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Let's Review The 'Happy' Part of Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Garden Flag with a purple owl in a witches hat sitting on a pumpkin
Happy Halloween Garden Flag
Happiness is a Friendly, Cute, and 'Not-So-Scary' Halloween

The word Halloween was first used in the 16th Century and throughout the ages it became associated with imagery that leans toward Gothic and horror and the supernatural associated with the night. So such things as Dracula and Frankenstein, scary ghosts and haunted houses became symbols of this harvest-time holiday in books & films, costumes, parties and products. It all makes me wonder what happened to the "Happy" in the holiday known as Halloween.

For a 'Not-So-Scary' Halloween, lets look at some friendly, fun and cute items and have a truly "Happy Halloween".


A Happy Halloween...

Can Be Found Everywhere!

On Friendly Ghosts...



Little ghost is friendly and cute - He might 'scare' himself, but his cuteness just makes you want to smile!

The Best Ghost is a 'Friendly' Ghost

Ghosts and Haunted Houses have long been associated with Halloween and are intended to Scare us. But wait, what about Casper, the Friendly Ghost? Ghosts can be friendly and fun too.

*Casper first appeared as 'The Friendly Ghost' in a 1939 children's book and a 1945 animated cartoon.

A Pair of Plush Ghosts...


Plush Ghosts in Handmade Crochet
Plush Toy Ghosts
Boo & Boo-ette

Boo and Boo-ette are a pair of the friendliest Ghosts you'll find anywhere. They can be friendly plush playmates for a child, or a fun Fall/Holiday decoration

Boo and Boo-ette are handmade in crochet of white acrylic yarn. The heads are lightly stuffed with soft polyfil. Their eyes are plastic 'safety eyes', giving them that Amigurumi personality. They are the creation of a crochet crafter from Kansas. This pair was in her Etsy shop and have since been sold, but contact the Etsy Shop Coastal Crochet Crafts and request your own. Custom orders always welcome.

Spooky Ghost Washcloth

Handmade washcloth in the shape of a ghost
Ghost Novelty Washcloth

A ghost isn't really 'spooky' when it's in the form of a hand-crocheted cotton washcloth!

A fun novelty washcloth in the shape of a ghost. A cute way to entertain children at bath time or to make chore time in the kitchen washing dishes more fun. Or just display it for a Halloween decoration.


On Halloween Spiders and Bats...


Let's Review the Happy Part of Happy Halloween
Plush Pumpkin and Squiggly Spider

Pumpkins & Spiders Go Together for Halloween!

A little plush pumpkin crocheted in the Amigurumi style and a friendly squiggly yarn spider make fun toys for kids or cute Halloween decorations.

Bats Might be Scary... 

But Not When They are Colorful and Cute Crocheted Amigurumi Baby Bats

Crocheted  toy bat
Fritz the Fruit Bat in Crochet

Baby Bats in Plush are Best...

...if you are seeking a non-scary Halloween.
A Baby Bat is absolutely adorable when created in the Amigurumi style of crochet. It is much cuter than those scary black bats in caves! :)

These bats are handmade and are available in the Etsy shop of Millie's Crochet House of Chesapeake, Virginia.


Baby's First Pumpkin Play Set

My First Pumpkin Playset toy for tots
Baby's First Pumpkin

For babies who are too young for the 'treat or treat' of Halloween, this First Pumpkin Play Set is perfect.  

My First Pumpkin Playset is by Genius Baby Toys. It is interactive with Candy Corn that crinkles, a Ghost that squeaks, a Spider rattle and a Cat that meows.

 What's Your Halloween Preference?


A Jack-o-Lantern
Image Source: Wikipedia


Do You Like a Happy Halloween or a Scary One?

Many of the Halloween Happiness Items Shown Here...

Are the crafty and artistic creations found on Etsy & Zazzle!

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  1. How cute!!! I love all of the "not so scary" creatures you have featured. The little ghosts and bats are simply adorable and I would use that ghost washcloth in my kitchen! Best to keep those little spooks close to you. You never know what mischief they will get in if you leave them alone.

    1. Delighted you liked my 'not so scary' Halloween critters, Mouse.

  2. Pat, these are really lovely - great gift idea for someone expecting a baby around Halloween - in fact, someone in our family has a Halloween birthday - I absolutely love Percy the Pumpkin :)

    1. Thanks, Barbara. I agree, these cute and 'not scary' Halloween toys are perfect for babies/children having Halloween time birthdays. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Fun article Pat. I love all the not so scary Halloween characters!

  4. Fun article Pat. I love all the not so scary Halloween characters!

    1. Thanks, Mary Beth. I think cute ghosts and colorful pumpkins are such a friendly side of Halloween.

  5. I prefer fun on Halloween and that would include the "spooky" ghost washcloth. Something about the simplicity of that really makes me smile!

    1. Washing dishes with a dishcloth in the shape of a ghost would make kitchen chores more fun, don't you think, Susan? :)

  6. These items are so cute.... I especially love all of those smiling little bat faces!

    1. Dawn Rae, those cute plush bats are the only kind of bat I like. :)

  7. I'm all in for a Happy and fun Halloween. I never did like monsters!! and I'm not scary kind of guy. What a great selection you put together, I especially like the Baby's First Pumpkin Play Set.

    1. Thanks, Sam. I agere it's much nicer to have a friendly, fun Halloween.

  8. I agree that Happy Halloween is much more fun than a scary one. Such cute little critters you make!

    1. The 'Happy' in Halloween has always been the part that appeals to me, too, Heather. Thanks for your visit.


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