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Reviewing How to Clean Jewelry Like a Pro!

Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes - How jewelers clean jewelry!
Connoisseur's Jewelry Wipes
I have recently discovered Connoisseur's jewelry wipes and I have to say they are fantastic!

My daughter has just graduated high school and I thought I would give her some moonstone ear rings that have some family history to them.   My daughter loves moonstones and these originally belonged to her great grandmother.

I got them out of a jewelry box that they've been in for about 17 years and they looked tarnished and old.   I popped them in some vodka overnight and then gave them a wipe with a soft cloth and they certainly looked better, but not great.

My husband went down to a manufacturing jeweler to see about getting them cleaned, she gave one of them a quick clean with a Connoisseur jewelry wipe to demonstrate and then gave him the price to purchase a pack and the price for a professional clean.

When I got home from work he showed me the two ear rings and in my mind it was a no brainer - we went and brought the wipes the very next day!

Using Connoisseur's Jewelry Wipes

When I opened up the container that the wipes came in I was a little surprised.  I expected the wipes to be damp, like cleansing wipes I guess, but they were dry.   I wiped the jewelry and the wipes looked black in places where they were doing their job.

All you have to do is gently wipe the metal part of the jewelry - you can wipe the stones, but the wipes make no difference to stones.  These wipes work on either gold or silver.

The end result was that the ear rings looked like they had just come out of a jewelers box brand new!

It was so easy to simply wipe the jewelry that I'm looking forward to 'refreshing' a few pieces of old jewelry I have.  One thing I will say, I do not think I'll be getting my jewelry cleaned by a jeweler again since discovering their 'secret weapon'.

I thoroughly recommend these jewelry wipes and if anyone is wondering, my daughter loved her ear rings and not just because they were moonstones, but because of the family history that was attached to them.

Have you ever heard of or used Connoisseur's jewelry wipes?

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  1. Thanks so much for this jewelry cleaning product review, Louanne. I was not aware that there was a 'home' DIY alternative to cleaning jewelry instead of having to take them to a jewelry store and pay someone else to clean treasured items.

    I can well imagine how pleased your daughter was with her earrings with a 'family history'. My daughter, on her wedding day just before she walked down the aisle with her dad, was given a small pinky ring that had been in his family for a long time. He thought it was perfect for the 'something old'. She was so thrilled that she wears it every day (along with her wedding ring, of course!). It is very special to her.

  2. First, congratulations to your daughter on her graduation! What a wonderful gift too. Passing down a family heirloom is entrusting her with a real treasure. I'm sure she will cherish the earrings forever.

    Now, about the jewelry cleaning wipes. I had not heard of them before. I couldn't help but glance at my own gold wedding ring and consider how it might appreciate some attention, as well as some of my other jewelry. I would much rather clean my own jewelry and I certainly appreciate this recommendation.

  3. Good to know. I don't wear a lot of jewelry so it tends to loose it's sparkle quickly. I don't even think about it until I need to wear it, so these would be a great thing to have around. When I need a piece I can make sure that it is clean and sparkling as it should. Thanks Louanne!

  4. I've never heard of these, excellent tip. I'll have to try them.

  5. Would love to try these - sounds like a great DIY!


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