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Review of the Best Nut Choppers I Have Used

Nut Choppers Are Essential Tools in My Kitchen

I use my nut grinder almost every day. I use it most mornings when I chop the walnuts for Barb's Power Breakfast Cereal. I also put chopped walnuts in my Buckwheat Blueberry Breakfast Pudding for cold mornings. Most of my baked goods contain nuts. All of those nuts need to be chopped into smaller pieces.

Review of the Best Nut Grinders I Have Used in my Kitchen
My Progressive Nut Chopper, Divided into its Parts

Here's Why I Needed to Buy the Progressive Nut Chopper

 Norpro Hand Crank Nut Walnut Almond Peanut Chopper Cutter Grinder Time Saver

For most of my over fifty years in the kitchen, I used this manual nut grinder and loved it.

Then one morning I accidentally broke the glass base. I tried the top on every empty jar I had in my cupboard, but not one fit. They were too large or too small or had different size screwing threads to fit a vacuum lid. I tried using one those jars with the same diameter opening, trying to hold the top on while I turned the crank, but it was just too awkward.

I was otherwise perfectly happy with this nut grinder . I would screw the grinder / chopper element onto the glass jar base, put in the nuts I wanted to grind, and crank the handle. I never had a problem. When I finished grinding the nuts I removed the grinder part and dumped any loose nut pieces into the bowl which was ready to receive them. Then I also emptied the jar into the bowl. After the jar was empty, I'd put it in the dishwasher and hand wash the plastic grinder top and lid.

My Review of the Progressive Nut Chopper

Even though I had been very happy with my Norpro Nut Chopper / Grinder, I bought the Progressive Nut Chopper to replace it because it was completely made of plastic.  I would not have to worry about the bottom breaking. I also liked the fact that I could put all the parts in the dishwasher. 

The Progressive Nut Chopper works the same way as the Norpro Nut Chopper. I turn the handle clockwise for nuts chopped coarsely. For a finer grind I turn the handle counterclockwise. The only difference is that there is more distance between the cutting blades on the Progressive model. More nut pieces seem to get stuck on the blades that have to be removed by scraping off the blades when I'm finished chopping than there are when I use the Norpro  model. There is no difference in quality of the chopped nuts. 

Review of the Best Nut Grinder / Choppers I Have Used
A Close Look at the  Progressive Nut Chopper Blades in Action

More Features of the Progressive Nut Chopper

Other things I appreciate about the Progressive Chopper that were lacking in the Norpro are the large non-slip base and the measuring lines on the container. With the Norpro I was always guessing how many nuts I'd chopped until I emptied them into a measuring cup. The Progressive Chopper holds one and one-half cups of nuts in the base and I can see exactly how many I have finished chopping.

Review of the Best Nut Choppers I Have Used: The Progressive Nut chopper and the Norpro Nut Chopper

Which Nut Chopper is Right for You?

Both nut choppers work the same way, so which you buy will depend on how important these unique features of the Progressive Nut Chopper are to you.
  • More durable plastic base that is hard to break
  • All parts may go into top rack of dishwasher
  • Convenient measuring lines on base
  • Non-slip base
You will pay a bit more to get those features, but you will also not have to worry very much about having to replace a broken base. If that doesn't matter to you, you can probably do just as well with the Norpro Chopper. Either nut chopper will give you great value and last a long time -- unless you accidentally drop the Norpro or knock it against a hard surface.

Which Nut Chopper Will You Choose?

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  1. This is an excellent review Barb and one that I very much appreciate. I would never have considered a nut chopper with a plastic base if I was just standing at the store comparing them. I really like the non-slip base feature and certainly that everything can go into the dishwasher. This also sounds like a great gift suggestion for the baker in the family!

    1. When I bought my chopper with the glass base, there probably weren't any choppers with plastic bases in the stores. After all, I bought mine about 50 years ago. I never would have considered replacing it had it not broken. But it did break, and I didn't want to have to replace a new one again.

  2. I really like that the Progressive nut chopper has measurement lines on the container. That's the type of convenience that I appreciate. The handle looks comfortable, too. Excellent review, Barb, and just in time for holiday baking!

    1. It is very easy to crank. I do like the measurement lines, and it's also printed on the top which way to turn the handle for coarse or finer grind.

  3. What a wonderful review of nut choppers! I don't own one, I usually don't use nuts in my recipes even when they are called for. But I do think that these would be wonderful gifts for my daughters for the holidays coming up. Thanks for the helpful suggestions on which would be right for the person who has nuts to grind. I think I would choose the Progressive for my daughters for the convenience of the measuring lines and the easy clean-up in the dishwasher.

    1. The Progressive does have a lot of nice features, and it's not as likely to break as a chopper with a glass base.

  4. I use a lot of nuts too, and to date have been chopping them by hand with a paring knife. Takes a 'long' time that way and the nut pieces tend to scatter all over the shelf! So I really appreciate this review of nut choppers.

    1. I can't imagine going back to chopping nuts with a knife. Life is too short. And they do scatter all over, as you say. I think a nut chopper is essential for anyone who uses a lot of chopping nuts.

  5. I broke my chopper awhile ago. And I don't think about replacing it until I need it and I'm stuck without one. Thank you for the recommendation (and reminder!)

    1. I could not enter the holiday baking season without a working nut chopper -- or even breakfast most days.

  6. We own a BnB, process many pounds of nuts for our recipes and need to replace our chopper every year. BUT we will buy this chopper which seems to be purfect for our use.


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