Friday, September 5, 2014

Halloween Pizza

I love Halloween!  All of the fun costumes, the eerie decorations, the spooky music and the creepy food all add to creating a fun filled evening once a year.

When our children were very young and anxious to go out trick or treating, I would willingly defer to my husband and allow him to prepare dinner for the family.

He makes excellent pizzas and pizzas are perfect for Halloween.   We could easily grab a piece of pizza, eat it before we went out and finish dinner after we returned.  But the real reason we always loved our Halloween pizza was simply because it was so much fun to see what he would do to freak me out and entertain the children simultaneously.  

Halloween Spider Web Pizza

Have you ever had spiders on your pizza?  I have!!!

Spiders don't normally freak me out too much.  Since I grew up with four brothers, none of the creatures that normally frighten females really bother me much.  However, having spiders on my pizza really did get to me the first time my husband decided to decorate our pizza with spiders.   I don't believe I had ever screeched at that volume or in that fear filled high octave previously.

Now he adds a spider on the pizza each year in hopes of getting the same initial reaction he sparked the first time.  I always hate to disappoint him so I have to "act" like the spider is such a surprise and so very awful, but I have never been able to repeat my mournful wail. 

It doesn't look very frightening in the photo, but I assure you, if you are eating by candlelight, that spider looks down right evil!  Oh,  and those horrible rubber hairs on his legs just send chills down my back when I reach for a piece of pizza and accidentally touch the spider.  Eek!  

If you want to have a bit of harmless eerie fun this year on Halloween, try decorating your pizza with spiders!  

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  1. Hilarious! But also a great idea for a fun Halloween dinner. Hm, this sounds like a good menu item for a Halloween party as well. I can see adding a gross, ugly spider to my Halloween pizza!

    1. He has made those pizzas on Halloween now for several years. Our son's friends always loved it when he served hairy spider pizzas, even when it was just a pizza party instead of a Halloween party.

  2. ACK! I would have wailed just like you over a hairy-legged spider on my pizza! I am sure the kids love it though.

    1. They do Ruth and the pizza is still delicious! Of course, our children think it is awesome when he is able to come up with something that actually scares me.

  3. Eeks! Mouse - your hubby must have the same weird sense of humor mine did...LOL. Cute way to decorate a pizza for Halloween!

    1. Yes, I have no doubt they would have been great friends! Probably would have been a "bad" influence on each other though. lol Encouraging each other to freak out mice and elves.

  4. I could easily give that screech your hubby is looking for with a spider on my Pizza! LOL! In fact that spider looks a lot like the one that has taken up residence in our living room! Great idea for Halloween though:)

    1. He is always a source of entertainment. I never know what to expect. Fortunately for him, I do love a harmless joke and a lot of Halloween fun.


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