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National Scrabble Day – Holiday Review

 National Scrabble Day is celebrated each year on April 13, which is the birthday of Alfred Mosher Butts who invented this iconic board game. 

Image of a Scrabble Game Board

Scrabble Game

The game of Scrabble is based on the crossword puzzle and anagrams and was originally called Criss Cross. It was developed by an architect named Alfred M. Butts in 1931. The game was later redesigned and renamed Scrabble. First sold in Great Britain in 1954, this popular game is now found in three out of every five American homes. The games range from a Junior Edition to the standard game, a deluxe game and even travel-sized games. 

Scrabble Board Game image

Scrabble is a word game played by two to four players. You score points by placing tiles, that each contain a letter, on a game board which has a grid of squares. Many of the letters are worth one point, while certain letters are worth more points. There are extra-point squares on the board for doubling or tripling a letter or a whole word.

Scrabble is a fun game for kids through adults. A board game that is a family friendly strategy word game. It also makes a great party game.

A Personal Scrabble Game Story

We were playing Scrabble one evening at the home of friends. Hubby Bob had a 7-letter word which would have given him 50 bonus points, in addition to the points he would earn from his letters. Playing all 7 letters in a single turn is called a BINGO. There were three places on the Scrabble Board where he could have played his Bingo on a Triple-Word Score, giving him 3X the points. 

Believe it or not, there were 3 players ahead of Bob before his next turn and, naturally, we each took those triple-word places ~ not having a clue that Bob had this 7-letter word. 

Bob's word was BAZOOKA, which would have scored him 22 points for the points on the letter tiles, times 3 for the triple-word space, PLUS the 50-point bonus for a total of 106 points! 


Of course now there was no place left on the board to play. Obviously, it was a big disappointment not to be able to play such a great word, but Bob eventually did play KAZOO for 18 points. The rest of us DID hear about it for several minutes as the game continued. And it became a favorite story every time we'd get together to play games. LOL.


So, on April 13, or any day, get out the Scrabble game and have a wordy good time! 

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*National Scrabble Day Holiday Review written by Wednesday Elf

A Variety of Scrabble Games

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  1. Our family loves to play Scrabble! We have certainly had some interesting stories as well as some very interesting words played. I know some people even keep a dictionary on hand to prove a word is a word. We never got that serious since we weren't really going to challenge a play. We played just for fun!

    1. We don't 'challenge' a word either, but I DO have a Scrabble Dictionary to check a word myself that I want to play! :) I once had a neighbor back when our kids were babies that I played Scrabble with every day during naptimes. We got so good our 'hubbys' wouldn't play with us... LOL.

  2. Although I haven’t played it in many years, Scrabble has long been my favorite board game. How interesting that it was invented by an architect! I can only imagine your husband’s frustration when not only the three triple-point spaces but also ALL available spaces to play his seven-tile “BINGO” word were taken as he was waiting with great anticipation to play it!

    1. Bob definitely was 'anticipating' a big move on the Scrabble board - too bad he didn't get to play it. LOL.

  3. We used to play scrabble a lot,,,but it has been years since I've played the board version of the game. Thanks for the reminder

    1. I don't play as often as I like, but always enjoy it. Love wordgames.

  4. I love word games so Scrabble is right up there! I have never had a 7 letter word at once ever and I can just feel his disappointment at not being able to use it. Oh that makes a great story too! This is a great family game where everyone can play and learn at the same time!

    1. I agree, Olivia. Scrabble can really improve your vocabulary, and in a fun way.

  5. A man, he couldn't play that big point word! I learned something - that playing all the letters is called a Bingo - I had no idea - absolutely love scrabble - after reading your article I want to play a game - it's probably my favorite game out of all family games to play. Had no idea there was a scrabble day!

    1. I'm ready to get out the Scrabble board too, Barbara. This holiday weekend seems like a good time for some family fun. Thanks for your visit to my National Scrabble Day holiday review.

  6. I loved playing scrabble with my Mum when I was a child and teenager. She was so good with words and we always had so much fun, it is a very happy memory. We never took it too seriously though! I still enjoy a game of Scrabble today :) I did not know there was a Scrabble day though. Happy Scrabble Day for April 13th !!

    1. I've always loved the game Scrabble. Glad you do too, Raintree Annie.


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