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Gifts for Mother's Day Reviewed

Mother's Day Card
Mother's Day Card
Mother's Day is just around the corner.  Have you already purchased your gift for your mom for Mother's Day?  I will let you in on a little secret.  I have not made my gift selection for my own mother yet.  Perhaps, we can do this together.

I am very close to my mother.  I often know what she wants before she knows what she wants.  You all know how that happens.  I give her a gift and all of the sudden it is what she has always wanted, even though she previously had no idea the item was even in existence.   What is even more amazing is that somehow there is just the spot in her home that it seems has been waiting for that very elusive item to materialize. 

Truthfully, that is part of the magic of mothers.  They know how to make you feel loved and appreciated with a few words, a look, a gentle touch, and certainly the "over the top" exclamations of joy when opening a gift from you.  I think I could wrap up week old bananas and Mom would respond enthusiastically by questioning how in the world I knew she needed those to make the banana bread she had been craving.  I must truly be a mind reader!  Only my mother thinks I have such super powers, I assure you.  Truth be told, I only have them because she bestowed them upon me at that very moment.

Since I don't plan to wrap up week old bananas for Mom this year, I do need to get on with making a nice gift selection for her Mother's Day gift.  I thought we could explore my ideas together today and you could help me choose a gift.  Who knows, Mom may well praise you for your divining powers as well this year!


Mother's Day Gift One

Rescue Road: One Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs, and a Million Miles on the Last Hope Highway - Book Review

My mother loves to read!  That is probably exactly why I love to read so much.

Mom has always been a tremendous influence in my life and books were always in our home when I was growing up.  I remember well have our own set of encyclopedias at home.  I didn't know another soul who had their own reference library at home.  It was pretty cool too since it wasn't always easy or convenient to go to the public library.  Of course, we didn't have the internet when I was in school, so having books at home was like having a pot of gold.

I know Mom would love this particular book because she is a rescuer herself.  She will take in any stray "whatever".  Be it dogs, cats, bunnies, raccoons, people, etc.  If you are hungry, she will feed you.  Even as I am writing this article, she currently has a kitty that she gave a home because her original owner lost his job and could no longer afford to feed Miss. Kitty.   I assure you, that is one pampered kitty cat. 

But, back to the book, it isn't always easy to judge a book by it's cover, so having reliable reviews is essential to selecting a book that I know my mother will read and enjoy.

Mother's Day Gift Two

customized throw blankets
Article written by Mbgphoto

Mom loves throw blankets, especially one that has special significance.  She has throws in various places throughout her home.

There is a throw blanket featured in Mary Beth's article, "Customized Blankets and Throws Make Great Gifts", that I know my mother would love. A few years back, we went to Rome and toured Vatican City.  The Resurrection throw blanket shown in mbgphoto's article is a photo of one of the tapestries displayed in the Vatican Museum.  That photo has special meaning to my mother and me because of it's religious significance, as well as the memory of our vacation in Rome.

There are several throws and blankets featured in "Customized Blankets and Throws Make Great Gifts" including flowers, animals and even the lighthouses that Mary Beth, aka mbgphoto, is renowned for capturing with her camera. 

Mother's Day Gift Three

comfortable shoes for women
by Dawn Rae
For all those many miles in life that Mom walks by my side, she really does need a comfortable pair of Tennis Shoes.  Some that she can slip on and off quickly, because she never knows when I am going to show up on her doorstep to drag her into a new project or take her to see something she absolutely must see now.

Mom is like my own personal #1 scout.  She is always prepared to jump right into whatever I can dream up for us.  Of course, she is quite capable of "dreaming" up things for us to do together too.  Regardless of who is responsible for the idea, comfort is always paramount, so Mom needs this pair of tennis shoes for all of our romping through the muck and mire of not only our own city, but those cities in far away places too.

I was introduced to these wonderful tennis shoes, which I promptly purchased for myself, by Dawn Rae right here on Review This!  I am now headed back over to her article, "The Most Comfortable Women's Shoes" right now to consider these tennis shoes for Mom for Mother's Day.  You are more than welcome to join me there too!

Mother's Day Gift Four

pretty birdbath
The BirdBath featured by Bev
Mom loves her flowers and flower beds!  I assure you, her backyard could give any contestant in the "Most Beautiful Garden" contest a real run for 1st place.

Not only does she love the bushes and flowers, but she enjoys adding special decorations or interesting elements in her beds.   She even has solar lights in her garden so she can enjoy it at night.

Bev featured a gorgeous birdbath on her article, "Mother's Day Gifts for the Gardening Mom".   It is a smaller birdbath than what I normally see in our area, but look how pretty it is!  It resembles a big blue flower!!!

Mom has more birds than an aviary at the a zoo.   She has the prettiest little yellow finches and I can just imagine them sitting on that birdbath. 

Ok, I confess, I actually love that birdbath myself.

Note to my children:  I wouldn't mind receiving that pretty little birdbath for my Mother's Day gift. 

Mother's Day Gift Five

crocheted dishcloth
I have known for many years now, that Wednesday Elf is exceptionally talented in creating beautiful handmade crochet items.  However, I only discovered her  Handmade Potholders & Crocheted Dishcloths right before Christmas last year.

I personally had to have the Acorn Dishcloth in the photo, and I did give several of her potholders for Christmas last year, but I neglected to purchase one for my mother.

The Elf also has coasters and adorable crocheted animals offered in her Etsy store, Coastal Island Crochet and Crafts.  She even has a crocheted Lighthouse afghan!  Now that would be a real treasure to own.

So, I am also considering one or two crocheted items from Wednesday Elf's Etsy Store, starting with another Acorn Dishcloth.

Mother's Day Gift Six

keurig coffee maker
by Brite-Ideas
Mom loves her morning cup of coffee!  She doesn't drink coffee throughout the day like I do, but she does want that one cup of coffee in the morning.  Between the two of them, Mom and Dad don't drink a full pot of coffee each day, which means they end up having to discard delicious coffee that has simply set too long on the coffee maker burner.

It is for that reason that I would consider giving Mom the One Cup Coffee Maker that Barbara, Brite-Ideas, reviewed.  It seems like the perfect solution, plus each cup of coffee would be made at the exact moment that it is desired to ensure every cup would truly be delicious to the last drop.

That also means that when we visit, we can bring our own favorite blend of k-cup and make our own coffee.  No one need worry if the selected coffee will be too strong, too weak, or simply not to our personal liking.  We are all guaranteed an excellent cup of coffee made to our own specifications.

Mother's Day Gift Seven

nejiri kama japanese sickle
I mentioned earlier how much my mother loves to garden and how she loves anything for her garden. 

Not only does Mom enjoy working in her garden, but if you are around her for very long, she just might put you to work in her flower beds too.  At the very least, you will find yourself helping my father refill her bird feeders.  But don't think for one second that the bird feeders are my father's only responsibility, because they definitely are not.  I have hundreds of memories of watching my mother supervise and instruct my dad on exactly where and how to plant a rose or azalea bush.

Because Mom loves to work in her flower beds, I am considering giving her new Gardening Tools. While some might think that is a work tool, I assure you, Mom thinks garden tools are work savers.  I am seriously considering the Nejiri Kama Japanese Sickle that Olivia Morris recommended in her article.

Mother's Day Gift Eight

How to Remove Blemishes From Photos Using Photoshop
Considering the purchase of anything technical for my mom for Mother's Day might cause my siblings to question my suggestions.  However, when I read Lou's review of the Photoshop, I immediately thought of my mother.

Mom doesn't like anything technical normally.  She even makes my dad change the TV channels for her because she hates trying to figure out their cable service.  However, when it comes to photos, I don't think there is anything that would hold my mom back from playing.  I can easily imagine her sitting at her computer tweeking photos.  I envision her being perfectly content with her one morning cup of coffee, removing blemishes from photos, and enjoying watching her old photos come back to life before her very eyes.

Because she enjoys scrap-booking, I know she will enjoy enhancing her photos!

Mother's Day Gift Nine

customized clocks
There are a few other things for the kitchen that I would love to give my mom.  One that is pretty, and one that will be quite useful.

Clocks are really cool gifts, especially when they are personalized for the recipient.   BarbRad gives us excellent  instructions on how to design and customize a clock or we could simply choose one of the clocks already designed.

I was immediately drawn to the clock with the page of music.  Mom plays the piano.  As a matter of fact, she is easily the best accompany pianist I have ever known, but I also enjoy listening to her play solos.  She is an outstanding pianist and this clock would be a perfect choice for her. 

BarbRad also introduced me to another nifty little gadget that I know my mother would love to have.  It is JarKey to help open those tight fitting lids on jars.  Actually, couldn't we all use one of those!

Mother's Day Gift Ten

richard burns print
Everyone loves beautiful pictures decorating their homes!  They are often one of the first things we put up when we first move into a new home.

I was recently discussing the contributors here on Review This with my mother and we were talking about how I first met each of the writers.  I shared that one of my first memories of Heather426 was when she wrote about her husbands paintings.  I think that was nearly 6 years ago now, and I still enjoy seeing his artwork featured.

I was thrilled when Heather published her article "You Can Own a Rare Richard Burns Print, Signed by the Artist" right her on Review This!  Not only did her article introduce our readers to Richard Burns, but it gave me a permanent reference point to his work.   I promptly pulled up the article for my mother and she definitely remembered the prints and Heather.  We discussed at length the beauty of his paintings and his fabulous attention to detail.  His work is so lifelike, it almost looks like a photograph instead of a painting.

I know Mom would love one of Richard Burn's signed printed for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Gift Eleven

Lark Rise To Candleford Review
by The Savvy Age
Like most of us, Mom enjoys a great movie.  A series that she can watch for weeks is even better.  

It isn't always easy to find a movie that Mom can enjoy these days, and even harder to find a wholesome series that will not batter my mom's ears with profanity.   Not to mention the over-the-top bedroom scenes that seem to get worse with each passing day.  Seems like movie makers are not happy unless they can guarantee their movies will be R or X rated.  Mom still has a preference for G rated shows.  If you ask her, she would tell you that truly "mature" audiences prefer a great movie that doesn't need the shocking illicit sex scenes and profanity.

Lark Rise to Candleford, which was reviewed and recommended by The Savvy Age, is the perfect series to give as a gift for Mother's Day.  I, myself, have already watched this series so I know it will be acceptable and enjoyed by Mom.

Mother's Day Gift Twelve

Hallmark's A Century of Caring Book Review
I've already told you how much Mom loves to read and how she enjoys a good family movie.  What I haven't told you yet is that Hallmark is her favorite movie channel.  When it became necessary for my parents to switch cable companies Mom was quite distressed when she realized the Hallmark channel was not included in their new service.

I am sure she would enjoy reading Hallmark's A Century of Caring which was reviewed and recommended by Brenda.  The book comes with a DVD, "The Magic of Ordinary Days" which Brenda has also assured us is a wonderful movie.  

It won't be long before the hot days of summer of upon us and Mom won't need to be out working in her garden.  This book and movie would be a fabulous way to spend a day or two indoors in the cool air conditioning relaxing and being entertained by the very best. 

spicing pecans
with Spicing Pecans by Mickie_G

Mother's Day Gift Thirteen

Regardless of which of the other gifts I choose from above, I definitely think my mom will want to try these Spicing Pecans.

Mickie_G sold me on adding these Spicing Pecans to my recipes when she published her article "Elevate Your Tired Recipe to New Heights with Spicing Pecans".

My mother loves pecans and I have no doubt Mom will enjoy adding these pecans to her recipes.  I'm just hoping she will share that Iced Texas Sheet Cake with me as soon as she makes it.

More Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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You may also want to check out the entire Review This Holiday Gift Guide for a collection of safe and reliable websites for online shopping.

My Mother's Day Gift for My Mother

So you see, finding a great Mother's Day gift for my mother is not my dilemma.   Choosing which fabulous featured gift to give to my mom is my problem.  Can you help me decide?  Please give you opinions in the guestbook below.

Note to My Mother 

Mom, I know you are reading this.   I know, because I know you read everything I write.  Since you are here, if you have a request or preference in gifts, please feel free to send me an email or call me with your list.  Since I know you will see more than one thing you desire, fear not!  I will gladly share your list of wishes with my siblings.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. What a great selection of Mother's Day gifts! I appreciate you including mine as well, but now I have the tough decision of choosing which to give. They all sound idea.

  2. What a wonderful list of Mother's Day gift suggestions. Thanks so much for including my handmade Acorn Washcloth and Etsy Store link. Happy Mother's Day to you and your lovely Mom.

  3. What wonderful ideas for gifts for Mothers Day! It would be difficult for me to pick just one to tell my girls that I wanted from this list. I do love that little bird bath! As with your Mom, I am always thrilled with anything they give me. Well, if I got week old bananas, I might have a difficult time showering out the enthusiasm but I would give it a good old Mom try!

  4. Cynthia, what a beautiful presentation of gift ideas! Thank you! My mom sounds like yours, grateful to get anything, lol! Really impressed with your suggestions here as well!

  5. Thank you so much for including my husband's art and your story about you and me. It has been 6 years now, which is hard to believe. I love this page as it is so creative and heartfelt at the same time. Awesome job. I'm sure your mother will find more than one gift for Mother's day that will delight her all over again. What a great daughter you are!

  6. Thank you so much for including my husband's art and your story about you and me. It has been 6 years now, which is hard to believe. I love this page as it is so creative and heartfelt at the same time. Awesome job. I'm sure your mother will find more than one gift for Mother's day that will delight her all over again. What a great daughter you are!

  7. Neither my mom or my children have survived me, so I'm not shopping. But if I were choosing a gift for myself, it would be gardening tools, the bird bath, and some great mystery books. I know I would also love the photo scanner and the shoes. Thank you for including my customized clock ideas on your list. With such a varied list, you are sure to make Mother's Day shopping a breeze for those who still have living moms.

    1. It always burdens my heart when I write a review for Mother's Day or Father's Day, Barbara. I know there are a lot of readers whose parents are no longer living. I find it especially distressing to know that your children are also no longer living. Those two days, and all holidays, must be especially difficult for you and your husband. I appreciate you stopping by and I pray for God's comfort and blessings for you. You have my deepest sympathy and sincere condolences.

  8. What a wonderful list of items...I see several things I'd like. And thank you so much for including my shoes.

  9. Truly there is something in here for every mom, and especially mom's with special interests....great bunch of ideas!

  10. I like that your selections aren't the ordinary type of gift for mom's. The Japanese sickle is really neat.

  11. I love all of the wonderful ideas. But, sadly my mother is gone.

    1. I'm very sorry to hear that Brenda. Every time I write a Mother's Day or Father's Day post, I think how awful it must be to see the articles if your parents are no longer with you. It was very kind of you to read the article and to even leave a comment. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I do hope it didn't cause you pain to see the article. I would never wish that on you.


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