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Kray Spray Mop Kit Reviewed

Mopping Floors Made Easier

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Let me review my new favorite tool the Kray Spray Mop for you today. This wonderful addition to my arsenal for cleaning is so much better than what I have been using. 

For the last several years I have used a combination dust mop and wet mop made by a well known company. It is fine but I constantly had to buy replacement pads that were for dry dusting of the floors or the wet ones when I wanted to clean the floors. I found it to be inconvenient and after a while costly to be always buying the refill packs. That won't be a problem any longer. 

As I looked into getting a spray mop, I almost purchased the one from the same company who makes the one that I have now. What I didn't like about that particular brand was that the mop required batteries to operate the spray action. I noticed in the some of the reviews that some people experienced problems with the battery operation so I kept looking. That is when I found this one that does not use batteries at all. 

Another feature that I did not like about the competitor was that you had to use their solution (another thing to have to replenish) and those bottles could not easily be refilled. The Kray Spray mop kit comes with three refillable bottles that I can put my own solution in. I like that idea a lot! I can mix different cleaners for the different floor types in my home. 

I also love that the kit comes with five microfiber pads that attach to the mop head with a velcro type system. The pads are re-usable and I can throw them in the washing machine when they become soiled. No more having to buy replacements! The pads can be used for dust mopping or I can just use the spray feature when I want to wet mop. Easy peasy! 

For me, this mop kit will be so much easier to use and much more economical, too. How about you? Does this mop kit appeal to you? 

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  1. The Kray Spray mop definitely appeals to me! I use the dry Swiffer most often on my hardwood floors, but when they need to really be cleaned I use a towel and vinegar. It would be nice to have the towel actually affixed to the mop. Anything that makes my life easy, and that is affordable, appeals to me.

  2. This looks like the perfect solution, Bev. I really like the idea of having reusable washable dusting/mopping pads. So pleased to have your review today for learning about the Kray spray mop.

  3. I should ask though, I assume "my own solution" for the refill bottles could be vinegar. True?

    1. True! Any solution you want. Just plain water works too.

  4. This may be just the solution I've been looking for. I bought a steam mop a few months ago, but it seems to leave my floor sticky for some reason. Their online help indicated it does that if the floor isn't clean enough before you steam clean it. So I dragged out an old sponge mop to preclean the floor and it leaves it very wet. I like being able to use my own cleaning agent. I like vinegar and water.

  5. Hey Bev, I think I need one of these. What a great idea and like you said easy peasey. I like using my own cleaning products too, so this is a great positive for me too! Thanks!

  6. Thank you for this review. I've wondered about these different, "newer" floor mop gadgets. The swiffer has never appealed to me. So I continue to use a rag and get on my hands and knees (I have extremely small hard floors. So it's not a big deal). I'm glad to know your recommendation on the Kray.

  7. Yes. This system works for me as well. Mom recently acquired a similar one and there are no supplies to buy for it. Simply wash the cloth attachment. Absolutely the best way to go. Who wants to buy supplies, not me.


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