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Friday, April 1, 2016

FREE KINDLE BOOK: April Fools Pranks 31 Pranks for the Office Book Review

Free Kindle Book:  April Fools Pranks - 31 Pranks for the Office
Let me start by saying, this is NOT an April Fool's prank or joke.  The book really is free to download on

I've never been a very good prankster and I am the world's worst at making "April Fool's" of anyone.  Maybe people can tell by the look on my face when I am lying.  Or perhaps, it is simply because I can't seem to keep a straight face when I am trying to trick someone.  If I am telling a tale, I tend to burst out laughing before I can get to the punchline or end.  

I can't even seem to fool someone with a text message.  I have tried, but I always get a text reply of April Fools!  It's just so wrong.  Even my children won't pretend they are fooled.  

The Book, April Fools Office Book

 April Fools The Office BookCheck AvailabityWhen I found this book on, April Fools Pranks,  I was pretty excited.  It only took a few minutes to read and I love some of the suggestions.  Mainly, because I don't have to speak to pull these pranks.  

My favorite suggestion included a cat food treat box.  That is one I could definitely do!  I think it would be hilarious to see the look on Buckhawk's face  when I offered to share my treats with her.

I can so easily imagine making screenshots to mess with all of my fellow contributors here on Review This too!   I can totally envision poor Dawn Rae or Elf freaking out over not being able to log-in to their sites and begging for tech support immediately.   

I could also imagine bringing a jar of Vaseline into the office.  Yes, this one I would have to use on our ever efficient and meticulous cleaning guru, Susan Deppner.   

I would have to turn Mary Beth's photos upside down, or maybe flip them sideways and I would mess with Olivia's mouse.   I always wanted to see these two lose their patience.  Until I read this book, I didn't think that would be possible.

For Barbara aka Brite-Ideas, who loves music, I would borrow the musical birthday card prank suggestion and for BarbRad, I would totally pull the paper clip trick on her.  Not being able to remove the paper clip would drive her nuts.  I think I would be forced to rename Brenda's book files or better yet, her eBay files!  Oh, yeah!  (Treasure's by Brenda eBay store, be ye forewarned!  lol)

I have a very "special" coffee mug set aside just for Heather and for Bev, I have something really, really bad planned, but I can't tell you all about that one, YET!

I was laughing so hard when I was reading and thought of how much fun it would be to mess with them, that I woke the dogs from their sound sleep and was forced to get out of bed to let them outside.

Read the Book

Well, I couldn't very well describe each of the pranks here. You will have to download and read the book yourself to find out exactly what each of these pranks entail.  It was fun dreaming and I think you will enjoy it too!

Click Here to Download the FREE Book on your Kindle, or use the Amazon Free App to read it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required!

Yes, I do know about payback which is why it is probably a really good thing that we don't report to a brick & mortar office everyday!

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