Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Christmas Inflatables Make Decorating Easy and Fun

In a Heartbeat, Thanksgiving is over and everyone is in Full Christmas Holiday mode!

Part of the whole fun of Christmas is decorating, both indoors and out!  I know many people are just chomping at the bit to get their Christmas trees up and decorated, so that they and their families can enjoy this holiday for as long as possible.
christmas tree display

Photo courtesy of my niece Tara Hocaliuk! One very talented lady!
(Please do not copy without permission)

Children love getting into the "spirit" of the holidays too!  Schools and Church groups are busy making Christmas decorations or preparing for those Christmas pageants that every parent and grandparent love to attend.  Videos and pictures will grace everyone's favorite social media and the joy of our children will be shared everywhere.

For years we decorated not only the inside of our homes, but we would put up Christmas lights and boughs of evergreens on our porch with the Most Beautiful Wreath on our front door!  These sights would greet all our friends and family as they came for visits over the holidays and we had lots of visitors! 

Today, I would not ask my other half to get up on a ladder to attach lights to our gutters, even though he did this for years.  Decorating outdoors has become much easier!  Thank goodness for the ability to share ideas on Pinterest and other social media as well.  If you have the time, these ideas are all very doable and need not cost an arm and a leg.

If you don't have the time, then there is another alternative!  And it does not require anyone getting up on a ladder either!  

Christmas inflatables have become very popular and they are so easy to install and enjoy.  If you have a power source, you are ready to decorate in minutes.  You just need to take the inflatable out of it's box, and plug it in.  Done!  It can't be any easier and there are so many different styles to choose from.

The larger the inflatable, the more expensive they become.  Don't be discouraged, these inflatables can start at very affordable prices and make a big impact!  Santas and snowmen, trains and sleighs, polar bears and penguins are all very popular motifs for the holidays.  Many of them will come in several different sizes, ready to fit your decor ideas.  

Inflatables are a lot of fun, easy to install and enjoy.  Again the choices are many and varied.  Some of these inflatables are animated as well.  That just adds another whole dimension of enjoyment. The biggest problem (I hate to admit there might be one) is that someone may be tempted to steal it from your front lawn.  This is easy to remedy with a little forethought and a handyman or woman.  All you need to do is get a few metal tent pegs and a couple of holes drilled in the base of your inflatable.  Hammer the stakes into the ground and your worries are over.

The children and the adults as well will enjoy the sights that you have so thoughtfully prepared for the Holidays.  I'm sure more than one person will stop to admire your handiwork!  The best part, you didn't have to get up on a ladder and worry about falling off!

Christmas home decor is one of the fun parts of getting ready for the best holiday of the year.  Take a little time and let the whole world know that you still believe in the Magic of Christmas!

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  1. No more tangled strings of lights, no more ladders, no more hooks and hangers, no more frozen fingers. The last few years I didn't feel safe on the ladder. Sure makes sense to me!

    1. Part of the reason we did this......I don't feel safe with you up on a ladder. So no more of that for you!

  2. The inflatables have become very popular in our area. Our neighbors use them in addition to all of the other Christmas lights and decor. The idea being that the inflatables are visible during the day when you can't see the lights in all of their glory. We also use those stakes to keep the inflatables from blowing around, or even off our own yard and into the street. Stakes are essential around here.

    1. Staking the inflatables is a must do. High winds will topple them or send them to your neighbor's house. Some people use only the inflatables and others use them as part of their decorating. Either way, they are a lot of fun.

  3. I've seen some really cute and fantastic inflatables over the years. We used to take the kids when they were little on a December nighttime drive around our nearby neighborhoods to see all the outdoor Christmas lights and decorations. Now a daytime drive is also a good idea to see all the fun inflatables! And they are not just for Christmas anymore -- I've seen them for Halloween in my son's yard!

  4. These are available for all kinds of holidays. Halloween, Easter and Christmas being the biggest ones and yes a daytime drive is a great way to enjoy them. I like that they are also easy to pack away for another year. They fold down pretty flat and don't take up too much storage space.

  5. Inflatables are so much easier. We've long since given up putting lights on the house. We'll place a spotlight on the bushes and trees or string lights on the bushes. Love the idea of inflatables.

    1. Oh I so agree with you Barbara. I'm always afraid that my other half is going to end up in the bushes when he falls off the roof.......we don't do that anymore either. There are so many choices that are safer in the long run and easier for sure.


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