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Reviewing the Smittybilt Tent for Jeeps

Photo by Sylvestermouse
Many of you already know that I enjoy traveling, visiting scenic places where I can take lots of photos and seeking out new adventures.  Several of you know we own a jeep.  Needless to say, we enjoy traveling around in our jeep.  With the rag-top down and the windows out, there is truly an unequaled sense of freedom.  If you have ever driven or ridden in a topless jeep (no, I did not say topless in a jeep), you will understand it when I say you don't have to be going over 40 mph to feel like your worries are simply being blown away, along with whatever hair you may have left.

Once we are out on the road, I hate to turn around and go home.  Now I love my home, but sometimes I just want to stay out a little longer.   That is where the Smittybilt Jeep Tent comes into play!

The Smittybilt Tent for Jeeps

Let me start by admitting, I don't have one yet so we can dream together.  I want this tent!   With the proper jeep roof rack, we can carry our tent on the top of the jeep.  But the very best part, we can sleep in that tent on the top of the jeep!  

Yes, now we're talking!  Keep that tent off the ground, high and dry even in bad weather and sleep like two snuggle bunnies.

 Smittybilt Overlander TentCheck Price

Features of the Smittybilt Jeep Tent

  • Sunroof with Mosquito Net    (for Stargazing)
  • Waterproof
  • Telescoping Ladder   (No Jumping Required) 
  • Mesh Windows for Ventilation
  •  2" Foam Mattress   (Sleeps 2 Adults, so Mr. Mouse doesn't have to sleep outside on the ground)
  • Interior LED Strip Light powered by the Attached Solar Panel 
  • 12V Power Adapter

Additional Attachments 


There are additional attachments or equipment you could add to the Smittybilt tent.  They also offer an awning, a tent annex (a add-on part that extends to the ground),  a generator and a fridge.

Yes, I am laughing at the fridge part.  Mr. Mouse just might end up sleeping on the ground outside if we added a fridge.

Road Trip Plans

We have a few friends in Arkansas, a few in Missouri, another in Georgia, one in Indiana, one in Colorado, one in California, several in Canada, and I plan on spending at least a week at the shack in West Virginia.   I'll have to figure out a way to get our jeep and tent on over to Ireland afterwards.

Ya'll get ready now, ya hear!  When you see a tent on top of a jeep headed your way, you'll know it's me and Mr. Mouse stopping over for that promised visit.   

Planned Mouse Travels


Reviewing the Smittybilt Tent for Jeeps by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Choose a Way Auckland Travel Book Review

Traveling to New Zealand? Then grab a copy of Choose A Way Auckland, a travel guide whose interactive style gives new meaning to the term "choose your own adventure."
Auckland, New Zealand, is a popular tourist destination these days so if you're headed that way, here's a book that I'd recommend you take with you. This somewhat unconventional travel guide is called Choose A Way Auckland. It's an ebook whose interactive style gives new meaning to the term "choose your own adventure."

This travel guide won't tell you where to stay or which airline to choose to get there. Instead, an insider, author and travel blogger/photographer Rhonda Albom who lives in Auckland and loves the city, comes on the trip with you, traveling on your Kindle (or tablet, phone, or reading app), offering you choices that direct you to all the best places in Auckland to visit while you're there. Plan ahead or choose your itinerary on the go. Here's how it works.

Remember those mystery books you read back in elementary school? At the end of each chapter you were given choices, to go one way or another, to one page or another, and who knew where you'd end up? In Choose A Way Auckland, the author offers you choices, too, depending on the time of day, whether you're in the mood for an active or relaxing activity, whether or not you're exploring Auckland with children, among other criteria that fit your particular situation. In this case, you'll not only know in advance where you'll end up, you'll be given background on the place, specific directions to get there, hours of operation, price of admission, and friendly advice on how best to enjoy the destination.

I really enjoyed this book!

I'll admit, I'm not much of a world traveler at this point in my life, but I do enjoy armchair travel and this book captivated me (because of its fun layout) as well as entertained and educated me about a part of the world that I really didn't know much about.

One of the things I like best about the book is the very specific driving, riding, or walking directions with not only distances but landmarks to look for along the way. With that information along with the map links, the guide makes it very easy to navigate in and around the biggest city in New Zealand. You'll definitely want to keep your Kindle or iPhone with you during your trip so that if you do get turned around, you'll be able to pull it out and find your way quickly and easily with Rhonda's excellent directions.

Another feature of the book that I really like are the specifics in terms of family versus adult entertainment. While there's plenty to do that includes the kids, there are also lots of adult activities, some of which are more adult-oriented than others, very helpful to know about in advance.

Also, the information in the book will help you budget your trip. Time-wise, you'll know how many hours to plan for each activity ("three hours from ferry to ferry" for the vineyard zip line trip). Money-wise, Rhonda makes it easy to decide where you want to splurge and what activities are still fun, just more frugal. Same goes for food and restaurants; Rhonda's personal favorites sound awesome to me!

To get the most out of the book, follow the instructions and the links to "choose" your way through the 39 stops and adventures included in the guide so you don't miss out on the fun. After your first day you'll be given a shortcut to a list of destinations to help you enjoy the book even more.

Choose A Way Aukland was released April 11, 2016, and is being offered at a discounted price of $1.99 for several days, so you might want to grab a copy now before the cost goes up to its regular price of $6.99. Even at full price, this is a must-have if you're planning a trip to New Zealand (or if you live there). You'll enjoy the book, too, if you're an armchair traveler like me. Choose the link below that suits your needs.

Barnes & Noble
Kobo Books

Visit author, photographer, and award-winning travel blogger Rhonda Albom's blog.

Find more travel-related reviews on Review This!

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Let's Review the Best Travel Accessory for Foreign Travel

An Essential Travel Accessory

Why I chose to review this handy little travel accessory/gadget: There are many little travel gifts and travel accessories for the serious traveler, so it's hard to choose just one as the best, but if I had to choose the best gift for a traveler, it would be a travel adapter/surge protector.

The reason I say this is that even though you might think otherwise, every country has their own electricity configurations, and what works in one country will not work in other countries. I wonder who thought up this idea? My guess would be electricians, but I digress.

The USA uses 110 volts, and along with Panama, they are the only countries who do. All the other countries use 220 volts. And as if that weren't enough to fry your electronic devices, they all have different plug configurations! So if you are traveling in Europe, your plug for your computer, phone charger, camera, etc are not going to fit in every country. You really don't want to get in late and try to plug in your computer or phone and find out you can't. Travelling can be stressful enough without that aggravation!

Now many hotels do provide them, but not all do. And even if they do, they almost never have surge protectors and you don't want to fry your laptop now, do you? So it's best to bring your own adapter/surge protector.

Before I left the United States for my around the world tour, I looked into this because I had just purchased a new laptop, and a new camera, and I have an iPhone, so I wanted to be sure I had surge protection in addition to adapters. What I settled on was this handy gadget:

I have been completely happy with it, as there have been times when my hotel did not have the correct  plug for my devices, and there have been other times when the wifi was very "iffy" and sporadic, so I would have been worried but I wasn't, because I had this wonderful gadget with me! It takes up very little room for the piece of mind you get from it, so I think it's my favorite travel accessory of all. I am sure my computer was saved more than once from power surges on our trip.

Note: This is not a voltage converter. Most computers and electronic devices these days will work on either 110 volts or 220 volts but be sure you check before you try to use them in a different country! My phone, camera and computer all worked fine and had no problems. If you aren't sure, check your manufacturer specifications. (And if you threw them away, just "google" them.)

On Amazon this accessory has lots of positive reviews and I noticed one that said they don't travel outside the country but their family hangs out in the living room together with all of them using their own electronic devices and they all need to charge their devices at once so it works for them as it has 6 USB ports. That made me laugh. Family time now means everyone using their devices in one room. Well I guess that's better than no family time at all. I'm still laughing.

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Reviewing The Secret Healer

Historical Fiction

As many of you know, I love to read and historical fiction is a genre that I enjoy very much. I just recently finished The Secret Healer by Ellin Carsta. I might have missed this delightful book if it hadn't been an editor's choice in the Kindle First subscription that is a part of my Amazon Prime membership. It was one of the choices for reading in April. I was not disappointed!

From 14th Century Germany

The story takes place during the 1300s in the German towns of Heidelberg and Worms. This was a time in our history that women were not valued for much of anything except as maybe the property of their fathers or husbands. I absolutely adored the main protagonist, Madlen who is the daughter of the cabinet maker in Heidelberg. Madlen may come from humble means but she is above average in her intelligence and is taken under the wing of the local midwife Clara at an early age. The young girl learns the benefits of medicinal herbs from the midwife which is something that the physicians of the time did not use. The physicians were strong on the use of bloodletting; a treatment that was not much good for any illness as we know now. During a rather difficult birth, Madlen accidentally discovers a technique of soothing the over anxious woman during the delivery process. She will find this method helps her sooth many of the people she is helping when they become rather hysterical during their illness. 

An absolutely despicable resident of her hometown accuses Madlen of killing his wife causing her to flee to the town of Worms where she finds her estranged Aunt Agathe. While learning the skills she will need to become a seamstress her Aunt comes down with what is referred to as the coughing sickness. I believe this was the pneumonic plague that did spread across Europe during this time in history. Madlen is able to use her knowledge of medicinal herbs and nurses her Aunt back to health. As the illness spreads around the town she is called upon to help many of the citizens. She saves many lives but there is a problem. She is not a doctor and the church has taken notice of this healer and decides that she is an assistant to the devil. Madlen, who is hiding under an assumed identity from the people of Heidelberg, realizes that she must now hide from the church, too.

There were many things that I loved about this well written and constructed book. Many of the women in the story were strong and intelligent women who had to hide the fact that they were very capable in their skills. Many were good business women but were never given credit for their abilities. At that time in history only a man was given credit for any sort of acumen to business or skills. So, these women worked their fingers to the bone to support their drunken, lazy and often abusive men in secret. Women were not supposed to know how to read or write, they could not own a business, they could not be educated in schools or universities or be heralded for any of their accomplishments. The story does not come off as a strong feminist bashing of men but the oppression of the women of the time is written in a superb way that really resonated with my soul.

There was a wonderful love story incorporated into the pages along with a good representation of life in the 14th century. The suspense of whether dear Madlen would be found out and what would become of her kept me captivated until the very end. I liked the incorporation of early medicine in the story and the superstitions that were strong during that time in history.

All in all, I highly recommend this wonderful book. I think that fans of historical fiction will most assuredly love this book but I also feel that it is one of those books that will appeal to most women. Currently, it can be pre-ordered and will be released on May 1, 2016. It will be available in both digital and paperback forms. 

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Martina McBride - Review of Music & Tribute to Work

Martina McBride Speaks Out on Behalf of Victims

I guess just about everybody has a favorite Martina McBride song. For me, it is hard to choose just one.  I have always enjoyed lyrics that tell a story or make you feel like you have lived that song yourself or know someone that has experienced it and all of her songs are like that.

One of the things I like best about country music, is that I can usually understand the lyrics as well as the emotions and I do love a heart gripping song.  For 20 years, Martina McBride has been singing ballads and love songs that touch our hearts but she doesn't just stop with her music.  She is also an active spokeswoman and fundraiser for several charities including the "National Network to End Domestic Violence."  She tries to reach out to touch our hearts and set our feet into action.  I have tremendous respect for someone who uses their celebrity status to bring attention and help to a commonly ignored problem in our society.

Here are a few of my favorite Martina McBride songs.

"Independence Day" by Martina McBride

The knowledge that people suffer abuse disgusts me to the very core of my being.

This is a very powerful song with a very powerful message.  There is only so much a person can handle before they break.

National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224

"Wild Angels" by Martina McBride

I have always believed angels were watching over me. I have to smile at the concept of "wild angels." Of course, now that I write with my fellow contributors here on Review This, I can say that I have met a few wild angels and I love them all!

May you always fly high!


"Wrong Again" by Martina McBride

Even though this song has absolutely no significance in my life, I listen to it often. I like the melody and I am humored by the twist of lyrics. I especially love the last line:

"I was sure I'd never find someone to heal the damage you had done and my poor heart would never mend, Wrong Again"

I always prefer a happy ending!


About Martina McBride


According to, Martina has won the Country Music Association's "Female Vocalist of the Year" award four times (tied with Reba McEntire for the most wins) and the Academy of Country Music's "Top Female Vocalist" award three times. What I want to know is why is she not in the Country Music Hall of Fame? With a musical career that spans nearly 20 years and has sold over 16 million albums, what are they waiting for?

Her personal life is stellar too. She has been married for over 20 years. She and her husband, John McBride, have 3 daughters.

You can read more about Martina McBride's personal life, her career and her charity work here

"Valentine" by Martina McBride

This song will always hold a special place in my heart. Although the song is about romantic love, it carries a different significance and connotation for me.

A decade ago, I dedicated this song to my son. I still think of him when I hear the words:

"You would still have my heart until the end of time."

Isn't that really how we all feel about our children?


"A Happy Girl" by Martina McBride

When I hear it, this song floods my mind with memories. My father used to say this song made him think of my daughter. Now that kind of drove her crazy, but we all smiled at the description of a "happy girl." It really does apply to my baby girl,

If you knew how often my daughter changes her hair color and how crazy happy she is, you would understand why I chose this video.


This Very Happy Girl, Martina McBride, 

was Presented with the 

"Minnie Pearl Humanitarian Award" in 2003

Salva1745 [CC BY 2.0 ( or CC BY 2.0
(], via Wikimedia Commons


"There You Are" by Martina McBride

My husband and I have been married for over 30 years now and I still love him. Of course, like every other couple, we have had a few problems and our share of disagreements, after all, we have raised two children together.

When my mother described our relationship to someone recently, she said "you better not ever try to come between them. He would defend her with his life." That is completely true. The man has defended me, protected me, provided for me and loved me for pretty much my entire adult life.

Everyone should be loved like that.


"My Baby Loves Me" by Martina McBride

"My Baby Loves Me Just the Way that I Am!"

Well, that pretty much says it all! To quote another Martina McBride song, "I have been blessed.


“The music is just who I am.  I have a really strong sense of who I am, what works for me and what I like.  There’s a certain positivity to my music, even though some of my biggest hits have been songs that aren’t necessarily happy, like ‘Concrete Angel,’ ‘Where Would You Be’ and ‘Independence Day.’  The songs on Shine are definitely not all positive, but even if the song is about heartbreak or loss, there is a strength to it that comes through.”     ~ Martina McBride ~

"Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride

This song is almost too hard to hear. The really sad reality is there are children abused everyday. My heart breaks at the very idea that a parent would harm their own child.

I understand we do not have the perfect intervention system, but I would call in an instant if I knew a child was being abused.

National Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline


So Many Others .............

There are so many other wonderful Martina McBride songs that I enjoy. The ones above are only a sample of her music and the significance of her songs in my life.

It is obvious that I think Martina McBride is talented but what really sets her apart from other celebrities, is her heart for people in crisis.

I admire her work in the music industry, her charity work and her commitment to her family. An outstanding combination that makes her a real star in this world.

Exclusively Martina McBride

    Home : Martina McBride
    Find out the latest news, tour information, new releases and more

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Hummers Are On Their Way North, Be Ready!

Every year I look forward to the hummingbird migration that takes place and I watch with bated breath for that first sign that they have found my feeders.

Did you know that you could track the migration?  Yearly, there is a group that posts on a map, where the hummers were seen and diligently marked the date and the location.  That way anyone who is interested can do their little part in the drama that takes places every year as the Hummingbirds move from reasonably warm climates in the winter to the more northern climates for late spring and summer.

2016 Hummingbird Migration Map

Click on the link above and you can see exactly where the Hummers are moving and even add your location and date when you spot them at your neck of the woods.

The best way to have the Hummers appear in your yard is to make sure there is red coloring readily visible and a Hummingbird feeder close by as well.  I take the time to get some red flags (not hard in Canada) and I put them up around my yard.  Hummingbirds can see the color red from miles away and it usually means there is food close by.  They assume the red is some of their favorite flowers and after flying for so many miles, these little dynamites need all the nectar their little bodies can hold.

Planting a Hummingbird Garden, will almost guarantee that you will be visited by these lovely little creatures at some point in the summer months.  They love Cardinal Flower, Anise Sage,  Bergamot or Monarda, Honeysuckle vine, Trumpet vine,  Canna Lilies, Coral Bells, Four O'Clocks, Foxgloves, Hosta, Lupines and Yucca.  There are a number of annual plants that they also like.  Fuschia, petunias, Impatiens, Jewelweed (Balsam) and any number of Salvias species.

I can remember one year I had a row of Canna Lilies planted and I was standing outside by them, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw this little wee bird almost at my ear, beating it wings like crazy.  I thought it was going to perch on my shoulder.  I was so excited to be so close to this wee wonder of the sky.

Hummingbirds will thank you for planting the flowers that they love and having a source of water and a place to rest away from predators.  If you can provide those things, you can be sure that they will come to your house and they will come back year after year.....

I have my favorite hummingbird feeder that I use, and it is filled with a mixture of plain white sugar mixed 1:4,   One part sugar to 4 parts water.  Fill the feeder and set it out where the red lid of the feeder is visible.  I do not use food coloring or anything other sweeteners, just plain white sugar and water, changing the water in the feeders every two or three days....sugar water can spoil in as little as two days.  So clean out the feeder every two to three days to keep the sugar water fresh.  Monthly you should give the feeder a good cleaning making sure to rinse out the feeders with running water. Hummers do not like the taste of soap.....or you can use regular white vinegar to clean the feeders. Just remember to fill them, with a cup or more of sugar water and get them back up again as soon as possible.

Audubon Hummingbird Feeder (NAH1)12 ounce nectar capacity
This is my favorite humming bird feeder, but there are others available as well. I personally have found this one to be superior in attracting hummers to my yard and I have tried the other ones. This one is easy to fill, and easy to clean. It has a large bright red cover over the syrup holder and makes it easy for hummers to spot in the yard. So far, it has been the one that has been most successful in attracting and keeping these little wonders close for me to enjoy. Watch this incredible footage of hummingbirds in flight, slowed down, so you can see how much they work to keep themselves in the air...

I hope I have encouraged you to try and help our little wonders of the sky as they delight and dance for us all summer long.

A good friend of mine is a nature photographer who has had many of her pictures featured on Birds and Blooms Magazine. Carol has granted me permission to share with you a beautiful picture of a male Hummingbird, whose countenance I just love.  While they are tiny, they are certainly very majestic and so appealing in color.  I hope you enjoy this little one as much as I do.
And if you are interested I have also included a link to her site, so that you can fill your eyes with beautiful birds anytime you like...... There is beauty in the world and it is there for us to see and enjoy. I hope you did and continue to do so.....Nature is free for all of us!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reviewing Neilmed Sinus Rinse

Nasal Hygiene

Do you suffer from nasal allergies like I do? You might find that using a nasal irrigation product like Neilmed Sinus Rinse a great help in relieving your symptoms. I know that since I started using this product I am experiencing far less problems with my sinuses. 

For most of my life, I have suffered from sinus problems. Headaches from sinus pressure would sometimes be almost debilitating for me. During the spring and fall I experience allergies from pollen and molds that result in watery eyes, sneezing and a almost constant runny nose. It isn't pleasant, as you know if you suffer from allergies, too. Life can be rather miserable when those symptoms take over your life for weeks on end.

Personally, I don't like to take medications of any kind. The allergy relief medications make me drowsy and the time released non-drowsy products make me hyperactive and jittery. When I discovered this natural way to irrigate my nasal passages, I could hardly wait to give it a try. It has become a part of my daily hygiene routine: nasal rinse, brush teeth, and shower.

I have not experienced a sinus headache since I began to use the Neilmed saline rinse and while most people are complaining about their spring allergies; I am symptom free. I believe it is due to using this saline rinse every day. It keeps the irritants out of my sinus passages. It keeps the interior of my nose moisturized and I am breathing so much better without any blockage.

This sinus rinse has worked well for me. As with anything that pertains to your health, you should consult with your physician before using this product. It is a natural saline solution and should be just fine to use but your doctor will know best as to whether it will be beneficial to you and not react to any condition you might have or medications that you might take. 

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Stone Age Boulder Owls Review

What in the world is a Stone Age Boulder Owl?  Well, I'll tell you what it is. Today, I discovered an item that will delight owl lovers, gardeners, and carved stone collectors alike. Boulder Owls are one-of-a-kind garden ornaments carved from stone.  As I looked at their little faces today, I wanted to take each one home with me.  

Carved Stone Garden Ornaments

I enjoy nice garden ornaments and statues.  I don't want many. Just a few expressive, quality items. I am also quite fond of stone. Stone of all kinds. So naturally, these little carved stone owls immediately caught my eye.  The difficulty was not deciding that I wanted one, but rather, deciding which one I wanted. 

Since I was seeing them at Sun Nurseries, I could see and touch each one individually. These little owls were so simple, yet so expressive. And because they are made of natural stone, they are substantial. Even at their sizes ranging from 6" to 18" they would be solid additions to a garden.  Unlike many yard ornaments that are made from lightweight and flimsy materials.

A small portion of the Boulder Owls I saw today

Fairy and Miniature Garden Sized Owls

These owls are also offered in 2" sizes that are suitable for fairy gardens. I know precious little about these teeny gardens but have seen a few adorable examples.  These smallest boulder owls are perfectly sized for miniature gardening.  

Some reviewers report that the 2" owls are slightly less detailed. However, this makes sense to me due to their very small size.

Stone Age Creations, Ltd.

Once upon a time, there were two cousins who shared a passion for stone.  They made a few carved birdbaths and benches that were sold locally.  Since then, they quit their unrelated, full-time jobs and began earning a living doing what they love. They now manufacture and distribute their items to retailers (such as garden centers).  I had the privilege of seeing MANY of their products: benches, birdbaths, stone lanterns, garden accents, and animals. Every item was high quality and beautiful.

If you like quality stone items, you should take a peek at their photographs on the Stone Age Creations website.

Boulder Owl by Stone Age Creations

Note: When ordering online, because they are handcrafted, each one will be different. And will likely not be the owl pictured in the photo.

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Opening Day of the 2019 Baseball Season

A Quick Review of the 2019 Major League Baseball Season Openers

The Opening Day of baseball for the 2019 MLB season is Thursday, March 28, the earliest beginning date ever at any traditional Major League ballpark.  This season, all 30 clubs will open on the same day

It's time for the 2019 baseball season!

World Series Champion 2018

Available on Amazon

The Boston Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games. 

Available on Amazon

Highlights of 2019 in the World of Baseball 

Some of the highlights of the 2019 Major League Baseball season will include:

  • March 28, 2019 – Official Opening Day
  • April 15, 2019 – Jackie Robinson Day
  • July 9, 2019 - 90th All-Star Game, Cleveland Indians Progressive Field
  • October 22, 2019 – Scheduled first game of the World Series. 

Baseball is Back!

Bill James Handbook for 2019
This avid 'baseball fan' will be glued to the TV for each moment of these Opening Day games! (I LIVE for this!). 

If you are as 'Crazy about Baseball' as I am, the 2019 baseball season from Opening Day to the last game of the World Series will occupy your time and thoughts for the next 26 weeks.  The joy of baseball has returned!

*Quick Link:

(c) Wednesday Elf

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Friday, April 1, 2016

FREE KINDLE BOOK: April Fools Pranks 31 Pranks for the Office Book Review

Free Kindle Book:  April Fools Pranks - 31 Pranks for the Office
Let me start by saying, this is NOT an April Fool's prank or joke.  The book really is free to download on

I've never been a very good prankster and I am the world's worst at making "April Fool's" of anyone.  Maybe people can tell by the look on my face when I am lying.  Or perhaps, it is simply because I can't seem to keep a straight face when I am trying to trick someone.  If I am telling a tale, I tend to burst out laughing before I can get to the punchline or end.  

I can't even seem to fool someone with a text message.  I have tried, but I always get a text reply of April Fools!  It's just so wrong.  Even my children won't pretend they are fooled.  

The Book, April Fools Office Book

 April Fools The Office BookCheck AvailabityWhen I found this book on, April Fools Pranks,  I was pretty excited.  It only took a few minutes to read and I love some of the suggestions.  Mainly, because I don't have to speak to pull these pranks.  

My favorite suggestion included a cat food treat box.  That is one I could definitely do!  I think it would be hilarious to see the look on Buckhawk's face  when I offered to share my treats with her.

I can so easily imagine making screenshots to mess with all of my fellow contributors here on Review This too!   I can totally envision poor Dawn Rae or Elf freaking out over not being able to log-in to their sites and begging for tech support immediately.   

I could also imagine bringing a jar of Vaseline into the office.  Yes, this one I would have to use on our ever efficient and meticulous cleaning guru, Susan Deppner.   

I would have to turn Mary Beth's photos upside down, or maybe flip them sideways and I would mess with Olivia's mouse.   I always wanted to see these two lose their patience.  Until I read this book, I didn't think that would be possible.

For Barbara aka Brite-Ideas, who loves music, I would borrow the musical birthday card prank suggestion and for BarbRad, I would totally pull the paper clip trick on her.  Not being able to remove the paper clip would drive her nuts.  I think I would be forced to rename Brenda's book files or better yet, her eBay files!  Oh, yeah!  (Treasure's by Brenda eBay store, be ye forewarned!  lol)

I have a very "special" coffee mug set aside just for Heather and for Bev, I have something really, really bad planned, but I can't tell you all about that one, YET!

I was laughing so hard when I was reading and thought of how much fun it would be to mess with them, that I woke the dogs from their sound sleep and was forced to get out of bed to let them outside.

Read the Book

Well, I couldn't very well describe each of the pranks here. You will have to download and read the book yourself to find out exactly what each of these pranks entail.  It was fun dreaming and I think you will enjoy it too!

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Yes, I do know about payback which is why it is probably a really good thing that we don't report to a brick & mortar office everyday!

"FREE KINDLE BOOK: April Fools Pranks 31 Pranks for the Office Book Review" Written by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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