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Fun Halloween Home Decor

 Halloween 2-Pack Towels SetLast week, I shared How to Make a Halloween Pizza.  This week, I want to share how to add a bit of Halloween fun throughout your home.

Halloween has always been a fun holiday at our home.   Part of the fun is surrounding ourselves with Halloween items.  I like to spread the holiday fun to all of the rooms in our home.  I usually start by adding Halloween hand towels in each bathroom.  It is always delightful to hear one of our children yell from behind the bathroom door about how much the love the new bat or ghost towel.

Halloween Decor for the Bathroom

Gifts & Decor 12608 Spooky Toilet Paper Holder MulticolorGifts & Decor 12608 Spooky Toilet Paper Holder MulticolorCheck PriceSeveral of my friends really do go all out in their bathroom decorations.  

Buckhawk, one of my fellow contributors here on Review This, immediately comes to mind when I think of Halloween Bathroom Decorations.  

I don't know how many times I have howled over the years at her Halloween Bathroom Decor and antics.  Some of the ideas and suggestions Buckhawk suggests are downright eerie for those who love the creepy side of Halloween, but I personally love all of the funny stuff she recommends.

Halloween Decor for the Bedroom

 Custom Halloween Pillowcase 20Check Price


I also change the bedsheets in our house.

This is probably our son's favorite part of our Halloween home decor.  I love putting Halloween Sheets and Bed Linens on our beds simply because my family gets such a kick out of them.  

I especially like the ones that seem to glow in the dark because of their high contrast of black and white.  You can see some of my favorite Halloween Bed Linen Sets by simply clicking here.

Halloween Decor for the Den or Entry

halloween candles
I also rely on my friend and co-writer, DecoratingforEvents, to come up with more great ideas for decorating for Halloween throughout the other rooms of our home.  Some of her suggestions really knock me off my feet, especially when they are so fast, easy and awesome!

I know you will want to check out Mandee's great recommendations by visiting her at Halloween Haven. 

Do you have an article you have published on your favorite Halloween Decoration?  We would all love to see it.  Please leave the link to your article in our guestbook below.  I will be happy to "haunt" your Halloween home decor suggestions. 

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  1. Alright, I am getting ready for Halloween and all of these reviews are just great! (Yes, including my own :D ) Personally, I love that pile of witchcraft books that Mandee features! How cool is that. She comes up with the best ideas.

    1. Your articles on Halloween are always fun Susan and yes, I do love all of the unique ideas Mandee offers for decorating for Halloween.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Love Halloween! Here is one of my Halloween decor articles at my Halloween site:

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  5. Wow! Halloween sheets! You really do go all out for Halloween. Fun article.

    1. We really do love our Halloween sheets. My children didn't want them changed after Halloween. I have always allowed my son to keep one Halloween pillowcase on the bed year round. Of course, I do wash them before the next Halloween,

  6. I love the Halloween sheets idea, too much fun! I miss having kids and family, as without them I don't seem to get into the holiday decorating spirit of things.

    1. I understand Ruth. When my children moved into their college dorm rooms, I found myself a bit lost at times, especially if they spent holidays away.

  7. That toilet paper holder is hilarious, my guys would laugh their 'butts' off with this in the washroom - candles are pretty awesome too

    1. I just imagine people jumping right off the seat when they reach for their toilet paper! I think I need that this year just to hear my new son in law scream!

  8. LOL one of my daughters and her family would love that skeleton toilet paper holder all year round.


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