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Reviewing Ponchos For Women

Ponchos: A Practical Choice In Fashion

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The Poncho, it is an article of clothing that ebbs and wanes in the fashion industry from season to season. It will be really hot and found in every shopping outlet you can imagine or it may be hard to find depending on where it sits in the popularity of the designers for the year.

There are many styles of ponchos for women. Some follow the traditional style of being a garment which almost looks like a blanket with a hole for the head. Historically the poncho was made of a wool fabric and was meant to keep the body warm. It is still meant to keep the body warm but is not necessarily made from wool anymore.

Many ponchos of today are found in a less than traditional style with an open front which wraps around the shoulders more like a cape or shawl. It just boils down to a matter of preference as to whether you want your poncho to go over your head or just wrap around your shoulders.

Ponchos are a really practical choice for the fall season when the temperatures have started to dip but it isn't cold enough for a winter coat. They are comfortable and fun to wear. They team up well with jeans but also look nice with slacks and skirts.

This very practical garment has been in use since before the Spanish came to the Americas. Originally found predominately in the Andes region of South America now known as Peru the poncho is considered a South American garment. No matter its origin, it has proven to be quite the versatile piece of clothing for our wardrobes.

You can also opt for a poncho for your rain gear. Of course a rain poncho will be made of a water-proof fabric. I have a rain poncho in my closet that is older than my grandchildren but I still pull it out on those rainy days when I have to venture outdoors.

Currently, I am in the process of crocheting a fun little poncho for this fall season. At a later date, I'll show you the finished piece with a link to the pattern.

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  1. Bev, last year I found the most beautiful poncho for my mother-in-law. She's in a nursing home and spends her "up" hours in a wheelchair, so we wanted a warm poncho that would be easy to get on and off. To me, that's a huge advantage. Just yesterday I was in a large clothing store and ponchos were front and center when I walked through the front door. I'm glad they're in the ebbing stage right now. Might have to get myself one this year!

  2. Personally, I have always thought wearing a poncho was like wearing your own personal blanket. Since I stay cold, I love wearing a blanket! I am really glad they are coming back in style! I look forward to seeing your crocheted poncho. I am sure it will be quite beautiful.

  3. I have several ponchos or wraps. I have a great off white one, that is wool and warm as the dickens. Then I have a lighter black wool poncho that I embroidered flowers onto. That one is my favorites and it turns heads each time I wear it. I am so bold in my fashion statements, that I really don't care if they are "in style" or not. I will wear them, especially in the fall months when anything from 0 degrees C to 20 degrees is possible. I will wait in anticipation for the crocheted poncho pictures and pattern. Maybe this year I will make one or two for my Granddaughters. Thanks Bev.....

  4. I have a wool poncho from south america. I love it. I want another one... a more "modernized" version to leave at the office. I love ponchos but don't wear them often enough.

  5. I have a lovely wool poncho that I got a few years ago - we've had a couple of very mild winters to I haven't needed to wear it at all, but the year I got it I was travelling to New Zealand quite a bit when dad was sick and it was perfect for keeping me warm.

  6. I have always loved the poncho style of wrap and happy to hear it is back in fashion. I never considered what a perfect 'wrap' it would be for people who are in a wheelchair. What a great idea.

  7. Hi Bev.
    I have to admit that I haven't worn a poncho in years except rain ponchos. These look great. Will have to take another look. After all, Darryl had one in the Walking Dead! LOL.

  8. I'm not sure what's become of my rain poncho. It never seems to rain enough here to use it. I do have some ponchos my mother-in-law knit for me, but it's rarely cold enough for me to need them. I like ot have my arms free, since I usually have a camera in my hand.


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