Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reviewing the World of Zombies for Halloween

No way can I resist talking about zombies when it comes time for Halloween planning. That creepy world of the undead fits so well with a party at the end of October. So lets review some of the great options for planning Halloween around zombies.

Zombie Costume Planning

Starting off with my costume is a natural for me. When I know what crazy costume I want, that typically leads to my Halloween party theme. So this year's fun will be all around zombies.

It's pretty easy to buy a great zombie costume for women, men or children. Not only do all the brick and mortar stores carry costumes, but all the online shops do as well. But, I always seem to go way further than the typical ready-made costumes.

So then it's off to find all the extras to make my zombie look truly undead. In effect, I create my own zombie costume, even if I start with the basics.

Adding the Extras

It's the makeup, the hair and the accessories that can go that extra mile. Then I find this great page showing lace collars. You may not think of lace collars for a zombie, but as an undead bride or prom queen, you want those jewelry effects as well. The black and red vampire collar is ideal for a zombie.

Of course, I really can't be a zombie without the gory wounds that caused my death. I found a great set of plastic wounds. They just stick on so all you need to do is add some fake blood around them to make it look realistic.

Plan for Halloween Early

I always recommend that you plan for Halloween, costumes and parties, early. Waiting til the last minute can easily mean settling for what you really don't want just because all the good stuff is sold out. But, there's more. If you discover that you need to return something, you still have time. Planning early means no disappointments for you, your children, even your party guests.

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  1. Zombies are perfect for Halloween! For years, my son has participated in a Zombie walk. I would imagine the costume and accessories you have featured would be perfect for that. They are certainly awesome for Halloween. Yes, planning ahead a bit is required for an awesome costume. However, the make-up article you featured will certainly help those who wish to join the Zombie world whether they planned in advance or joined the fun at the last minute.

  2. My grownup daughter wants me to start watching "The Walking Dead" TV series. I have resisted, but I am slowly giving in. Zombies might be around for a long time so investing in a costume would be smart.

  3. Just thinking about Mickie's comment! We should have a Zombie fest where we get together, all dress up like Zombies and watch "The Walking Dead" together!

  4. Zombies are so cool! Especially as a Halloween costume. the possibilities are endless. Thank you, Susan, for the great links and resources! This is going to be the best Halloween ever!

  5. Oh, I do like the zombie look for Halloween costumes! I love that vampire collar! Where can that be purchased?

    1. I know the answer to this question since it is on Halloween Haven!

  6. Crap, I'd wear that lace collar for any time! lol - Zombies will never die (sorry I couldn't resist)!


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