Monday, May 4, 2015

Review - I Love My BUFF

Buff - Hunter Orange
Just this last week I received my solution for my "Jeep hair" in the mail.  I already love my BUFF so much that I plan to order more. If you are in the market for awesome headwear that doubles as a neck gaiter and so much more, I hope you take a peek at this review.

Jeep Hair Do Care

I drive a Jeep - with the top down in the summertime. I also like to hike, camp, and go fishing.  I always have the problem of what to do with my hair. Cut it off? Learn to braid? Wear a ponytail constantly?  Over the years I have approached the problem with a variety of solutions, but none really worked well.  

Buff - Lotus
It's not that I care if my hair is messy.  The "Jeep Hair Don't Care" philosophy is my way of life. I don't mind the messy hair at all (probably to the dismay of friends, family, and co-workers). What I do mind is the hair whipping my eyeballs and the impossible tangles that I have to comb out at some point. There are years I do wear a short hair style in the summer because I can't find a solution for my hair. But I think I now have the solution - even if I keep my hair long.

Buff Original Headwear

A Buff is a stretchy, "technical fiber" tube that can be used as a head band, neck gaiter, balaclava, cap, and so on. I purchased mine in "hunter orange" due to being in the woods so often but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of colors and prints to choose from.

It is made with a cool and moisture-wicking material that is machine washable and reportedly maintains it's elasticity.  Some of the Buffs are also made with UV protection.  

For more information about the history of the company and the variety of products they offer, be sure to visit the official Buff website

My Buff Experience

So far, I've had a good experience with my new Buff.  Historically, I have a lot of problems with headbands. There is something about the shape of the back of my head that allows headbands to almost immediately roll up the back of my head.  But my Buff has been great. If I wear it rolled up as small as it goes, and like a headband, I can feel it starting to slip. But I have worn it in a wider headband shape, so wide that it is a bit like wearing a 'kerchief around my head, and it stays put.  I was concerned that it would blow off in the Jeep, with the top down, at highway speeds, but so far  it has not. And I arrive at my destination with tangle-free hair. 

I love my Buff. The only problem is choosing the color of my next Buff. 

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  1. Dawn, Your Buff sounds so cool! I need something better than a Ragg Top to wear when we're out on the Harley. Great review!

    1. Thank you Coletta. If you get one, I hope you enjoy it too. A Harley would be a bit more windy than my topless Jeep, but not by much.

  2. This is a must have! I was sitting here thinking how awesome it would be when I garden. No matter what I do, I cannot keep my hair from coming lose and flying in my eyes. Of course, I need it for my convertible too :) Mouse on the way to pick out my favorite color now! Thanks for the review!

    1. Holy cow! Did you see the barracuda! And, the trout really does look like the colors of a rainbow trout, which reminded me, this would be great when fishing too!!!

    2. How in the world do you ever choose one!!! That British Horse is beautiful! I was thinking I just wanted basic blue, but dang! These are just too pretty! Oh, and I thought the Blue Poison was hilarious!!!

    3. HAHAHA Cynthia!! It took me a long time to choose a color. Then, I didn't really choose a color. I ordered Hunter Orange for all the time I spend in the woods during various hunting seasons. I think Bubbles is my next favorite. Follow by Montana. But it's really hard to narrow it down. I know exactly what you mean about the rainbow trout! haha. Toooooo many options!

  3. Sounds like the perfect solution, especially for long hair. Will have to show this review to my daughter who is always needing something to keep her waist-length hair under control. :)

    1. Elf, have her look for videos and search for images. My hair isn't waist length, but I see photos of people with hair that long and they rave about their Buffs too.

  4. I have long hair too and it's windy all the time here in Ireland so I need one of these buffs! I hate the hair in my face all the time so this would be great!

    1. I understand completely! I'm headed for a haircut on Wednesday but the shorter, layered hair is almost worse ...too short for a pony tail and whips my eyes even worse. So I'm glad I got my Buff before the cut!

  5. The Buff certainly looks versatile. It would be fun seeing how many things you can do with it.

  6. What a great gift idea, but to heck with that, I friggin' want one - this is terrific, one of my sons would probably like this as well, very cool


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