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Review of Port Clyde Maine

Marshall Point Lighthouse photo by mbgphoto
Marshall Point Lighthouse

A Trip to Port Clyde


During a June trip to the Rockland/Camden area in Maine we decided to take a day trip to Port Clyde.  Port Clyde is a delightful midcoast fishing village that is about 20 minutes from the Rockland area. It was a beautiful clear day and I thought the blue sky would work well with the white lighthouse and gangplank.

Marshall Point Lighthouse


Marshall Point lighthouse is located at the very tip of the St. George's Peninsula in Maine.  It is a rather short lighthouse that sits about 50 feet offshore on a rocky ledge.  This ledge is exposed at low tide and is connected to the shore by a white wooden walkway.  The placement of the lighthouse is a photographers dream.  It is easy to get a great shot without anything in the way.

An interesting fact about this lighthouse is that it was seen in the movie "Forest Gump".  In the scene where Tom Hank's character runs  cross country and he ends by running up the wooden walkway and then turning around and starting over again.

Watch this classic movie and see the scene with the lighthouse!

The coast around the lighthouse was beautiful.  Wildflowers grew all along the coast and I enjoyed walking around the area and capturing the beauty of the coast.

Maine coast photo by mbgphoto

daisies along the Maine coast photo by mbgphoto

Port Clyde Harbor


Port Clyde Harbor photo by mbgphoto
Port Clyde General Store and Dip Net Restaurant

Fishing Boats at Port Clyde Maine photo by mbgphoto
Looking out at Port Clyde Harbor

Port Clyde is a small town (just over 300 people) but I was delighted with all it had to offer.  After we visited the lighthouse we drove down to the harbor, which is the center of the town.  There we found a general store and a couple of restaurants. One was the Port Kitchen which was in the general store.  There you could eat or have them pack you a picnic lunch to take with you on your excursion.  The other choice was the Dip Net restaurant on the deck by the dock. We chose the Dip  Net restaurant and enjoyed some wonderful lobster rolls sitting outside on the deck.  They had several different ways you could have your lobster rolls fixed and my husband and I both chose to have our lobster sauteed in butter and then put in the toasted rolls.  It was an excellent choice and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  

The painter  Andrew Wyeth lived in the area and now his son Jamie lives in the area on an island just off  the coast.  Upstairs from the general store is Linda Bean's Wyeth Art Gallery.  Here you can purchase works by Jamie and also some rare prints of his father's.

Marshall Point Lighthouse on Zazzle Products

Marshall Point Light

Marshall Point Light


Guidebook for Maine


I have found this guidebook very helpful in finding all of the little out of the way places to photograph.  It also gives great ideas for places to take photographs and best angles to shoot.  Along with that it has directions to get to the areas and lots of helpful hints.

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  1. Such a beautiful area. The Maine coastline is gorgeous and your wonderful photos show it off well. That's a fascinating fact about the Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine being used for that scene from the Forrest Gump movie. I could instantly recall that scene when you mentioned it. The Forrest Gump movie was also filmed here in Savannah and surrounding area, so has always been a special one to me. Thanks for your lovely virtual tour of Port Clyde, Maine, Mary Beth.

  2. Such a beautiful area. And I had no idea about the Wyeth connection. I really enjoy Andrew Wyeth's work.

  3. What a beautiful place. Sure would make for a restful, peaceful vacation. I can easily envision a few days of exploration in such a lovely area. As always, your photos are beautiful. I doubt I would ever have recognized it as the pier in the Forrest Gump movie, but that is a pretty neat piece of trivia.

  4. Such a big history for a tiny town in Maine! The lighthouse with its walkway makes such a beautiful picture. I've never been to Maine, but if I were to plan a trip, this would be the destination. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy the views, the history, and the interesting trivia, all from my chair!

  5. We will be headed in this general direction come September, so I am definitely bookmarking this review. For me it is timely and looks like it should not be missed. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing all this beauty in the fall.

  6. This appears to be a beautiful place. I'm sure it's a place I'd like to see in person. I've always wanted to see Maine, and this looks like a great starting point.

  7. I have just added this itinerary to my next lighthouse photography trip. Gorgeous photos. Maybe I'll see Olivia there next fall. I hope so!

  8. What a cozy, gorgeous area. Just beautiful. Your collection of lighthouse photos is substantial, you really could put together a magnificent coffee table book of photos featuring all you've taken in your travels.


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