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Reviewing Single-Tube Wind Chimes Known as Windbells

 I love wind chimes. All types of wind chimes; metal, wood, agate, polished glass, shell, tuned, and every type you can imagine. Having moved to an area that experiences high winds on a frequent basis, I'm concerned about putting my traditional, multi-tube, chimes outdoors out of fear that they will tangle. I miss hearing my wind chimes. Especially, my tuned wind chimes. But I've learned there is a wonderful compromise. They are called Windbells. Windbells are a single-tube wind chime. A single-tube eliminates the risk of tangling while creating the sound I love. 

Heroic Windbell (large) by Woodstock Chimes

I have a friend who fabricated her own single-tube windbells. They are made of very large metal tubes, the height of a small adult, with an inner diameter the approximate size of a fist. They hang from her carport and they sound amazing. I knew I had to figure out how to buy or fabricate my own single-tube chimes.

On a visit to a Hobby Lobby, I found a windbell in the shape of a metal bottle. I had to have it. It emits a metallic sound that reminds me of sitting at the marina and listening to the sounds from the sail boats as they rock on the waves and shift in the wind. I love the sound. But it is not quite the same deep, meditative sound created by larger windbells.

Rustic Metal Bottle Wind Chime from Hobby Lobby

The sound I'm looking for, in addition to my metal bottle windbell, is the sound that is created by the Heroic Windbell (Large) made by Woodstock Chimes. 

The Heroic Windbell by Woodstock Chimes

In looking for a quality, long-lasting, windbell with a pleasing, deep sound I found the Woodstock Chimes company. They have a good reputation that seems to stem from their love for windchimes. 

"In 1979, Grammy award-winning musician and instrument designer Garry Kvistad created the first Woodstock Chime from an aluminum lawn chair he found in a landfill; Garry and his wife Diane founded Woodstock Chimes in 1979 And still develop the chimes today." - Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock chimes offer a huge variety of chimes, bells, crystal light catchers, and gongs. I have a long wish-list of their items but I am trying to stay focused on the windbells here.

The Heroic Windbell comes in medium and large. The large is 40" in length and is offered in "antique copper", "harbor gray", and green colors. They are created to sound like distant harbor bells. The Heroic Windbell is meant to be hung in a breezy spot. It is designed to sound like a bell and has an internal hollow section that "sounds like an organ pipe". The two sounds combine to create a deep and beautiful tone.

What Are Tuned Wind Chimes?

I mentioned tuned wind chimes and being concerned about hanging my tuned wind chime out here and have it tangle in the winds.  Tuned wind chimes are musically tuned to play the familiar notes of songs. Of course, the wind chimes move in a random manner but the notes of the song are easy to recognize. The Amazing Grace tuned wind chime by Woodstock Chimes is a good example of a tuned wind chime.

If you are shopping for wind chimes, I recommend checking the Woodstock Chimes store. They are highly recommended with consistent 5 star ratings on the chimes they offer. 

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  1. We love wind chimes, but I have never seen the windbells. How very cool! I certainly understand the concern for your beloved windchimes getting tangled. I smiled when I read about your favorite chimes. I recently purchased the Amazing Grace Woodstock Chimes as a gift for my parents. They love them too! I hope you are able to get the exact windbell you desire, and soon. Those sounds seem to calm ragged nerves.

  2. My husband and I love wind chimes, too! We bought ourselves a set many years ago as an anniversary gift, and they hang on our deck, where we can enjoy listening to the pretty tinkle of the chimes whenever there is a breeze. I have never heard of windbells before but they sound like a wonderful idea, and I appreciate the recommendation of the Woodstock Chimes brand.

  3. I miss my chimes too. Living in an apartment though makes me just a little nervous about getting a new set. It's one thing in the outdoors, but if it's the balcony next to yours, you might not enjoy it so much. I will save this as a house-warming gift and I'm sure whoever receives it will enjoy it !

  4. I absolutely love wind chimes, we had them in our home, even in my room, when I was young - I haven't put them up in our yard for fear that our neighbors, who are situated close by, may not like them. I imagine they'd be making sound most of the time with the frequent wind here - I love the idea of a single tube chime though, like you said, that it won't tangle - love that.

  5. I, too, love wind chimes and always had them in the homes we lived in. Now that I am in an apartment, the sound may not be as pleasing to nearby neighbors, but I'd get them again if I could. Thanks for this helpful review, Dawn Rae.


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