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Understanding the Color Orange in Home Decor

Orange Home Décor Ideas & Accessories
Most love the color orange, however, think about it ... how many homes have you seen use the color orange in their decorating scheme?

Let's Review T
he Color Orange, and What it Evokes

The most misunderstood color in the paint deck is Orange.

When we think about orange what tends to come to mind is Food, Halloween, or Autumn. However the feeling that orange gives to a space may surprise you.

Orange, especially a child's room can encourage a warm, friendly, youthful, and socially inviting space. Don't hesitate to add orange accessories to the room, such as pillows, book shelves, a rug, drapes or go ahead and create a focal point and pop of color by painting one wall a bright and inviting orange hue.

Spaces and Ways to Include Orange

1. Since an outdoor space is meant to be socially inviting, cheerful and a positive space to gather,
orange makes an excellent choice when decorating a deck or patio.

2. If your room has a lot of light, adding orange can help to further brighten the room and even help to make the space seem larger. Pops of orange add positivity and energy.

3. Pair orange with a color on the opposite side of the spectrum such as a deep blue. Pairing these two colors together can lead you down the path of creating a Moroccan theme. By combining opposite colors you balance the space.

4. How about a tropical theme? If you're a brave decorator you can take an orange room to the beach by combining orange with hot pink and yellow. Since all of these colors are positioned close together on the color wheel, your space will have an analogous theme.

Try a couch in yellow, a loveseat with orange, yellow and pink stripes, and a solid dark pink chair! Lighten the space up with a pale multi colored small patterned floral rug and then go all out with one wall painted in deep orange. 

Characteristics Associated with Orange
  • Cheerful
  • Self Confident
  • Flamboyant 
  • Warm Hearted
  • Adventurous
  • Comical
  • Able to handle what life dishes out
  • Sociable
  • Enjoy being part of a group or team
For those who lived through the 1970's, you'll recall Orange being a popular color in home décor. My baby brothers room was decorated with orange and white furnishings and an orange shag rug! Cheerful, fun, inviting...yes, that was his space.

Orange is fun, put your brave on and go for it. 

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  1. Actually not a fan of Orange in clothing or decor, but your photos are very inviting. Might have to re-think!

    1. I know what you mean about not liking a colour then being taken by surprise when you see a room decorated with it! It's happened to me as well lol

  2. Growing up, my parents acquired a used upright piano for the house that needed refinishing. My dad painted it in mom's favorite color -- ORANGE. All through my teens, we had this orange piano in the dining room. :)

    I actually learned an interesting tidbit from you in this article, Barbara ~ about the fact that pink and yellow are close to orange on the color wheel. I would never otherwise have thought of pairing especially pink with orange until I saw that image of the bedroom with those colors in stripes on a wall. Now I want to create a fun plush animal in those colors! :)

    1. Your mom's piano must have been awesome in orange! She must have had some of those characteristics of orange in her personality! What a great memory. And yes one of your crocheted critters in orange pink and yellow would be super cute, do it for sure, I can't edit to see it.

  3. I loved the orange that we had when we first got married. Our couch was golden yellow and we had this incredible Rya rug from Sweden that had a sunburst in the middle with oranges, reds, golds, browns and beige as the background. That rug made the whole room just pop with color. My husband is still looking for a rug like that one we had so many years ago....Thanks Barbara for taking me down memory lane.

    1. Oh that rug sounds fantastic! And paired with a yellow couch it had to look so cheerful and happy in that space. Your rug is my taste too! I can imagine how it filled the room. Really hope you find something similar in your hunt. The right rug can change a space can't it?

  4. We have a quilt with lots of orange hanging on a wall as a focal point in our open concept living/kitchen area. Long story behind the quilt (my mom made it) and I never would have chosen it if we had been listing colors, but it's just perfect and I wouldn't trade it!

    1. That's a keepsake Susan, what a treasure to have to pass down in the family. The art my mom has done, needlepoint, means so much to me as well. Also what a great way to create a focal point, especially when you're working with an open area. I can imagine how good it looks. Bright pops of colour in various forms of art and texture can be spectacular.

  5. I love your ideas and suggestions for using the color orange in home decor! Orange is a very special color for me. It was once considered "my color". I'd like to believe that the characteristics associated with orange that you listed above, would also be characteristics I possess. Perhaps, orange and I really were destined to be "together". Since I love fall, I can easily embrace orange as a fall color, but you are right. It is more than that and should be given a year-round place in our homes.

    1. Thanks Miss Mouse, I can see you fitting the characteristics of orange, no doubt about it. Have to agree with you about fall, 'tis my fave season as well. Orange is also my fave colour, as is yellow, pink and purple!

  6. Oh, for sure you are the Queen of decorating. Those pictures are amazing. I think of one more thing when I see orange and that is the 70's. It was very popular back then, we had a kitchen floor that was sunburst orange. Thanks Barbara.

    1. Eugene thank you, but until I get the funds to remodel my own house I'll have to keep that crown in the drawer. Man I'm itching to do a major renovation here! Have to agree about the 70s, my friends sister had an orange themed bedroom and my brother as well, the 70s were colourful and fun!

  7. I LOVE this article! My favorite apartment had an orange (close to terra cotta) and a green (close to sage) accent walls. I loved orange in the apartment. Your sample photos are great. I can't wait to have an orange wall again.

    1. Dawn, oh my that had to be very pretty! green sage and terra cotta orange, that's a beautiful combo

  8. Orange was very prominent in my decorating schemes in the late 70s (my college colors). And now, being a Denver Broncos fan, I do love the color combination you mentioned (dark blue and orange) as having good harmony. Pink and orange is another combo I like. Always enjoy your decorating articles and reviews.


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