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Review of Owls Head Maine

Owls Head Lighthouse in Maine photo by mbgphoto
Owls Head Lighthouse

Owls Head Lighthouse

Owls Head lighthouse is located in Owls Head Light State Park.  It is at the eastern point of Rockland Harbor and it sits high on a cliff overlooking the harbor.  When I had visited Rockland Breakwater light, I could get a glimpse of it on the hill at the far end of the harbor.

The lighthouse is a very short, stubby looking lighthouse.  When we visited the lighthouse we parked in a lot just before the trail.  I then walked the trail up a hill and around a bend which ended at the Coast Guard station.  From there I climbed a short ramp and then the stairs up to the lighthouse.

It was a foggy day near the lighthouse so it was hard to get good views away from the cliff.  The fog horn was blaring and several people on the trail told me it was too loud to stay their long, however by the time I got to the lighthouse the fog horn had stopped blaring and I was able to photograph in peace.

There was a hill full of wild flowers in front of the lighthouse, mainly daisies which were very pretty.
Owls Head Lighthouse in Maine photo by mbgphoto
Owls Head

Owls Head Harbor

I had read in my guidebook that there was a wonderful small harbor in Owls Head. It is very small harbor but a great place to capture photos of the lobster boats and the gear that is used in the lobster industry.  I enjoyed seeing all of the traps stacked on the dock and the colorful ropes all piled high.  On an old shed across the drive were colorful lobster buoys hung on the outside wall.
colorful lobster buoys photo by mbgphoto

Lobster Boats in  Owls Head Maine photo by mbgphoto
Lobster Boats in Owls Head Harbor

ropes photo by mbgphoto
Fishing Boats in Owls Head Maine photo by mbgphoto

lobster traps photo by mbgphoto
Lobster Traps

Owls Head on Zazzle

I  enjoy making my photographs into Zazzle products like magnets, cards, buttons, mugs and much more.  You can see what I have to offer by clicking the link below.

Photographers Guide to Maine

This is the guidebook I use when traveling in Maine.  It gives me lots of great ideas of places to photograph, directions and many helpful hints.  

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  1. What a pretty lighthouse! I really like the basic black and white, especially with the daisies. I would certainly prefer the shorter lighthouse too if I was having to climb to the lights for any reason. I can almost smell the harbor looking at your photos of the fishermen's supplies, the water and the boats.

    1. thanks Cynthia. It was an interesting little lighthouse and I love the small harbors along the Maine coast.

  2. What a charming little lighthouse. I've been to Maine (years ago) but never to Owls Head. Would love to visit some day. Meanwhile, I am enjoying your virtual tour via your wonderful photos.

  3. Mary Beth your photography is beautiful. You always capture the best angles to show off your lovely lighthouses. I will be travelling that way this September, I think I should make this a road trip detour. Thank you for shedding some really good light on places to go and people to see. Maybe they will still have lobster available when I get there. Hopefully!

  4. One more place added to my next road trip. I'm glad you are my virtual travel guide, as we enjoy the same kinds of places and scenery. You really captured the essence of Owls Head for me. Lovely photos. I especially like those lobster buoys.

  5. What beautiful photos of a beautiful place to visit. I would really like to see this in person. Thank you so much for sharing your trip

  6. gorgeous photos, and I would love to visit the north eastern US states and eastern Canada. My son and his girlfriend spent two weeks this summer driving through Eastern Canada; it's so beautiful.


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