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Reviewing Colorful Pens, Pencils, and Coloring Books

Traveling doodles
I recently spent several days in a row attending presentations. Oh how the time drags when I sit for hours on end. Fortunately, I had several of my InkJoy pens with me, which made note-taking and doodling more interesting. However, I regretted not bringing along some coloring pages or one of my journals with me. I doodled so much on the training handouts that my notes ended up being illegible. With so many different coloring items available, it was an oversight on my part to not take sufficient adult "fidgets" with me. An oversight that won't happen again. I am writing this as both a reminder for myself and a review of some of the best adult coloring and journaling items available.

Adult Coloring Books

Bev shared with us the gift her husband gave her for Valentine's Day - Midnight Garden Coloring Book. Prior to her review of this adult coloring book, I hadn't been aware that coloring books with black backgrounds existed. What a great idea! the black backgrounds result in vibrant finished pages.

Adult coloring books are so much in demand that they are now offered in "travel" or "on-the-go" sizes. These small coloring books are the perfect size for me. They fit in my work bag so I will be able to take them with me everywhere I go. The spiral-bound books are the best for laying the books flat and coloring ease.

on-the-go coloring books with travel pouch included

Colorful Pens

I mentioned my InkJoy pens. I find those ball point pens to be the best for doodling, note-taking, and journaling.  The colors are vibrant, the ink doesn't blob, and InkJoy pens are readily available in local stores and online. I really like being able to journal or take notes in a wide range of colors. one day I may be in a "blue" mood and another day I may want to write in pink, or orange, purple, or brown.

While my InkJoy pens are perfect for doodling, journaling, and taking colorful notes gel pens are better for coloring pages. This highly rated set of premium gel pens include metallic, glitter, and neon colors.

premium gel pens set with case and refills 

Colorful Pencils

I tend toward colored ink and fine-tipped colored markers rather than colored pencils. But I know many people who prefer a quality colored pencil. How fortunate we are that our own Heather has created high quality colored pencils and offers them for sale to the public! If you create with colored pencils you must check out her pencils at Aurora Art Supplies.

Related Link - Beautiful Blank Journals

It never, ever fails... when I'm sitting somewhere and am trying to be attentive, my mind wanders. I come up with the best blog ideas or I remember the forgotten grocery list items. When I don't have a journal available, I write these random thoughts down on scraps of paper, only to loose that scrap of paper. 

I realize that currently, most people write notes and reminders on their phone. I have occasionally sent myself a text message as a reminder. However, I still tend to do better with written reminders to myself. Or some of my thoughts and reminders are too long for a text message to myself. If I put my thoughts or lists in a journal, I can find them later when I need them.

Blank journals come in many shapes, sizes, and attractive designs. They also come in lined and unlined options. I find that I rely on blank journals for writing and remembering the old fashioned way.

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  1. What a great idea for the next time I find myself sitting for hours with nothing to do but listen. Now I will be able to listen and create something beautiful too. Keeping my hands busy will stop me from biting my nails. If the speaker isn't that interesting, then I can color to my hearts content and really have something nice to show for my efforts. Thanks for a great review.....

    1. When my brain is moving faster than my body...I pick my nails. Yes... coloring (or keeping busy in some way) definitely helps save the nails.

  2. Coloring doesn't take intense concentration, so you can still listen attentively to a long-winded (LOL) speaker and not be completely bored out of your skull. Great idea for those conferences which can seem to go on 'forever', Dawn Rae.

    1. Isn't it amazing how long some of these conferences seem to go on..and on.. and on. HAHA. I just can't sit like that!

  3. Recently I've had to spend time waiting in situations where I can't really concentrate on reading. I really like the idea of the travel-size coloring tablets as a good way to pass the time.

    1. Exactly. When I am able to relax, I can read for hours on end. But there are just certain times I can't focus on the reading. Yes... coloring (and I'm just realizing that Sudoku too) is a great way to quietly pass the time.

  4. The travel size coloring books would definitely come in handy! Slip them right into my carry on bag with my Kindle and when I get tired of reading, I can color. Guess I need coloring pens too so I am glad you included your recommendations.

    1. I'm a doodler.... all the time, I'm doodling! So it's easy to have a strong opinion about pens. :)

  5. Thanks for the recommendation of my pencils! Colorful pens are good too! By the way, my pencils come with a mini coloring book! I agree that it is very nice to have a mini coloring book with you when you are in a meeting or waiting for an appointment.

    1. You are very welcome Heather. I either didn't realize or I forgot (much more likely) that your pencils come with a mini coloring book! I'm glad you mentioned that here.


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