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Best Gifts for Grandson - Books and Legos

Classic Brick Box - train instructions included
My grandson's birthday passed a couple of months ago. I have come to realize that he has really enjoyed gifts of both books and Legos. Because of his enjoyment of these two things, I will continue to add to his collections for several holidays and birthdays to come. Whether you are looking for gifts for boys or girls, aged 4 to 99, books and Legos are great ideas. But based on my grandson's reaction, books and Legos are most excellent gifts for grandsons.

Legos Building Sets and Basic Brick Box Sets

I am a long distance grandparent, so I experience many holidays and birthdays through photos, phone calls, and video chats. Even many states away and through photos, I could see the extreme happiness on my grandson's face as he held up the Lego Batman Movie - Joker Lowrider kit that he had received from his uncle.

Lego Batman Movie - Notorious Joker Lowrider

That was his first Lego kit. And after seeing the genuine smile on his face with that Lego kit, I sent him a Classic Medium Creative Brick Box. Soon after he opened his gift, my son sent a photo of the little train that they built together with the instructions included in the Brick Box. It was fun to know that my gift was something they had spent time together to build.

Legos Medium Classic Brick Box

Books to Encourage Reading and Quality Time Together

I have read to my grandson during video chats. And my son has spent a great deal of time reading to his son. As a result, books seem to be important and interesting to my grandson.

During this last video chat a few days ago, my grandson "read" his favorite book to me for a long period of time. He was focused and excited. He also took great care to hold the book up so that Gramma could see the pictures too. 

Bedtime reading to Gramma

It was a heart-warming and wonderful way to spend time together. The book he chose to read to Gramma was about creatures under the sea. Not only was he spending time with a book, he was also spending time teaching Gramma about his fascination of sea creatures.

You can be sure that Gramma will remember to send him books about creatures under the sea.

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Our contributors at Review This share reviews about children's toys and books. It seems that every one of us believes that nurturing children's interest in reading is a wonderful thing. And that providing toys that nurture creativity is also a very important thing. 

We can spend quality time with our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other children who are important in our lives. Below are resources to find some of those books and toys. 

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And last but not least, don't forget to check out the Toy Reviews tab on Review This for a variety of toy reviews for all ages and occasions. I have to admit, I am more than a little tempted to gift myself with the Lego Big Bang Theory set reviewed by our Beverly.

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  1. Dawn Rae, I love Legos and love books, so it has been wonderful to discover that my grandsons (I have FIVE) also love both. I can see that you have discovered this as well. It is delightful to discover the interests of grandchildren and to be able to 'gift' them with items that please them and encourage their passions. Both Legos and books are timeless and can be chosen throughout the grandchildrens' childhoods and beyond.

    Thanks for sharing my Children's Classics review of books in your Best Gifts for Grandson article!

  2. I always feel really good about gifts that encourage creativity (books, music, art-related products like Legos). How wonderful that you use technology to stay connected to the children in your family. Great recommendations here. Thanks!

  3. Legos and books really are the very best gifts for children of any age! My son still prefers books and Legos for gifts. His book preferences now include hardbound, leather books for his library and his Legos are the more challenging sets, but they are still his first choices. A big plus to the set you featured, it makes a train! Now how cool is that!

  4. About this time next year, our little Jack will be ready for Duplos, leading up to Legos in the future. I can hardly wait! There are such cute Duplo sets, too, to match with a toddler's interests and I'm looking forward to learning in the next several months what catches Jack's eye. Books, of course, are a mainstay and Jack definitely loves to be read to (and enjoys watching the pages being turned). So many great choices out there for our little grandson!

  5. What a great review Dawn Rae! Legos and books are always on my all time favorite gifts to give as well. Grandsons and granddaughters love all of the sets and build continuously. I love the imagination that can go into some of their creations. Bed time just wouldn't be the same without some really great books. Thanks for this great compilation of gift tabs too!

  6. Excellent gift suggestions. Those blocks may make it to my gift list this year, there's a young one in my family who would love this.

  7. Legos another classic toy that has stood the test of time. I remember my Lego sets and now my grandchildren are playing and building with them. Legos are a great gift for all ages. Thanks for fantastic review Dawn.


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