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Review this: Take a Teddy Bear to Work Day!

Mark this date on your calendar, it happens every year on the 12th of October!  It's take your Teddy Bear to Work Day.

Now all of you who are in the younger years of their lives will find, taking your teddy bear to work day is really easy.  I know my Granddaughter has taken hers to school (her version of work) for the last 4 or 5 years.  How does she do this?  Very easily, after all the school books are packed into her back pack, Alfie (the wonder bear) gets the best seat on top with his head poking up and out of the top.  

teddy bear in a bicycle basket

If you are too old to do that, maybe a seating arrangement like this one above would be a good choice.  (picture from Pixabay)

Teddy Bears Make the Perfect Gift!

Teddy Bears have been a long time favorite gift for children and adults for years.  They evoke a return to childhood and all this is good.  I can remember getting little bears from my boyfriends and girl friends,  as tokens of friendship.  Their faces just seemed to say, "you are special to me!"

When you need some stress relief, grab your Teddy Bear and have a good talk, he won't tell anyone your secrets.

Teddy Bears are used to bring smiles to faces of children, when they are sick, tired, stressed (yes kids can stress), or just for no reason at all. Some children will latch onto their teddy bears without any prompting from mom or dad, while others will only grab onto theirs when it's bed time. No one is sure why that happens, but, I can tell you that when it does, it can be the cutest thing ever. My Granddaughter is so attached to her bear, that her parents went out and bought a second one exactly like the first one, just in case she lost hers. The problem here is that my granddaughter is quite aware that there is a second one in the closet, but it's not her Alfie! The closet bear has a name, "Hugo", but he will never be and will never replace Alfie!

Adult Fun in the form of taking your Teddy Bear to Work Day!

Take your Teddy Bear to work day, I'm sure was born of the need to relax  a little bit in the workplace. I know from my own experience, that our jobs have become much more stressful in the last 10 years. Everyone expects more work with the same hours to accomplish the days events. You just can't do that without adding stress. Put a teddy bear into the mix and maybe while you are working away, you can take a moment to smile and laugh about the bears who are gracing everyone's desks that day.  I am sure you will find bears that look like they have never been held and others that have bald spots on them (much like their owners).  Teddy bears that have been "loved to death" have that special look to them, they are flat where they used to be pudgy, their fur has become a matted mess and the arms and legs are probably resewn a few times over the years.  There is no doubt at all when you see them, that these bears have been through as much as their owners have over their life time.

My uncle has a bear, that is only about 6 inches high, that he thoroughly loved. While he was fleeing his country during the War, this was the only toy he was allowed to bring.  I think his bear became his confident, best friend and his reassurance,  while they walked at night making their way out of Germany and into Switzerland.  He has his own "Sound of Music" story and the bear had a starring role in his life.  Today, he owns over 50 little bears and they are his pride and joy.  He doesn't worry about anything else he owns, but always reminds me that when he is gone, the bears are all mine and he knows that I will take care of them.

It always amazes me that this one toy, that really doesn't do anything at all, like some of the fancy things available today, has lasted and won the test of time.

Did you know?

Teddy Bears got their name from President Theodore Roosevelt.  He was invited in the early 1900's(1902 to be exact) on a bear hunt in Louisiana.  Being a naturalist and a sportsman, he eagerly went on this trip. When they found the bear, it had been tied to a tree in order to make the kill easier.  Totally in disgust at how this bear came to be trapped, Roosevelt refused to kill it. Many a political cartoon came out of that encounter, but the Teddy Bear was the most important.

Since 1902, the Teddy Bear has been a favored toy of generations of children and continues to be one of the first gifts that a new baby receives.

Teddy Bears are quite collectible.  Many companies made bears that were numbered and tracked.  There is a whole lot of people who can tell you where a certain bear was made, what year it was made and how long production of a certain bear lasted.  People dress their bears and many a stories have been written all about bears.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Paddington Bear Tales, Teddy Ruxpin, Winnie the Pooh, and the more modern of the bunch the Care Bears, are all examples of how the much loved Teddy bears have been used in children's lives. There are TV shows, Movies, Operas, and lots and lots of books all featuring Teddy Bears.

So just for fun this year, will you take your Teddy Bear to Work?  I know that I will!

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  1. You are absolutely right! Many of us are drawn to Teddy Bears for no truly explicable reason other than they are adorable and most often soft & cuddly. One of my own first stuffed animals was a teddy bear. I named him after my dad. I should also note, I had a plush rabbit that I named after my mom. I love the idea of taking a teddy bear to work! Since I am "at work", I believe I shall stop what I am doing and run grab my bear to sit with me today. Wishing you a wonderful teddy bear at work day!

    1. I'm so glad that you gave your teddy bear a different view of the world today.....I took mine to a TV show taping and he had fun too.

  2. My son had a teddy bear companion he was inseparable with for the first 4 years of his life. His bear's name was -- wait for it -- 'teddy bear'. :) Once he set it aside for 'other things' in his life, I saved it and presented 'teddy bear' to his wife when he got married. Teddy wrote her a welcome to the family letter and told her what her new hubby was like the first 4 years of his life. Teddy bears at work, at school, and at any point in life are ALWAYS special.

    1. That's such a nice way to make sure your little guy has his first friend with him forever....My granddaughter has her bear with her every night at bedtime. He even went to the hospital with her when she had her problems with appendicitis. If she had to have a needle "Alfie" got one too. Just so that she would feel better....Teddy Bears are really special that way.

  3. We currently don't have a teddy bear around here, but that is likely to change in the next few months. I agree that a teddy bear makes a wonderful best friend and confidant. If I had a "real job" I'd definitely want to take a teddy bear to work!

    1. Oh I think a Beautiful Teddy Bear would be the perfect present for your new grandchild. One is never enough, but one is all that is truly needed.

  4. Well I had no idea about this day or I would have grabbed a teddy bear to bring to work today. I'll mark this day so I don't miss it next year.

    1. Gald to hear that Eugene and your bear will be even happier when he goes on his outings.

  5. My late grandfather gave me a teddy bear when I was only a few months old (I don't remember my granddad as he died when I was really young) and if she could talk then she'd be able to tell some stories! I gave her to my daughter when she was younger and now that she's 'all grown up' she's given Victoria back to me. Lots of bald spots, but still very cuddly and most importantly she doesn't tell tales!

  6. Olivia, I should have had a teddy bear beside me all day on the 12th just to see the faces of everyone in my house as they walked by, lol!

  7. I love the idea of Take a teddy bear to work day! I loved bears ever since my Mom read me "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears."

  8. I work at home, so my Teddy bear stays here with me. I've just written a couple of posts on Theodore Roosevelt, and the one I haven't published yet prominently features a Teddy Bear. This is a timely subject for me.


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