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Collapsible Stackable Storage Bins with Doors & Removable Lids Review

Storage Bins
I love my kitchen, but I wish it had a walk-in pantry.  I have never lived in a home that has a walk-in pantry, but my grandmother-in-law had a fabulous walk-in pantry.  I always thought if I ever built a house, the first thing I would require is a walk-in pantry.

I do have a cabinet pantry, which is pretty, but it simply is not big enough.  My husband's grandmother had room for all kinds of stuff in her walk-in pantry, including small appliances, which left her counter tops clear.  However, since I do not have that awesome walk-in pantry, I am always trying to find alternatives.  

Because we eat most of our meals at home, I need more storage space in my kitchen.  I have a whole shelf in my cabinet pantry dedicated just for the spices I use when cooking and another shelf for baking supplies.  

I hate to admit it, but I started putting surplus supplies behind our washroom door that normally stays open. That was certainly not an attractive solution, but it did provide space for things that I could not fit in the pantry. 

A few weeks ago, something wonderful happened!  I came across storage bins with doors and removable lids.  The fact that they are collapsible, is a huge bonus.  When I do not need them, I can fold them up and store them away.

These storage bins are a lot more attractive than stacked boxes or plastic tubs.  Plus, they fit perfectly behind the open door. 

Collapsible Storage Bins

 Closet Organizers and StorageCheck Price There are 2 sizes available.  Based on the measurements of the space behind the door, I opted for a 3-pack of the 8.4 gallon size containers.  Since I know what is inside the containers, the dark, clear plastic sides allow me to see inside the boxes if I look closely, but would not be clear enough for guests to see the contents.  I can access the contents through the latching doors on the front of each container, or I can lift the lid.

The storage bins have little wheels on each bin for easy moving.  Since the bins stack on top of each other, the lids are made with indentations to accommodate the wheels on a second bin. That construction method gives the overall unit of 3 bins more stability.  They will not easily slide off of each other when moving.  I literally have to pick up the top container to move it from the stack.

These stackable storage bins are the perfect solution for my need for an additional kitchen pantry.  Now that I have them, and using them daily, I can easily think of a few other places in my home or vehicles where they would make a wonderful extra storage place.  


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  1. What handy storage bins. And so versatile. I can see them being perfect for all my crafts. Thanks so much for introducing me to them.

    1. Me too Elf! I plan to replace my plastic bins with these containers a few at a time. Plus, that will encourage me to reorganize as needed. I love being able to open the bins from the front and stop lifting those bins all of the time to get to the contents.

  2. Like Ms. Elf, the first use (aside from pantry storage) that came to my mind was craft storage. I really like that these bins have two access options — the lids and latched doors — and that the indentations in the lids to accommodate the wheels from a unit stacked on top makes for a stable stack. Thanks so much for the excellent recommendation!

  3. These look like a great storage solution.

  4. Oh my goodness I think that this is something that my son and daughter-in-law could use quite nicely to take food stuffs back and forth to the cottage. Nicely organized and everything having it's place. Thanks for this wonderful way to transport so many things! I appreciate this review Sylvestermouse Cynthia!

  5. I was just looking at these on Amazon the other day and thinking how practical and useful they would be - it's a nice idea for extra storage in the kitchen as well - these are well designed


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