Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Country Song About Angels Quietly Lifting Us During Troubled Times

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It's Sunday today. The day I post here on the 'Review It' blog. Since times aren't easy for many who are struggling right now, a country song about the guiding hand of angels seemed like an ideal selection for today. We can't erase all the problems out there, but maybe the healing message of a song can help us find a small spark to light our candle with.
"Oh I believe there are, angels among us, Sent down to us, from somewhere up above, They come to you and me, in our darkest hours, To show us how to live, To teach us how to give, To guide us with the light of love" Angels Among Us, by Alabama

Do you believe in Angels? Have you ever had what you believed to be an encounter with an Angel? Perhaps you were saved from a situation that you shouldn't have survived? 

I've had my own odd happenings for sure. One such time was a lady who gently bumped into me in a mall, like I knew her...I had been going through a rough patch and while picking something up for my son, I had been quietly praying to myself for guidance and had asked for a sign that my prayers were heard...that's when she brushed by me ever so gently, the next thing you know, I turn to see her and she's walking away from me and just fades away into the distance. I have no idea where this mall visiting angel disappeared to, but it was enough for me to call my best friend and tell her the story. The gift, either known or unknown, was delivered; I felt calmer afterwards.

Another encounter I had was during a prayer in Church, I asked for a sign to help me know the answer to the question I had. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, and at that moment right in the middle of the service, this lady comes over and kneels right beside me. I glanced at her and smiled, she smiled back. She stayed for a moment, prayed beside me, then got up and left. Again, I have no idea where she went, and I've never seen her again. Whatever that moment was, I've never forgotten it. It lives inside me as a gift, a small gift that no matter what, there's always hope.

In a complex, sometimes unfair world, faith keeps us going; faith in ourselves, faith in each other. As cliche as it sounds, we are one, all part of the same light. Whether your belief is in science or a higher power, it's still energy, it's light. If you're struggling, I hope you find the light today and are gifted with an inner knowingness that you'll get through it. I'll be sure to look for it today as well.

I hope you enjoy Angels Among Us by Alabama - A beautiful song.

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  1. Wonderful post! I do not believe in the "paranormal" things like television shows are made of. I do believe in some sort of guardian angels that are active in our lives if we pay attention. I have had a couple of incidents that cannot be explained in any "normal" way.

    Thank you for the reminder that our angels are there.

    1. thanks Dawn appreciate your lovely comment as well. Love knowing you have a couple of unexplained incidents as well. I have many more involving my recently passed father, and find myself in a place of knowingness that I had never previously understood. Which I'm grateful for as well.

  2. I used to have 17 Angel pages on Squidoo and have had an Angel site for 5 years: so this is definitely my area of interest. Thanks for posting the song, I'll be putting it on my site too.

    1. Heather, I'm really glad I know that now - this is a topic near and dear to my heart - My best friend is a Reiki Practitioner as well. I'll be sure to remember this Heather, and reference your work as well. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. What a beautiful song! I've always liked Alabama. They have a great way of presenting the lyrics and music. And Angels Among Us lives up to their reputation. Thanks for giving us this reminder.

  4. I believe in heavenly angels, I believe in their interaction here on this earth. I also believe God uses people to carry out His work and we often refer to them as angels. I will say that for myself, I believe they are entirely different beings, but all on a Godly mission. Whether we are talking about the Heavenly Hosts or people with a heavenly presence in their actions or countenance, I am most grateful that God still shows a bit of Himself through them. I love the song you shared and thank you for the reminder.

    1. Cynthia, what a beautiful comment. Thank you as well. I'm always reminding myself first and my kids (not sure if they hear me!) to walk the walk in terms of being the best versions of themselves, I like to think Angels guide us along our journey when we need to be reminded of that too.

    2. I believe in both kinds of Angels too!

  5. I do believe we all have an angel that watches over us.

  6. Your words have never had more truth than in todays' world 2018 ...


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