whether it was free or not, if they had any idea what would happen to them there.

Who checks the house carefully after an open house?  Do you believe the realtor has kept a close eye on everyone who visits your home during an open house?  I would certainly hope so.  But, what if there are several people visiting the open house?  Or, if someone comes through the back door instead of the front door and the realtor never even sees them?  What if you are not really familiar with the house yourself?  Would you feel comfortable laying down to sleep in an unfamiliar home after an open house?  I admit, I never really thought about it before.  We see open house signs in surrounding neighborhoods weekly.  It is a commonplace event.

One thing that is now for sure, if I ever decide to sell our house, we will NOT host an open house! 

Where to Watch The Open House (2018) by Netflix 

Currently, the movie is only available on Netflix.   A subscription to Netflix is required to view their movies.  Normally, Netflix will make their movies available to purchase on DVD after a year or two.  Unfortunately, when I checked recently (Sept 2021), The Open House is still not available on DVD.      

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