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How to Create a Light and Airy Room with a Pop of Color

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If you've wanted to create a light and airy space with a little bit of color but didn't know where to start, the above design offers an easy to follow guideline.

There are a number of reasons why the above space works with the main reason being the assemblance of collective minutiae ... say what?

If you're wondering what the heck 'collective minutiae' is, let's talk about the design's detail also known as it's collective minutiae, point by point:

The Walls & Floors:

For a light and airy room design, choose light colors for the floors and walls.

Essentially the base of the room should be neutral. The very light grey/tan walls combined with the light hardwood floor provide the foundation from which to start. You don't have to choose the colors featured above, just remember that whatever you decide upon, they should be neutral.

The Furniture:

Notice in the above photo the designer chose furniture with a white base and a light tan/wood top.
Pull a few colors from the piece 
as your pop-of-color choice for the room
White as the base contributes to the open, airy feel and since all the pieces are white, they bring the space together.

Notice that in this particular design, there's only one end-table beside the couch, and the other is on the wall. However, the second end-table is close enough to the couch itself to still bring the space together into one seating area.

If the wall happens to be further away from your couch it's best to place an end-table on each side of couch.

By the way, you don't have to use end-tables that are exactly the same, in fact, different tables on each side of couch can look fantastic. Simply remember to create a common denominator between them; like the color, the material, or lamps.

The color of the couch is still neutral, however, it's a slightly deeper grey than the walls giving the space a 'neutral' pop of color. If your wall color is a different neutral, just go with a shade or two darker for your couch and chairs. By staying in the neutral family with your furniture, you're able to use accessories and art as the basis for your true funky pop of color.

Wall Art:

In a neutral, airy space, wall art is where you choose the pop of color you want, and from there you pull out one, two, or three colors to use as the room's accessory colors.

So go ahead and find the art you want to use for your light airy room first. Once you have the art, and know the neutral tones you want to work with, the rest is fun.

The Accessories:

Did you notice the amount of fun knick-knacks in the photo above, and most of all did you notice the variety of texture in them?

That's right, texture in accessories. There's a lot of it. The pillows are chosen in various materials; the tables feature items in wood, ceramic and cloth. Even the knick-knacks have cloth textured items with pops of color that have been pulled from the canvas art.

Another subtle, yet not so subtle accessory that contributes to the rooms airy, calm feeling is the wooden word 'Happy' placed on the tray on the coffee table. The designer was smart - by choosing the word you want people to feel when they enter, you're encouraging them to feel the mood of your intended design. A light and airy room does make you feel happy!

Let's Summarize:
  1. Choose the neutral colors you want for the walls and flooring
  2. Choose the couch in a shade or two darker than the walls (but still light in color of course)
  3. Select the Wall Art you want for the space - but choose ones with pops of color you want to pull out to use as your accessory colors (You could also choose the art first)
  4. Accessorize the space using the color you choose from the art, along with other neutrals
  5. Use a variety of textures when you choose your accessories; cloth, wood, ceramic, glass,
  6. Finish off the room with a funky wooden word ornament that defines your space; words like, happy, calming, peaceful, love, relax
The next time you decorate a room, put your funk on and give it a try.

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  1. Excellent tips. I like the color scheme and overall feel of that room. Is this a room in your home?

    1. Thank you, no this isn't in my home. However in one of my redecorating kitchen face lifts many years ago, the theme was light and airy. It's such a fun theme to work with, and so relaxing.

  2. I love the look! I've been staring at our living room recently and think a simpler, lighter floor color (rug) might open the room up a bit. Looking at your room photo, there's a ton of furniture in there when you count the pieces, lots of storage space, but all that furniture doesn't weigh down the room at all. I love the look! (Guess I said that already.)

    1. Susan thank you. It's often one or two things that can make s difference in a room, replacing a rug is one of them. True about the furniture in the room being heavier, but not so much due to the colour of it. It kind of has a cottage feel.

  3. Such a pretty room! I doubt my family (and dogs) could keep it so neat and clean. I prefer darker woods, but I can still appreciate a lovely room in lighter shades. Almost makes me think I should reconsider my own choices. Great tips and suggestions for a very inviting room!

    1. Thanks Cynthia, when my kids were younger this design would never have worked for me either

  4. I love a light and airy look and feel to a room, so these suggestions feel exactly right. Thanks so much, Barbara. Your decorating tips are always helpful.

    1. Thanks Pat, it's a great mood for a room for spring and summer

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I love light and airy rooms and pretty much my whole house is that way. Good suggestions!

  7. I love the look of this room. You are so talented with these designs and I like how you explain every detail and why it fits. Thanks Barbara.


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