Monday, September 15, 2014

Poe, The Raven, and Walking with Ghosts

As the mornings turn chill and breezy in the mid-Atlantic, I find myself thinking that it won't be long until the leaves on the trees change color.  Dying and rattling like miniature bones in the trees, before being dropped to the ground to crunch under our feet.
The Raven

In addition to noting the change of season, I have spent some time reading wonderful blogs and articles about costumes for the fast-approaching All Hallows' Eve. While I have really never been one to dress up for Halloween, I do love the focus on ghosts, spirits, and things that frighten.  I'm not sure why. But I like curling up with a good, scary book and listening for things that go bump in the night.  This year I have thought about ordering a few new decorations.  During that search for decorations, I have run across more than one Raven themed item.

I am referring to the bird that Poe made frightening in his writings.  As I pondered Edgar Allan Poe and his ominous bird I realized how many opportunities for ghostly travel destinations there are in this region.  There are far too many to list in one article, so I will only share a few.

I will begin with the Baltimore Edgar Allan Poe house. Instead of telling you about it, I will show you this three minute tour of the area and the house:

Yes, Poe lived in many places throughout the mid-Atlantic and north east regions.  But he lived in this row house for a bit and eventually passed away while in Baltimore.  He is buried locally.  The Baltimore Poe House has had difficulty remaining open due to funding, location of the home (in a difficult section of town and off the tourist path). It is currently open to the public on weekends. Thank you mnolanporter for this video glimpse of the home and the surrounding area.  After watching the video late last night, I read Poe's short story Berenice. That short and morbid story put me in the mood for more scary stories.  

Are you in the ghostly mood yet?  Do you enjoy ghost walk tours?  I am and I do.  Here are three highly recommended places to walk with ghosts:

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is a small town with many reasons to visit; history, architecture, and a stopping spot for the hikers of the Appalachian Trail.  I love visiting for the day.  When I stay for a longer period of time, I will take the highly recommended Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry.

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is another  popular West Virginia haunted spot to visit. The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum appears to be a bucket list item for folks who are interested in old architecture, Civil War history, mental health history, and ghosts and the paranormal. I'd love to see the building on the outside, but I'm not sure that I'm brave enough to see the inside in person.

Ghettysburg, Pennsylvania.  It is impossible to know where to begin when talking about the plethora of civil war history, old architecture, monuments, and ghost tours when talking about Ghettysburg. Instead, I'll just leave you with a list of the large variety of area ghost tours

Whether you are in the mid-Atlantic or elsewhere, I hope you are able to celebrate the season, however you celebrate, in spooktacular fashion. 

Written by Dawn Rae
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  1. Very intriguing places to visit for a spooktacular Haloween!

  2. oh yes, I would love to go on those Ghost Walk tours! - We have one in my moms Town, I've never been on it, but it's fascinating to hear about (on a tour of one of the mansions from history in that town, they talk about the hauntings, and it's so interesting!). Strangely enough to relax and unwind I watch Ghost Hunters on TV; I find myself glued to the stories and the investigations! Enjoyed your article Dawn.

  3. I do enjoy Ghost Walk tours, they are not only fun, but also fascinating for the history they provide. And the Gettysburg Ghost tours are my favorites!

  4. This is so fabulous! I love ghost walks, Ravens and Edgar Allan Poe. Couple these 3 things together with architecture and history and you have the perfect vacation plan for me and my husband. I would especially love visiting the Poe house.

  5. I don't know why I did not know that Poe was buried in Baltimore and thank you for that information. I do love that Raven poster! I would truly enjoy a visit to the Poe house, and honestly, I prefer places off the beaten path. I've not been on a ghost tour but I think it would be an interesting and educational experience, and yes, Halloween would be perfect timing for such.


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