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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Choose a Way Auckland Travel Book Review

Traveling to New Zealand? Then grab a copy of Choose A Way Auckland, a travel guide whose interactive style gives new meaning to the term "choose your own adventure."
Auckland, New Zealand, is a popular tourist destination these days so if you're headed that way, here's a book that I'd recommend you take with you. This somewhat unconventional travel guide is called Choose A Way Auckland. It's an ebook whose interactive style gives new meaning to the term "choose your own adventure."

This travel guide won't tell you where to stay or which airline to choose to get there. Instead, an insider, author and travel blogger/photographer Rhonda Albom who lives in Auckland and loves the city, comes on the trip with you, traveling on your Kindle (or tablet, phone, or reading app), offering you choices that direct you to all the best places in Auckland to visit while you're there. Plan ahead or choose your itinerary on the go. Here's how it works.

Remember those mystery books you read back in elementary school? At the end of each chapter you were given choices, to go one way or another, to one page or another, and who knew where you'd end up? In Choose A Way Auckland, the author offers you choices, too, depending on the time of day, whether you're in the mood for an active or relaxing activity, whether or not you're exploring Auckland with children, among other criteria that fit your particular situation. In this case, you'll not only know in advance where you'll end up, you'll be given background on the place, specific directions to get there, hours of operation, price of admission, and friendly advice on how best to enjoy the destination.

I really enjoyed this book!

I'll admit, I'm not much of a world traveler at this point in my life, but I do enjoy armchair travel and this book captivated me (because of its fun layout) as well as entertained and educated me about a part of the world that I really didn't know much about.

One of the things I like best about the book is the very specific driving, riding, or walking directions with not only distances but landmarks to look for along the way. With that information along with the map links, the guide makes it very easy to navigate in and around the biggest city in New Zealand. You'll definitely want to keep your Kindle or iPhone with you during your trip so that if you do get turned around, you'll be able to pull it out and find your way quickly and easily with Rhonda's excellent directions.

Another feature of the book that I really like are the specifics in terms of family versus adult entertainment. While there's plenty to do that includes the kids, there are also lots of adult activities, some of which are more adult-oriented than others, very helpful to know about in advance.

Also, the information in the book will help you budget your trip. Time-wise, you'll know how many hours to plan for each activity ("three hours from ferry to ferry" for the vineyard zip line trip). Money-wise, Rhonda makes it easy to decide where you want to splurge and what activities are still fun, just more frugal. Same goes for food and restaurants; Rhonda's personal favorites sound awesome to me!

To get the most out of the book, follow the instructions and the links to "choose" your way through the 39 stops and adventures included in the guide so you don't miss out on the fun. After your first day you'll be given a shortcut to a list of destinations to help you enjoy the book even more.

Choose A Way Aukland was released April 11, 2016, and is being offered at a discounted price of $1.99 for several days, so you might want to grab a copy now before the cost goes up to its regular price of $6.99. Even at full price, this is a must-have if you're planning a trip to New Zealand (or if you live there). You'll enjoy the book, too, if you're an armchair traveler like me. Choose the link below that suits your needs.

Barnes & Noble
Kobo Books

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