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Goodbye Again by Mariah Stewart – Book Review

Goodbye Again is Book Two in the Wyndham Beach contemporary romance series.

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Goodbye Again Book Cover
In Book 1 (An Invincible Summer reviewed here on ReviewThisReviews!) we met Maggie Lloyd as she moved back to the small town community of Wyndham Beach, Massachusetts. Her best friends since high school, Emma Harper and Lydia (Libby) Bryant helped her adjust to all the changes her widowhood and then her reuniting with her first love from high school, have brought.

In Goodbye Again, it is time to learn more about Libby Bryant, whose husband left her after the suicide of their daughter. 

Libby desperately needs to move on and make some positive changes in her life.  When she discovers that the long-standing bookstore in town has closed due to the elderly owner's Alzheimer condition and is for sale, Libby decides to buy the neglected bookstore and bring both herself and the shop back on track.

With a little help from her friends, she is well on her way with new paint and new ideas for the new and improved bookshop. One friend Libby has known forever, local contractor Tuck Shelby, begins to make himself indispensable. Not just in the rehab of Libby's shop, but in her life. Tuck now wants to be more than just a 'friend'. But then her ex-husband, Jim, returns with a long overdue apology, hoping for forgiveness and a chance to start over.


The book shop has rejuvenated Libby, along with the attention of two charming men.

When the shocking truth of her daughter's unexplained suicide comes out, Libby suddenly has a life-changing choice to make.

Moving on doesn't mean leaving everything behind.

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+Note: The third book in the Wyndham Beach Series, All That We Are will be reviewed soon. This book features the third friend of the three women the series is about ~ Emma Dean

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*Goodbye Again Book Review is written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. You got je interested in this trilogy with your review of the first book, An Invincible Summer, which is in my Audible wish list. I’ll be adding Goodbye Again to my wish list and look forward to your upcoming review of All That We Are.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Glad you are looking forward to reading this series. I really enjoyed all three books. Book 3 review out soon! :)

  2. This really does sound like a series I would enjoy reading. Just enough romance for me, and enough mystery for you, for us both to really like the books. Thank you for introducing me to the series. I look forward to reading it.

    1. It's a charming series, Mouse. I really enjoyed each book in this trilogy. But then, I have been a fan of Mariah Stewart's writing for many years.

  3. This sounds like a very good book despite the terrible loss that spurs the story on - I'm not one for romance books or movies (not very often anyway) but because this book sounds like a story of growth and redemption, I could easily get into it. Your review has me curious about where the story goes.

    1. I'm not a fan of romance novels either, Barbara. But I decided to read this trilogy because I love Mariah Stewart's writing in other genres. She did not disappoint me in this series. They have a touch of romance, for sure, but the books are really more about family and friendships and life.

  4. I really enjoy these kinds of novels in between heavier topics that I tend to read. I always need a stack of them to break up my reading moods. Thanks for this review and two books to add to my list!

    1. One needs a lighthearted read now and then, Olivia. Thanks for your visit.

  5. This sounds like a series I need to try. Perhaps good for summer reading.


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